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International News on October 26, 2010

China says its visa policy remains "unchanged"
In a statement that could be a setback to the expected meeting between Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and his counterpart Wen Jiabao in Hanoi this week, Chinese Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that China's visa policy towards Indian citizens from Jammu and Kashmir remained "unchanged". ANI

Over 100 killed, 500 missing as Tsunami hits Indonesia after 7.2 magnitude earthquake
At least 108 people died and over 500 went missing after earthquake of 7.2 Richter Scale caused Tsunami here on Monday in Mentawai islands. ANI

All Party National Alliance to observe Oct. 22 as "Black Day" from next year
The All Party National Alliance (APNA) in Muzaffarabad, the capital of Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (PoK), has decided to observe October 22 as a 'Black Day' from next year onwards, in remembrance of the 1947 invasion by Pakistani army men disguised as tribesmen, which led to the division of the erstwhile princely state Kashmir. ANI

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh arrives in Malaysia
Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh arrived in the capital city of Malaysia on Tuesday evening after having spent three days in Japan, as part of his ongoing three-nation Asian tour. ANI

India ranked far less corrupt country than Pak by Transparency International
The 2010 Corruption Perceptions Index by Transparency International has awarded the most clean slot to Denmark, New Zealand and Singapore with a score of 9.3, while Somalia has been declared the most corrupt country with a score of 1.1 on a scale from 10 (highly clean) to 0 (highly corrupt). ANI

Aussie man charged for tattooing 40cm pe**s on man's back
A tattooist in Ipswich, Australia has been charged by the police for allegedly tattooing a 40cm pe**s on man's back instead of the design he requested. ANI

Oz man who raped lesbian told her she "had not met the best man yet"
An Australian man, who has been accused of raping a woman after she told him she is lesbian, is said to have told her she "has not met the best man yet". ANI

Oz woman kicked out of her church for starring in erectile dysfunction ad
A woman in Australia, who starred in a controversial erectile dysfunction commercial, has been kicked out of her church until the ad comes off the air. ANI

Christine O'Donnell says God is the reason she's running for Senate
Republican Party nominee Christine O'Donnell has revealed that the reason she is running for the Senate is because of God. ANI

Your home could be making you ill, says expert
If you often feel tired and sick or suffer from allergies, your home could be the culprit, says an expert. ANI

Kissing or heavy petting barred in Singapore mall
A shopping mall in Singapore has put up notices banning couples from getting cozy and kissing in the rest area. ANI

Now, buy the 'World's largest gummy worm and bear' along with tips to eat
The 'world's largest gummy worm and gummi bear' is up for grabs, according to an online seller. ANI

Clinton says he's disturbed and ticked off by mid-term poll campaign
Former President Bill Clinton is "disturbed and ticked off" by much of what he's seen from the mid-term election campaign. ANI

Saudi woman freed after serving over 6 months in jail for disobeying father
A Saudi woman, who was thrown in prison without any formal charge or trial by a Jeddah judge for disobeying her father, has finally been released after spending over six months in prison, Saudi media has reported. ANI

Ex-Saddam aide, Iraq Foreign Minister Aziz sentenced to death
Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein's foreign minister Tariq Aziz has been sentenced to death by hanging for persecuting members of Shiite religious parties under the former regime. ANI

China reveals train that clocks record 262 mph speed
A new high-speed rail line has been opened in China amid boasts from officials over the use of domestic technology to set world records. ANI

Leading New Zealand museum holds exhibition on 'bindi'
Nevada (US), Oct 26: Pataka, a leading museum of New Zealand, is currently holding "Bindi - The Indian Dot" exhibition, which will continue till November 14. ANI

School violence costs India yearly US$7.42 billion
Nevada (US), Oct 26: School violence costs India annually US 7.42 billion dollars, according to a research report titled "The Economic Impact of School Violence" by United Kingdom headquartered Plan International and Overseas Development Institute (ODI). ANI

Karzai admits to receiving bags of Iranian cash
Afghan President Hamid Karzai has admitted to accepting bags of cash from Iran. ANI

US elections: Poll says Independents siding with GOP, rather than Democrats
Republicans are on the verge of broad wins next week, as independent voters are ready to boot Democrats from office, according to a new Politico/George Washington University Battleground Poll. ANI

'Aussie Aussie Aussie, oi oi oi' Oz chant 'appalling, embarrassing'
Oz residents are calling for the ban of a new Australian chant 'Aussie Aussie Aussie, oi oi oi' that seemed to have gripped the fancy of few in the Land Down Under. ANI

Oz boy, 11, who went missing for 11hrs after driving off in family car found
An 11-year old boy reached home safely after driving off in his family's car, it has emerged. ANI

Democratic gov candidate asks Obama to 'take endorsement and shove it'
Rhode Island's Democratic governor candidate Frank Caprio has asked US President Barack Obama to 'shove it'. ANI

Afghan withdrawal could risk nuclear-armed Pak falling under terrorist control: Howard
Withdrawing troops from Afghanistan in the present scenario would risk nuclear-armed Pakistan falling under "greater terrorist influence or control", former Australian Prime Minister John Howard has warned. ANI

US man complains to cops about 'nasty' marijuana
A US man is being investigated after complaining to police about the marijuana he had bought, which turned out to be something other than pot. ANI

Chinese 'iPhone' factory workers hospitalised following 'harmful chemical exposure'
Workers in a Chinese factory were hospitalized for more than six months after reportedly being exposed to a harmful chemical while assembling Apple laptops and iPhones. ANI

German diplomats deeply involved with Nazi Holocaust of Jews'
German diplomats were deeply involved in carrying out the Holocaust against Jews ordered by the Nazi dictatorship in the early part of the 20th century, a new report has revealed. ANI

Cabbie rapist is officially UK's worst sex monster with 102 victims
A cab driver in Britain, convicted of sex attacks, has officially been named as UK's worst sex predator with at least 102 victims having been attacked by him. ANI

UK military interrogation manuals reveal breach of international law
The British military has been training interrogators in techniques that include threats, sensory deprivation and enforced nakedness in an apparent breach of the Geneva conventions. ANI

Qaeda video asks Paris, London, Detroit Muslims to stage terror attacks in Europe, US
Al-Qaeda has released a 40-minute call-to-arms video, which asks followers to individually stage attacks in Europe and the United States. ANI

'Taliban schools' in Karachi promising kids 'heaven' if they turn suicide bombers
The Taliban have set up "schools" on the outskirts of the city, where they deliver lectures and sermons in an attempt to brainwash innocent youngsters and convince them to join their ranks, revealed 16-year-old Mohammad Salaam, the would-be suicide bomber who was arrested in a police raid yesterday. ANI

Now, guide that advises gay men on fatherhood
A gay equality charity has launched a guide for homosexual fathers, aimed at encouraging male partners to become parents. ANI

Assange's ego could spell doom for WikiLeak's future: Ex-staffers
Julian Assange's single-minded determination to publish a trove of leaked documents may eventually threaten the very stability of Wikileaks. ANI

1000-yr-old Tamil inscription found in Trincomalee, India
A 1000 year old stone slab containing a Tamil inscription, clearly in the alphabet of the Chola times, was found in Trincomalee while digging for cricket stadium construction work recently. ANI

Manmohan Singh concludes Japan visit, leaves for Malaysia
The Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, left for Malaysia on Tuesday after concluding his three-day visit to Japan during which the two sides decided to speed up negotiations on a civil nuclear deal and agreed on a range of other issues to strengthen ties in all spheres. ANI

Tony Blair's wife Cherie flogs his autograph on eBay for 10 pounds
Tony Blair's wife has invited controversy after she flogged ex-British PM's autograph for 10 pounds on eBay. ANI

US will 'invade volatile Pak to deal with instability there': Australian MP
The 'highly volatile' situation in Pakistan is increasing the likelihood of a US invasion there, Australian parliamentarian Bob Katter has said. ANI

Arizona sheriff gifts Sarah Palin a pair of pink underwear!
Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, has tweeted that he welcomed former Alaska governor Sarah Palin with a pair of pink underwear. ANI

How Hitler"s deputy Hess was lured to be trapped in Britain
A new book has shed light on one of the enduring mysteries of World War Two-why did Adolf Hitler's deputy Rudolf Hess come to Britain? ANI

Two TTP terrorists, would-be teen suicide bomber, arrested in Karachi
Police have arrested two Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) militants, and also recovered a teenage boy, who was being trained to be a suicide bomber during a raid in Sohrab Goth, a suburb of Gadap Town in Karachi. ANI

Hookers wear fluorescent jackets on Spanish highways for safety reasons
Street prostitutes outside a Spanish town have been ordered by police to wear fluorescent jackets while working on the highway, so as to prevent road accidents. ANI

Fine for women wearing miniskirts in Italian beach town
The mayor of Castellammare di Stabia, south of Naples, Italy, has ordered police in the beach town to fine women who wear "very short" miniskirts or who show too much cleavage. ANI

Pak police operation to bust terror network targeting shrines 'a complete failure'
Pakistan police have badly failed to hunt the masterminds and terrorists behind brazen suicide attacks at Islamic shrines located in various districts of the country so far. ANI

Florida teen with uncontrollable hiccups charged with first-degree murder
A Florida teenager, well known as the 'hiccup girl', has apparently been arrested and charged with murder. ANI

Pak calls for 'real time intelligence' to preempt terror attacks from its soil on West
Just weeks after security alerts were beefed up all across Europe following reports of planned terror strikes on its cities, Pakistan has called for greater intelligence sharing for taking 'preemptive measures' against any possible terrorist attacks against Britain and other western countries emanating from its soil. ANI

Musharraf aide seeks FIR against Bugti over 'billion rupee bounty on his head' bid
Dr Sher Afgan Niazi, a noted leader of the former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf's newly formed party All Pakistan Muslim League (APML), has filed an application to register an FIR under Section 7 or the ATA against three people, including Jamhoori Watan Party President Talal Bugti, for announcing a bounty on Musharraf's head. ANI

Gordon Brown branded 'scruffy'
Peter Mandelson has dubbed former UK PM Gordon Brown "a cross between a snowplough and a combine harvester"- saying he couldn't even fix his own tie. ANI

Sarkozy 'most unpopular French President in 50 years'
Nicolas Sarkozy is the most unpopular French President in five decades, according to a new poll. ANI

European Union set to open doors to Indian migrants
There is good news for Indian immigrants wanting to settle down in European countries. ANI

Brit police in training for '26/11 Mumbai-style' gun attacks
British security chiefs have ordered an acceleration in police training to prepare for any future '26/11 Mumbai-style' gun attacks in the country. ANI

CCTV aimed at Birmingham's Muslim areas to be dismantled
Over 200 cameras targeted at Muslim suburbs of Birmingham as part of a secret counter-terrorism initiative are to be dismantled. ANI

US to build eight billion pound super base in Guam to contain China
The United States is building an eight billion pound super military base on the Pacific island of Guam in an attempt to contain China's military build-up. ANI

Shoe thrower says ex-Oz PM Howard deserved 'a lot worse'for Iraq War involvement
A man who threw a shoe at former Australian Prime Minister John Howard on last night's Q and A program on ABC TV said he "deserves a lot worse" than having shoes thrown at him. ANI

US policy towards Pakistan remains schizophrenic
Last week's U.S.-Pakistan strategic dialogue produced the mixed signals that have grown customary to anyone who follows relations between those two countries. ANI

India, Japan to simplify visa procedures
Following extensive talks on bilateral, regional and global issues of shared interest held between Indian Prime Minster Dr. Manmohan Singh and Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan, the two countries on Monday decided to simplify visa procedures between them and signed a memorandum to that effect. ANI

India, Japan ink deal to improve bilateral trade and investment
India and Japan today signed agreements to boost mutual trade, investment and strategic partnership between the two major economies of Asia. ANI

GSAT Contracts Additional Transponder on SES WORLD SKIES’ NSS-11 Satellite
In a move that further bolsters its orbital position of 108.2 degrees East as one of Asia’s leading video neighborhoods, SES WORLD SKIES, a division of SES S.A. (Paris:SESG) (LuxX:SESG), today announced that the Philippine’s DTH operator GSAT has contracted an additional transponder on the NSS-11 satellite. Business Wire India

DKSH’s Business Unit Healthcare Awarded with 17 International Quality Certifications for Its Distribution Centers across Asia by SGS (Société Générale De Surveillance)
On the occasion of DKSH’s Annual Logistics and Quality Seminar in Taipei, Business Unit Healthcare organized a Certification Award Ceremony to acknowledge the great success of the certification program. It was presided by Charles Toomey, Executive Vice President Business Unit Healthcare, and Dr Business Wire India

Dresser Wins Contract to Provide Total Control Valve Solution to PDVSA’s Natural Gas Pipeline Upgrade Project in Venezuela
Dresser Inc. today announced it is providing a total control valve solution to PDVSA’s Anaco Gas Production Project in Venezuela with the company’s rotary, globe and digital product lines. Business Wire India

Garmin and ASUS Announce New Mobile Handset Strategies
Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN) and ASUSTeK Computer Inc. (TAIEX: 2357) today announced a strategic decision to alter their current co-branded business model for location-centric mobile handsets Business Wire India

PPD Significantly Expands Network of Investigators in Northern India
PPD, Inc Business Wire India

Infor Appoints Charles Phillips as Chief Executive Officer
The board of directors of Infor, the leading provider of business applications to mid-sized companies, today announced that it has named Charles Phillips as chief executive officer and a member of the board of directors. Business Wire India

QAD Unveils Latest Version of QAD Enterprise Applications for India
QAD Inc. (NASDAQ: QADI), a leading provider of enterprise software and services for global manufacturers, has announced that it will unveil QAD Enterprise Applications 2010.1, the latest enhancement to its enterprise resource planning (ERP) software suite, to the India market on October 25 – 26, 2010 in Mumbai, India. Business Wire India

Bytemobile Appoints Asia Telecom Veteran JD Howard as Regional Vice President and General Manager
Bytemobile, Inc., the global leader in mobile video optimization solutions, has announced the appointment of JD Howard as vice president and general manager of Asia Pacific Business Wire India

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