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International News on October 31, 2010

67 percent Americans doubt Palin's presidential qualifications, finds poll
A new poll has found that most voters in the United States continue to hold negative views of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, and doubt that she has the qualifications to be a President. ANI

Karzai criticizes US-Russia drugs raid in Afghanistan
Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai has criticized a large-scale drug raid in which US forces and Russian drug agents took part, calling it a violation of Afghan sovereignty. ANI

Pak gets second batch of three F-16 jets from US
The United States delivered the second batch of three F-16 C/D Block 52 aircraft to Pakistan at its PAF Base, Shahbaz (Jacobabad) on Saturday, and will send two more during the next week. ANI

Busy mums overtaking teenage boys as the new gamers
Gone are the days when mums would pass time by gossiping or shopping-the new age mothers are giving tough completion to teenage boys as gamers. ANI

Unholy row over 'world's tallest' Jesus
A 36-metre tall under construction structure of Jesus Christ has apparently divided the Polish Catholics over the statue. ANI

Meet UK's 11-year-old drunk generation
A new UK research has revealed that children as young as 11 are getting caught up in the binge-drinking culture. ANI

Al Qaeda's Al Asiri said to be Yemen parcel bombmaker
Ibrahim Hassan Al Asiri, a Yemen-based al-Qaeda terrorist, is being touted as the man who prepared the two parcel bombs that were discovered onboard two US-bound jets in the UK and Dubai. ANI

Obama yells back at hecklers in Connecticut
A famously cool President Barack Obama lost his temper in Connecticut Saturday after hecklers interrupted his speech at a rally. ANI

Blast in Istanbul leaves at least 15 as injured
A blast in the centre of Istanbul has left at least 15 persons as injured. ANI

Hindus welcome Obama's gesture of Diwali celebration with Mumbai schoolchildren
Hindus have welcomed US President Barack Obama's reported gesture of participating in Diwali celebrations with Mumbai schoolchildren during his upcoming India visit ANI

Indo-Americans urge Ang Lee to handle 'Life of Pi' with cultural sensitivity
After speculations since 2009, Oscar winner Ang Lee (Brokeback Mountain) has reportedly finally given the go ahead signal on film adaptation of Yann Martel's fantasy "Life of Pi" about a boy from Pondicherry (India) who survives 227 days after shipwreck. ANI

1 in 4 young Australians has a tattoo
The trend of getting ink injected into the body is increasing - one in four young Australians has a tattoo. ANI

Is Al Qaeda focusing on small-scale attacks?
US authorities believe Al Qaeda is focusing on small-scale attacks against the West. ANI

'Russia can help resolve Kashmir dispute only on India, Pak's request: Andrey Demidov
Russia can play a role in resolving the Kashmir dispute only if India and Pakistan make such a request, Consul General of the Russian Federation in Pakistan, Andrey V Demidov has said. ANI

Musharraf's return to Pak seems unlikely
Former military ruler Pervez Musharraf's return to Pakistan appears more and more difficult, as security agencies have told him that protective arrangements required after his homecoming are not possible. ANI

GOP candidate sorry for comparing gay marriage to marrying a dog
Republican candidate for lieutenant governor in Wisconsin Rebecca Kleefisch has apologized for the anti-gay comments she had made earlier this year. ANI

US audit finds Afghan officials getting hefty bonuses
A U.S. government audit has found Afghan officials routinely received hefty pay supplements from the U.S., sometimes 20 times in excess of their base salary ANI

Prince William's girlfriend Kate Middleton quits job as a photog
Prince William's girlfriend Kate Middleton has given up her job as a photographer, fuelling rumours plans are in place for a royal wedding announcement. ANI

Pak ATC releases seven terror suspects owing to lack of evidence
An Anti-Terrorism Court in Pakistan ordered the release of seven terror suspects on Saturday due to a lack of evidence against them. ANI

Kiwi father forced daughter to pray after sexually abusing her
A NZ father, who made his young daughter pray for forgiveness with him after he had sexually abused her, has been jailed. ANI

China's one-child policy will allow India to be dominant in Asia: Howard
Former prime minister John Howard has predicted China's one-child policy and its political philosophy will allow India to supersede it as the dominant nation in Asia before the end of the 21st century. ANI

More than a quarter of Kiwi women ready to pay for s*x : Study
More than a quarter of Kiwi women wouldn't mind paying for s*x , a new survey has revealed. ANI

What do Kiwi women want in their men?
Well-groomed, easy-going, funny and not cheesy type are the qualities Kiwi women look for in their men, reveals a survey. ANI

Oz snorkeller grabs white shark's tail to save teenager
An Oz snorkeller became a hero when he pulled the tail of a great white shark that was attacking a teenage girl. ANI

Flirting with patients to cost Oz nurses' their jobs
Nurses have been banned from flirting with patients as per the new professional-ethics guidelines introduced in Australian hospitals. ANI

Terror bombs were primed to bring down cargo planes mid-air
British security and intelligence officials have claimed that the explosive packages found on US-bound aircraft in the UK and Dubai were meant to bring them down mid-air. ANI

Yemeni police arrest woman suspected of mailing printer bombs
Yemeni police have arrested a woman accused of posting parcel bombs on two United States-bound flights in an alleged Al-Qaeda plot thwarted in the United Kingdom and Dubai. ANI

Saudis' experience with jihadists have helped it to fine tune surveillance tools: Experts
Western intelligence officials have claimed that Saudi Arabia own experience with jihadists has helped them develop powerful surveillance tools and a broad network of informers that allows it to help other countries in the global battle against terrorism. ANI

China's Asian neighbors linking-up to neutralise its aggressive designs
India is promoting itself throughout the Asian region as a counter-weight to China, and so are some other countries located in the area. ANI

Soft-spoken American teen crowned Miss World 2010
Alexandria Mills, a soft-spoken teen from the United States, won the Miss World crown for 2010 on Saturday, defeating more than 100 other hopefuls at a glittering ceremony in southern China. ANI

Scribbled notes on Shakespeare prove Diana did pay attention in class
Unlike the previous perception that Princess Diana was as 'thick as two short planks,' a book found in trash has revealed that she did at least try hard in class. ANI

Lebanon claims record for world's biggest wine glass
Lebanon has unveiled the world's biggest wine glass, smashing the previous record set in Portugal. ANI

Pakistani man sets martial arts world record with 1110 kicks in 30 mins
A martial arts expert from Pakistan, Ahmed Hussain, has smashed the world record in martial arts kicks with 1110 kicks in 30 minutes. ANI

Yemen plane bomb plot: Australia on cargo alert
Air transport authorities in Australia are on high alert following the discovery of two packages containing explosives on cargo planes bound for the US. ANI

'Supermum' has 15 kids from last marriage, expecting 16th from new man
A 34-year-old man from UK is about to marry a woman, who has 15 children from last marriage and is expecting 16th from her new man. ANI

Pak will launch NWA operation at own discretion, not under external pressure: Qureshi
Pakistan would not give in to any external pressure, and would itself decide on any operation in North Waziristan keeping in view its requirements, resources and priorities, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said. ANI

Explosive found on US-bound planes were used in past Qaeda plots: NYT
Pentaerythritol Tetranitrate (PETN), the explosive found in two bombs hidden in printer cartridges that were being shipped via jets from Yemen to the United States, were used in past Qaeda-linked terrorism plots. ANI

Forty planes, six armoured cars to join Obama on India trip
Six armoured cars and 40 aircraft will accompany US President Barack Obama during his three-day visit of India. ANI

80 Taliban killed in failed attack on NATO combat post in Afghanistan near Pak border
Eighty Taliban insurgents were killed during a failed attack on a NATO combat outpost in Afghanistan near its border with Pakistan, an Afghan official said on Saturday. ANI

Hindus want bullfighting ban in France
Hindus have urged France to ban bullfighting. ANI

Arbitrary surveillance of Roma in Europe
A newly published study on Roma (Gypsies) of Europe has expressed concern at the "arbitrary surveillance of Romani migrants and the violation of the related right to privacy". ANI

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