October 6, 2010
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October 6, 2010

Top News

144 Section in Hyderabad ahead of Ayodhya verdict

18 killed, several injured as bus falls into river in Bulandshahr

Pak's flawed Afghan policy of support to terror groups will bite back hard: Editorial

Ajay Devgan prays for success of his film in Ajmer

Pranab Mukherjee seeks more financial sector reforms

Australia asks CWG organizers for better treatment at closing ceremony

Study to find whether leptin helps type 1 diabetic patients

New study confirms smoking, cancer link (reissue)

International News for October 6, 2010

Karzai kin using ties to acquire power in Afghanistan
American officials say the Karzais and a handful of other well-connected families have benefited from the billions of dollars that the United States has poured into the country since 2001 thanks to their link to President Hamid Karzai. ANI

Gilani gags Pak govt officials from having 'direct contact' with media
Pakistan Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani, who is facing allegations of a massive corruption and misgovernance, has reportedly asked the government officials not to have direct contact with the media or to hold press conferences without proper authorisation. ANI

Pentagon says global cyber war is just beginning
The Pentagon and its NATO allies are looking at how to improve their defenses against a cyber war, but the basic question of how to define a cyber attack is complicating efforts.he Pentagon says it is rapidly preparing for cyber war in the face of alarming and growing threats. ANI

Pak police, vehicle-owners play blame game as unguarded NATO convoys remain at risk
As convoys carrying supplies for NATO troops in Afghanistan remain suspended for a full week now, there have been concerns about their safety as they stand idle in Pakistani territory following two incidents where such vehicles were set ablaze by miscreants. ANI

Obama's India visit: No major game changer expected(Re-issue with corrections)
The first ever visit by President Barack Obama to India will be marked by its ordinariness instead of its extraordinariness, if one goes by what US officials say. There are no big ticket items on the agenda and certainly nothing comparable to the civilian nuclear deal signed during Prime Minister Manmohan Singhs visit to Washington in 2005. ANI

Pak MNA accuses his own party of massive corruption over flood aid
A Pakistani Member of National Assembly (MNA) from Mardan representing the Awami National Party (ANP), has reportedly slammed his party-led Government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for massive corruption, and urged a top United Nations official to make sure that the entire humanitarian aid distribution for flood affected people in the region is carried out by the UN without any involvement of the provincial government. ANI

Brit woman finds frog in bottle of wine
A woman in Britain has claimed that a frog fell out of a bottle of wine she had bought from supermarket giant Asda. ANI

Meet the Brit benefit woman who invested her handouts in a bb job!
As most families in Britain are facing the prospect of losing their child benefits and worrying about how to make ends meet, a woman has revealed that she saved hers for a b*b job. ANI

Sarah Palin in Alzheimer's book promo spoof
Former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin has been spoofed in an Alzheimers book promo video. ANI

PML-N female legislators hurl shoes, burn Musharraf's picture at Punjab Assembly
Enraged by former Pakistani President Pervez Musharrafs remarks against their leader Nawaz Sharif, four Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) female legislators hurled shoes at a picture of the APML founder, and later burnt the same picture in the premises of the Punjab Assembly building. ANI

Tyler Clementi Suicide: Additional charges possible for Rutgers students
New Jersey prosecutors are contemplating whether to file more charges against the two Rutgers University freshmen, one of them of Indian origin, who have been accused of broadcasting on the Internet video the fact that fellow freshman Tyler Clementi was having sex with another man. ANI

Oz man who sexually abused 12-yr-old daughter jailed for more than 11 years
The Melbourne man who drugged and repeatedly sexually abused his daughter before threatening to kill her if she spoke about the crime, is said to have tried to ram the car she and mum were escaping in. ANI

Oz actress hits out at advertisers for adultifying children
Australian actress Noni Hazlehurst has hit out at advertisers who adultify children, saying that retailers were entering dangerous territory by portraying children as pouting, high fashion mini-me adults. ANI

Kiwi town centres to have red-light zones?
Town centres in New Zealand could have red-light zones if the district council passes a draft brothel bylaw. ANI

Pak to inspect sugar imports from India before marketing
Pakistan Minister for Labour and Manpower Syed Khurshid Shah has told the National Assembly that imported sugar from India would be first inspected and certified by the Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) before distributing it to the market. ANI

Pak bound to provide security to NATO supplies enroute to Afghanistan: US Embassy
Rejecting the Islamabad Polices claim that they were not responsible for providing security to the trucks and trailers carrying supplies for NATO forces in Afghanistan within the jurisdiction of the capital city and its adjoining areas, the US Embassy has insisted that the Pakistani government is bound by a bilateral agreement to ensure safe passage of the supplies to Afghanistan through its soil. ANI

Post 9/11 shows dramatic improvement in policing, intelligence sharing in West
Post-9/11, there has been a dramatic improvementin policing and intelligence sharing between Europe, the US, and other states, thereby neutralizing bids by would-be jihadis to strike terror across the world, and especially in the United States. ANI

ROK accuses N. Korea of restoring facilities at destroyed Yongbyon nuclear reactor
South Koreas defence ministry has alleged that North Korea is restoring facilities at its Yongbyon nuclear reactor, which was destroyed in 2008 as part of an agreement made during now-stalled negotiations over the Norths nuclear program. ANI

US may dump Pak for 'safer' Russian route for NATO supplies to Afghanistan
In a move that would hurt Pakistan in financial terms, the Centcom high command has decided to open an alternate supply route for NATO convoys carrying supplies to Afghanistan via Russia and central Asia, following the blockage of the main land route at Torkham on the Pak-Afghan border.ell informed diplomatic sources in Islamabad disclosed that the Centcoms decision to choose the alternate supply route to Afghanistan was prompted by Pakistans refusal to give a timeline for the resumption of the NATO supplies, which remain suspended for a full week now, The News reported. ANI

84-year-old Oz man 'sexually assaults' 7-year-old girl
An 84-year-old Aussie man is said to have sexually assaulted a girl under 13 years in a park in Perths south. ANI

CNN's 'Parker Spitzer' debut attracts only 460,000 viewers
CNNs new show Parker Spitzer, which replaced Ricks List, made its debut on Monday night, but attracted only 454,000 viewers, a decline from the previous show. ANI

Bob Woodward says Hillary Clinton as VP is 'on the table'
Speculating that President Obama will replace Joe Biden with Hillary Clinton on the 2012 ticket has been a private pastime among some Democrats the past few months, and it broke out into the open Tuesday night when investigative reporter Bob Woodward said it was a possibility in an interview on CNN. ANI

Gillard says 'foreign affairs is not her passion'
Australian Prime Minister Jullia Gillard, after a hectic round of meetings with world leaders in Brussels, has admitted that dealing with foreign affairs is not really her cup of tea and added that she had joined politics to make a difference in the country, particularly in the field of education. ANI

Musharraf the 'murderer' of Benazir Bhutto: PPP Secy Gen
Pakistan Peoples Partys Secretary-General Jehangir Badar has called former President Pervez Musharraf the murderer of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. ANI

US high school cheerleaders say midriff-baring uniforms too skimpy
Cheerleaders at a US high school are fighting to get uniforms that are less skimpy as they do not want to bare too much of themselves. ANI

Man commits robbery to be jailed to avoid facing former girlfriend
In a bizarre incident, a man robbed a service station just so he would end up in jail and not have to face his former girlfriend. ANI

Israeli soldier filmed humiliating female Palestinian detainee on video
The Israeli military has claimed that it is investigating a video filmed by soldiers that shows a handcuffed and blindfolded Palestinian woman being humiliated by an Israeli soldier. ANI

Schwarzenegger predicts Obama will win again in 2012
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has predicted that President Barack Obama will win re-election in two years time, especially if the Republican Party re-takes control of the House of Representatives in the November mid-term elections. ANI

Tea Party darling Christine O'Donnell says 'I'm not a witch' in first ad
Tea Party darling Christine ODonnell could face more ridicule over her first TV ad as part of her Senate campaign. ANI

US bride loses lawsuit filed against photog over underwear pics
A woman in the US has lost a case against a hotographer who took pictures of her in her underwear on her wedding day and then posted them on the studios website. ANI

Soon, luxury resort in Maldives run exclusively by blondes
A Lithuanian company has revealed that it has plans of creating a resort in the Maldives that will be run solely by blondes. ANI

Now, vodka bottle with personalized LED messages for your loved ones
A pair of New York-based liquor lovers have come up with vodka bottles that carry a programmable LED display that scrolls a personalized message of your choice in bright lights around the bottle. ANI

Times of military coups in Pakistan are over: Musharraf
Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has stated that the times of military coups in Pakistan are over, as the Supreme Court of the country had now decided not to validate a military takeover. ANI

China's 2nd unmanned lunar probe 'Chang'e-2' enters lunar orbit
Chinas second unmanned lunar probe, Change-2, entered the moons orbit on Wednesday, according to the Beijing Aerospace Control Center. ANI

Mums more critical of daughters than sons: UK study
A new UK study has revealed that mothers are more critical of their daughters than their sons. ANI

Teenage girls more promiscuous than a decade ago: Oz study
A new Australian study has revealed that year 12 girls are more likely to have had sex than boys, and teenagers are likely to have had sex with more partners than a decade ago. ANI

1 in 10 Brit couples only chat by email or text
A new study has revealed that one in 10 Britons spends more time talking to other halves on the phone, by email, or by text than in person. ANI

Potential new method for early lung cancer detection
Scientists have developed a method to detect early signs of lung cancer by examining cheek cells in humans using pioneering biophotonics technology. ANI

Aircraft cabin air 'no more harmful than office air'
A new study has revealed that an aircraft cabin is no more of a health threat to passengers than sitting in an office. ANI

Chile miners could be rescued as early as by weekend, claims drilling company
The 33 miners trapped underground in Chile could be rescued by Sunday, according to the drilling company, Geotec Boyles Bros. ANI

'US drone attack surge in Pak connected to suspected Europe terror plot': Haqqani
The recent upsurge in US drone attacks in Pakistan is linked to efforts to disrupt a suspected Al-Qaeda plot to launch Mumbai-style attacks on European targets, Pakistans ambassador to the US, Hussein Haqqani, has acknowledged. ANI

Saudi prince 'kills manservant' during gay sex session
A Saudi prince is said to have battered his manservant to death during a gay sex session in a five star hotel in London. ANI

5 major check-in areas at European airports were targets of Mumbai-style attacks: US official
Check-in areas in at least five major European airports were among the possible targets of a suspected Mumbai-style European terror attack plot, according to a US law enforcement official. ANI

Musharraf's 'Pak trained militants to fight in Kashmir' statement 'misunderstood': Spokesman
Following a huge uproar over former Pakistani President Pervez Musharrafs candid confession that Pakistan trained underground militant groups to fight against India in Kashmir, his spokesman Fawwad Chaudhry, in a bid to do damage control, has said that the APML founders statement on Kashmir was misrepresented in the media, and thus widely misunderstood too. ANI

White House to go green with solar panels
White House is all set to go green, for Barack Obama has finally agreed to install some solar panels on the presidential residence. ANI

Briton killed by US drone attack in Pak was 'Islamic Army of Great Britain' chief
The British terror suspect, Abdul Jabbar, killed in a Pakistan drone strike in September was elected leader of an al-Qaeda group called The Islamic Army of Great Britain, according to a senior Pakistani security source. ANI

US runs out of patience with Pak's toothless military campaign against terrorists
The United States has slammed Pakistan over its campaign against terrorists, stating bluntly that its government and military have been unwilling to take action against Al Qaeda and like-minded terrorists as per their political choice, and in view of the under-resourced military prioritising its targets. ANI

Indian Air Force's first C-130J Super Hercules takes to skies
The first of six C-130J Super Hercules made for the Indian Air Force took to the skies for its maiden flight on Tuesday at Marietta in Georgia. ANI

Kanzi the 'talking' ape makes appearance on Oprah Winfrey's show
The talking ape, who has had articles written about him and has even been the subject of a book, recently reached the pinnacle of his packed showbiz career when he became the subject of a feature on Oprah Winfreys talkshow. ANI

Missing Indian student in Sydney wanted to 'test his physical ability', claims pal
One of the friends of Abhijeet Swami, a 20-year-old Indian engineering student who has been missing for almost a week in Sydney, has claimed that Swami was not happy and wanted to spend time in the mountains instead of studying. ANI

Prince William undertakes first air-sea rescue mission with RAF
Prince William has successfully completed his first air-sea rescue mission with the RAF. ANI

Obama's India visit: No major game changer expected
The first ever visit by President Barack Obama to India will be marked by its ordinariness instead of it extraordinariness, if one goes by what US officials say. There are no big ticket items on the agenda and certainly nothing comparable to the civilian nuclear deal signed during Prime Minister Manmohan Singhs visit to Washington in 2005. ANI

Secret Taliban-Afghan govt talks to end war underway: Sources
High- level talks between the Hamid Karzai-led Afghanistan government and the Taliban have secretly begun for negotiating an end to the war in the country, Afghan and Arab sources have revealed. ANI

Real estate tycoon Trump to run for US president in 2012
Real estate tycoon and reality television host Donald Trump has showed his interest for the first time in running for president of the United States, saying that somebody has to do something, because we are losing this country.Trump has been tempted to spend a hefty portion of his estimated two billion dollars fortune on a White House bid. ANI

Former Fiji PM Chaudhry pleads not guilty to defying military regime's 'laws'
Former Fiji Prime Minister Mahendra Pal Chaudhry has pleaded not guilty to holding an illegal meeting in defiance of laws imposed by the military regime. ANI

20 NATO supply trucks torched in Quetta in fresh attack following air strike standoff
In the latest attack on convoys carrying supplies for NATO forces in Afghanistan in Pakistan, unidentified assailants have torched more than 20 NATO supply trucks, police officials said. ANI

New Zealand TV host suspended for mispronouncing Delhi's CM name as 'Dick-shit'
A New Zealand television station has suspended its breakfast show host Paul Henry for mispronouncing Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshits name several times in a crude manner. ANI

LifeCell™ Strattice™ Reconstructive Tissue Matrix Demonstrates High Success Rate in Treating Complex Ventral Hernias in Landmark Study
Business Wire India

Heartbeat Experts Signs Six New Asia-PAC Key Opinion Leader Management Clients in the Third Quarter
Business Wire India

Gracenote to Power Next Generation Smartphones for Acer
Business Wire India

Ernst & Young Reports Fiscal Year 2010 Global Revenues of US$21.3 Billion
Business Wire India

SouthWest Energy Agrees to Acquire PETRONAS Carigali's Oil and Gas Interests in Ethiopia
Business Wire India

Bloomberg Convenes Top Financial Minds at Asia Hedge Funds Summit
Business Wire India

Vystar® Corporation Creates an Alternative to Traditional Natural Rubber Latex
Business Wire India

Gartner and ABI Confirm CINTERION’s Global Leadership in the M2M Module Market
Business Wire India

Stewart Global Solutions Promotes Jill Urban-Karr to Executive Vice President
Business Wire India

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