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International News on October 28, 2010

India values South Korean investment, says Anand Sharma
Union Commerce and Trade Minister Anand Sharma on Thursday said that India values South Korean investment despite the row over its POSCO steel project in Orissa over issues related to land and environment. ANI

India to negotiate free trade agreements with Indonesia, Thailand soon
In a move that can change the dynamics of trade in East Asia and also throw a challenge to China's economic dominance in its own backyard, India is looking forward to negotiate comprehensive free trade agreements with Indonesia and Thailand. ANI

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh arrives in Vietnam
Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh arrived here on Thursday evening for the third and final leg of his three-nation Asia tour. ANI

UK's 100 billion pound Internet economy leads the world in online business
A new report has found that the United Kingdom has the most developed Internet economy in the world with the largest online e-commerce market per person. ANI

Arnie dubs Congress members 'gutless wimps' for giving in to oil cos pressure
California's Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has called the members of Congress "wimps" with "no guts" for failing to stand up to the pressure from oil companies. ANI

Hindus urge video-games developers not to drag religions into games
Hindus have asked the video-games developers to avoid religious themes.minent Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement at Nevada (USA) today, said that religion was one of the most complex and powerful force of human life, so we must take religion seriously. Video-games should not attempt to trivialize the highly revered concepts and symbols of religion just for mercantile greed. ANI

Gentlemen's club in UK to finally welcome female members after 119-yrs
A gentlemen's club in Britain has finally decided to admit ladies as full members after 119-years. ANI

Remote-controlled RAF drones killing Taliban kingpins at rate of one per week
Pilotless drones of the Royal Air Force, flown by remote control, are killing the top brass of the Taliban in Afghanistan at the rate of one per week. ANI

Two women given same dress by same man fight it out in Kiwi bar
Yes, the world is very small. At least for two ladies who met in a New Zealand bar and got into a scuffle on discovering that they had same dress gifted to them by the same man. ANI

China to expand ocean surveillance fleet to safeguard maritime rights
China's ocean watchdog has said that the surveillance fleet would be expanded to better protect the country's maritime rights. ANI

Eliot Spitzer book party location 'appropriate for prostitution theme'
The cocktail lounge at Trump Soho was an appropriate party location for a film about prostitution, according to guests at the New York Premiere of 'Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer.' ANI

Pak-American terror suspect's goal was 'killing as many DC Metro riders as possible'
Pakistani-American terror suspect, Farooque Ahmed, who was busted by the FBI for helping whom he thought were Al Qaeda terrorists plotting to bomb the Washington's subways, aimed to kill the maximum number of Metro riders possible through 'simultaneous bomb attacks.' ANI

Power Balance band branded 'a pricey placebo'
An Australian consumer watchdog has branded Power Balance band- the rubber wrist bands that claim to deliver greater strength and poise by promoting natural energy flow- a "pricey placebo". ANI

Brit man accused of groping woman claims he suffers from 'sexsomnia'
A Brit man who allegedly groped a woman told jury at Chelmsford Crown Court that he suffered from a rare medical condition called "sexsomnia". ANI

Freed UK criminals going on rape, murder sprees despite being under supervision
Dangerous criminals let out of prisons in the UK committed 196 serious offences, including rape and murder last year while under the supervision of police and other authorities, official figures revealed yesterday. ANI

Oz Muslim school director found guilty of million-dollar fund grant fraud
The director of a Muslim school in Australia has been found guilty of falsifying student numbers to fraudulently obtain 1.125 million dollars in government grants. ANI

Germany moves to criminalise 'forced marriages' to wipe out traditional Muslim practice
The German government has moved a proposal to criminalise forced marriages in the country, in an attempt to wipe out the traditional Muslim practice. ANI

Most Americans 'frown on cellphone use during meals'
A new survey has revealed that majority of Americans do not approve of cellphone use during meals. ANI

Obama is most prolific money-raiser in political history for Republicans!
US President Barack Obama's left-leaning political agenda is scaring conservatives into donating huge sums of money to the Republican parties. ANI

Chinese women drinking collagen for 'skin as soft as a baby's'
Move over Botox injections - collagen drinks are the new way to go in China for getting rid of those wrinkles. ANI

Topless, never-before-seen pics of Christine Keeler found
Christine Keeler will always be remembered for her infamous affair with war secretary John Profumo, which toppled a Conservative government, but now she will make a comeback through her pictures. ANI

Karzai delays ban on private security firms by at least two months
In what may be seen as yielding to intense Western pressure, Afghan President Hamid Karzai has extended the deadline for private security companies to end operations in Afghanistan by at least two months. ANI

Now, carnivorous cocktails for meat lovers!
When beverage experts were asked to create some cocktails in honour of National Sandwich Day they came up with one that was the beefiest. ANI

Abu Dhabi's Ferrari theme park has fastest rollercoaster in the world
Abu Dhabi's new indoor Ferrari World theme park has the fastest rollercoaster in the world. ANI

Obama says would like to run more pragmatic campaigns
U.S. President Barack Obama has said he would like to be more pragmatic in future electoral campaigns, but added that such a change would not take place overnight. ANI

Only 25 pc 'highly skilled migrants' from India, Pak end up in top job in UK, says report
Only 25 percent of 'highly skilled' immigrants are actually in a top job in the UK, with many of the remaining taking low-skilled jobs like call center work, a report suggests. ANI

Oz funeral company dragged to court over racial discrimination claim
The biggest player in the Australian funeral industry has been accused of racial discrimination over a secret business strategy targeting the lucrative Asian-Australian market. ANI

About a billion dollars worth of US aid diverted to Taliban Coffers
About one billion dollars worth of U.S. aid has wound up in the hands of the Taliban and other insurgency groups, war analysts and government auditors say. ANI

Truth ineffective in battling rumours about NYC mosque, study finds
A new study has revealed that the truth about the proposed Islamic cultural centre and mosque near Ground Zero in New York City was not effective at all in battling the rumours regarding its construction. ANI

Half of all Brit workers would pay more than £100 to stay in bed
Staying in bed for a day is almost a luxury for the majority of us who work several hours a day. ANI

Obama may offer stricter nuke deal to Iran, but it could be rejected: Officials
The Obama administration and its European allies are preparing a new offer for negotiations with Iran on its nuclear program, senior administration officials say. ANI

'Drinking, swearing and beer bellied' Brits voted 'world's ugliest tourists'
Drunk, swearing and beer bellied British men have been voted world's ugliest tourists. ANI

Vanity Fair's McCain calendar branded 'disgusting'
A Vanity Fair calendar has sparked a controversy after it published Republican Senator John McCain's head digitally added to the body of a male model. ANI

Fingers stuck in bowling ball among worst excuses for not coming to work
A survey on the worst ever sick-day excuses workers give to their employers includes one man saying that he cannot come to work as his fingers are stuck in a bowling ball. ANI

UN bodies urge Pak to prevent 'victimisation' of 'most vulnerable people' in flood relief
Three UN human rights bodies have called on Pakistan to ensure that women, minorities and the disabled are spared from "further victimisation" during the recovery from the devastating floods that ravaged the country earlier this year. ANI

Chinese article on reforms appears critical of Premier Jiabao: NYT
An opinion article in China's main Communist Party newspaper - People's Daily - appears to be obliquely aimed at Prime Minister Wen Jiabao. ANI

Key to test Henry's 'racial-slur' fallout in meeting with Manmohan at East Asia Summit
New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has said that a meeting with his Indian counterpart Manmohan Singh at the East Asia Summit this weekend will be an opportunity for him to 'take India's temperature' and test if the Paul Henry controversy has had any lasting 'fallout'. ANI

Parts of Obama coalition drifting toward GOP: Poll
Critical parts of the coalition that delivered President Obama to the White House in 2008 and gave Democrats control of Congress in 2006 are switching their allegiance to the Republicans in the final phase of the mid-term Congressional elections, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll. ANI

Robert Mugabe 'ready for war' over allegations his wife cheated on him
Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe is set to fight the allegations that his wife Grace cheated on him. ANI

Naked starlets encouraging sexting among Oz teens
Experts have warned that starlets who promote their naked photos and videos are encouraging teens in Australia to take up sexting. ANI

Mohammed is most popular name for baby boys in UK
Topping the list for the most popular name given to newborn boys in Britain is Mohammed, followed by Oliver, Jack, Harry and Alfie. ANI

Angolan man enters records book for world's biggest mouth
A man from Angola has entered the Guinness Book of World Records for having the widest mouth. ANI

American Sikhs say 'Muslim origin' Obama skipping Golden Temple visit out of fear
The American Sikh community has said that President Barack Obama is not visiting the Golden Temple in Amritsar because he harbours fears of negative image fallout with him being partially Muslim by birth. ANI

New US programme seeks to execute half of Kerry-Lugar aid to Pak by 2012
The US government has decided to execute almost fifty per cent of the Kerry Lugar aid projects through the government of Pakistan by 2012. ANI

Pak Army 'illegally' gave funds to Bugti's rivals under Musharraf's call: Audit report
The Pakistani Army had distributed illegal funds to the rivals of Nawab Akbar Bugti between 2000 and 2002, according to an audit report. ANI

Indian boy in Australia undergoes eye surgery after being bashed in the face
A 12-year-old Indian origin boy had to undergo a surgery to reconstruct his eye socket days after he was bullied and brutally punched in the face. ANI

Zardari, Gilani, Musharraf felicitate Asma on winning SCBA presidential election
Pakistan Supreme Court Advocate and noted human rights activist Asma Jehangir has won the annual elections of Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA), becoming the first ever woman president of the most significant lawyers' association. ANI

Lanka court jails Tamil for 30 years for 1999 attack on ex-president Kumaratunga
A court in Sri Lanka has sentenced a Tamil man to 30 years in prison for his role in attempting to assassinate former President Chandrika Kumaratunga. ANI

US loses control of 50 nukes due to 45-minute power failure
Pentagon chiefs were stunned to discover that a U.S. air force base had lost control of 50 nuclear, inter-continental missiles due to power failure. ANI

Eight militants killed in two US drone strikes in N.Waziristan
At least eight militants were killed in two US drone strikes in Pakistan's North Waziristan tribal region, according to local security officials. ANI

Afghan officials' desperate plea to US to force Pak 'to get rid of terror havens' on its soil
Senior Afghan officials have pressed the United States at a closed-door strategy session in Kabul to force Pakistan to crack down on insurgents within its territory, saying that recent military gains will be short-lived as long as those terrorist havens prevail across the border. ANI

Auckland cabbie Hiren Mohini's murder suspect won't face death penalty in China
Chinese authorities have assured New Zealand police that the 23-year-old alleged killer of Indian-origin taxi driver Hiren Mohini would not face the death sentence if he is found guilty. ANI

Berlusconi gave me cash after sex, claims teenage Moroccan model
A teenage Moroccan model has apparently claimed that she had sex with Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi in return for a cash 'gift'. ANI

Prince Harry's helicopter instructor arrested over sex pest claims
Prince Harry's helicopter instructor, an army major, has been arrested over claims he is a sex pest. ANI

Automation becomes Easy - KUKA Roboter GmbH at K 2010
At K 2010, the international flagship fair for the plastics industry, KUKA Roboter GmbH is presenting the new generation of shelf-mounted robots – the QUANTEC series – and the new KR C4 controller generation. In Hall 12, Booth C49, the technological leader from Augsburg is demonstrating how automation solutions for the plastics industry are becoming simpler, safer and more energy efficient Business Wire India

BMW Motorrad to Start Motorcycle Sales in India by December 2010
BMW Motorrad starts its sales activities on the Indian motorcycle market with two official importers as of December 2010. With "Deutsche Motoren" in Delhi in the north of India and "Navnit Motors" in Mumbai on the west coast and Bangalore in the southern part of the country, BMW Motorrad is relying on two experienced BMW Group partners Business Wire India

Octapharma Clinical Trial Begins in the US and Germany Treating Hemophilia A Patients with First Recombinant Factor VIII Derived from a Human Cell-Line
Octapharma, one of the largest human protein products manufacturers in the world, today announced that patients diagnosed with severe hemophilia A have started treatment with the first recombinant Factor VIII derived from a human cell line (Human-cl rhFVIII) Business Wire India

Chillingo’s ‘Cut the Rope’ Surpasses the Two Million Mark
Leading mobile game publisher Chillingo, a division of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:ERTS), today announced that ZeptoLab’s chart-topping, addictive puzzler, ‘Cut the Rope’ has now sold more than two million copies worldwide on the Apple App Store in just three weeks since launch. Business Wire India

Momentive Offers New Thermal Management Solutions to Enhance Performance and Service Life of LEDs and LED Lighting Assemblies
To help increase the performance and service life of LEDs (light emitting diodes) and LED assemblies, Momentive Performance Materials has introduced a new line of thermally conductive silicones to be considered for use in LED manufacturing and assembly Business Wire India

Gemalto Ezio Strong Authentication Solution Provides Multi-Platform eBanking Security for CI Banco’s Customers in Mexico
Gemalto (Euronext NL0000400653 GTO), the world leader in digital security, and Consultoría International Banco (CI Banco) announced the rollout of Gemalto’s Ezio strong authentication server and One-time Password (OTP) tokens to enhance eBanking security for CI Banco’s customers Business Wire India

ISS Opens Comment Period for 2011 Proxy Voting Policies
Institutional Shareholder Services Inc., a leading provider of corporate governance solutions to the global financial community, announced the opening of its annual comment period for its 2011 proxy voting policies Business Wire India

Itron Wins Major Contracts with Smart Payment Technology in Indonesia
Itron Inc. (NASDAQ: ITRI) announced that it has signed three major contracts with the Indonesian state-owned electricity utility PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) to supply 800,000 keypad smart payment residential meters to the Java Bali region by the end of the year. Business Wire India

PRADAX™* (Dabigatran Etexilate) Gains Approval in Canada for Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation
For Media outside the US and Canada Business Wire India

Trouvay & Cauvin Group present at ADIPEC 2010: Renaissance of an international group
Trouvay & Cauvin Group, a renowned player in the oil and gas industry, has chosen ADIPEC to present its strategy of international growth. Business Wire India

ZTE Announces 2010 9-Month Result
ZTE Corporation (“ZTE” or the “Group”) (H share stock code: 0763.HK / A share stock code: 000063.SZ) today reported a 7.51% increase in operating revenue to USD 6.87 billion for the nine months ended 30 September 2010. In the same period, net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company grew 14.21% to USD203 Business Wire India

Connectiva Systems to Speak at 2010 Telco 2.0 Americas 10th Executive Brainstorm
Connectiva Systems, Inc., a leading provider of revenue and risk management solutions, today announced that it is sponsoring and presenting at the 2010 Telco 2.0 Americas Executive Brainstorm held Oct 27-28, 2010 in Los Angeles, California Business Wire India

CommScope Enters Into Merger Agreement With The Carlyle Group
CommScope, Inc. (NYSE: CTV), a global leader in infrastructure solutions for communications networks, has entered into a definitive merger agreement with global alternative asset manager The Carlyle Group in a transaction valued at approximately $3.9 billion that will result in CommScope becoming a private company Business Wire India

St. Jude Medical to Showcase Portfolio of Products at Asia-Pacific Heart Rhythm 2010
St. Jude Medical, Inc Business Wire India

New Therapeutic Surface from KCI Enhances Skin Integrity for the Prevention and Management of Pressure Ulcers
Kinetic Concepts, Inc. (NYSE: KCI) announced the U.S. launch of Skin IQ™ Microclimate Manager (Skin IQ™ MCM) through KCI’s Therapeutic Support Systems business. Skin IQ™ MCM is a for-sale, powered coverlet offering clinicians one of the most effective and intuitive products available for the prevention and management of pressure ulcers. Business Wire India

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