October 2, 2010
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October 2, 2010

Top News

144 Section in Hyderabad ahead of Ayodhya verdict

18 killed, several injured as bus falls into river in Bulandshahr

Pak's flawed Afghan policy of support to terror groups will bite back hard: Editorial

Ajay Devgan prays for success of his film in Ajmer

Pranab Mukherjee seeks more financial sector reforms

Australia asks CWG organizers for better treatment at closing ceremony

Study to find whether leptin helps type 1 diabetic patients

New study confirms smoking, cancer link (reissue)

International News for October 2, 2010

'US-dependent Pak can't play 'trump card' of blocking NATO supplies for long': Expert
Although Pakistan has blocked NATO supply trucks at a checkpoint bordering Afghanistan in retaliation against the US forces-led cross-border air strikes into its territory, experts are of the view that the Asian nation cannot afford to extend the closure for long, and it will have to relent soon. ANI

Musharraf must return to Pak to earn masses' wrath: Shahbaz
Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has tauntingly welcomed former military ruler Pervez Musharrafs announcement of re-entering politics, saying that he should return to Pakistan as well, so that the masses, annoyed at his policies, may extend him his due reception in a worthwhile way. ANI

Kayani reportedly demanded Zardari 'corrupt' loyalists be ousted from cabinet
Pakistan Chief of Army Staff (CoAS) General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani reportedly demanded from President Asif Ali Zardari to depose all corrupt ministers from the cabinet, a British newspaper has claimed. ANI

Brit police officers may get 'right to strike' in return for sacrificing incentives
A new British Home Office proposal has said that the police in the country would be given the right to strike in return for sacrificing their lucrative overtime payments and bonuses. ANI

Brit man, 75, back in jail after spending 50 of last 56 years in slammer
A British man, who committed his first theft during World War Two and has spent 50 of the past 56 years in prison, is back behind bars at the age of 75. ANI

Brit man fined £130 for having sex with girlfriend in grounds of cathedral
A British man has been fined 130 pounds after he was caught having sex with his girlfriend in the grounds of an historic cathedral. ANI

'China ready to work with new North Korean leadership to promote bilateral ties'
China is ready to work with the new leadership of North Koreas ruling Workers Party of Korea (WPK) to promote bilateral ties, a senior Communist Party of China (CPC) official has said. ANI

US diverting drones from Afghanistan to bolster attacks on Pak-based militant havens
The US military is secretly diverting its aerial drones and weaponry from the Afghan battlefront to Pakistan, in order to significantly expand the CIAs campaign against terrorist sanctuaries there, which are being used by militants to plan and launch attacks on US and NATO troops in Afghanistan. ANI

Empire State Building gives 'Mother Teresa' treatment to Polish military hero
Furious Polish Americans have accused owners of the Empire State Building of giving one of their Revolutionary War heroes, General Casimir Pulaski, the Mother Teresa treatment. ANI

Son inspired Salman Rushdie to write new book for teens
An intellectual delight is on its way for young fans of Salman Rushdie, as the Booker prize winner is set to release a new book for teenagers, which is inspired by his son Milan. ANI

1 in 3 Brits don't indulge in weekend lie-ins anymore
It seems that Brits are getting more punctual-a recent survey has revealed that more than a third of people get up at the same time on the weekends as they do on weekdays. ANI

Palin is a 'half-baked Alaskan', says Florida lawmaker
Florida Representative Alan Grayson has described former Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin as a half-baked Alaskan. ANI

JK Rowling reveals how she suffered depression, and came back stronger
J K Rowling has opened up about the period when she suffered acute depression. ANI

Malaysia to expand 'sex education' in schools nationwide to battle plague of abortions
Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister, Muhyiddin Yassin, has said that the government would extend sex education classes in schools nationwide to deal with the rising rate of abortion in the country. ANI

Tamil refugees challenge Oz security intelligence ruling
Tamil refugees from the Oceanic Viking are challenging their Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) rejections in court, paving the way for their eventual resettlement in Australia. ANI

Fresh US drone strike kills 4 suspected terrorists in Pak tribal region
At least four people were killed in a US drone attack in the tribal areas in North Waziristan. ANI

US struggling to counter Taliban propaganda
The U.S.-led coalition is finding itself on the defensive in the media war against the Taliban. ANI

Cops caught out sex acts on Trump's associate's vice cruise
Turkish cops who busted a prostitution ring- apparently run by one of Donald Trumps partners, Tevfik Arif-caught many businessmen with their pants down. ANI

Hindus and Jews critical of Gypsy criminals election advertisement in Hungary
Hindus and Jews have strongly criticized an election advertisement in Hungary reportedly referring to Gypsy criminals. ANI

Zed stresses urgent need of decent homes for world's billion slum dwellers
World seemed to be continually ignoring the plight of about one billion slum dwellers while celebrating World Habitat Day which falls on October four, renowned Hindu statesman Rajan Zed stated in Nevada (USA) today. ANI

Now, view high-resolution images of Italian masterpieces online
High-resolution images of masterpieces from the Uffizi gallery in Florence, including works by Caravaggio and Leonardo Da Vinci have been put online by an Italian company. ANI

Virgin's 'sexy stewardesses' ad gives wings to male fantasies
The new ad by Virgin that features images of sexy stewardesses are fuelling many a passengers fantasy. ANI

Asthma sufferer on track to finish 365 marathons in as many days
Unlike most of us for whom running a marathon is seemingly impossible, a man from Belgium is running not one but 365 marathons in as many days. ANI

House of Commons to host erotica party
The House of Commons will be hosting an erotica party this weekend. ANI

'Allure of the Seas' becomes biggest ship on earth by just 5mm
Royal Caribbeans Allure of the Seas, has become the worlds biggest cruise ship after it measured 5 millimetres more than its sister ship, Oasis of the Seas. ANI

First hand account of sinking of Titanic finally published
A first hand account of the sinking of the Titanic given by a first class passenger has been published for the first time after nearly 100 years of the disaster taking place. ANI

Brit sleuths recover weapons used in MQM leader's murder in London
Detectives from the Specialist Operations Counter Terrorism Command, investigating the murder of a London based Pakistani politician have reportedly found a knife and a brick used in the attack. ANI

Mohsin admits finding substitutes for Pak's tainted trio really tough
Pakistans former Test opener and incumbent chief selector Mohsin Khan has acknowledged that it will be really tough for the selectors to find replacements of the tainted trio- Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir- if they are ruled out of the assignment for the upcoming series against South Africa. ANI

Rajinikanth's latest blockbuster 'Enthiran' a big hit in Malaysia
Tamil superstar Rajinikanths much-awaited film Enthiran (Robot in Telugu and Hindi) has opened to packed theatres in Malaysia. ANI

Malaria funding 'falling short' across the world, claims report
There is a 60 percent global shortfall in funds for malaria control, according to a report by the UK and African experts. ANI

Indonesian women caned in public for selling food during Ramadan under sharia law
Two Indonesian women were caned in public on Friday for selling food during Muslim festival of Ramadan. ANI

Female patients face harassment, sexual assaults in Victorian psychiatric wards
Several women admitted to Victorian psychiatric wards have complained that they are being harassed and subjected to physical and sexual assaults by male patients inside the mixed-ward ANI

Death of office jokes with Brit law that lets 'anyone sue for anything'
Brit MPs yesterday announced that the Labours controversial Equality Act would be implemented immediately, which will allow office staff to sue for almost any perceived offence they receive in the workplace - a sure-fire way to the death of office jokes. ANI

Govt to consider other options if NATO air raids continue in Pak territory: Gilani
In the wake of the recent NATO and the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) intrusions into Pakistani territory, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has stated that the government might consider other options, if the US-led forces went on with their cross-border air strikes. ANI

UK charity commission to classify Druidry as a religion
Druidry is flourishing more now than at any time since the arrival of Christianity to Britain.ruidry is to become the first pagan practice to be given official recognition as a religion. ANI

New Maliki govt with anti-US Shiite Islamic support could complicate Iraq-US relationship
The comeback of Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki to power, which is widely expected especially after he secured the support of an anti-American Shiite Islamic movement on Friday, could reportedly complicate his countrys relations with the United States. ANI

Pak lodges protest with NATO over cross-border air strikes into its territory
Reacting to the recent NATO and the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) intrusions into its territory, Pakistan has formally lodged a protest in this regard with a senior official at the NATO Headquarters in Brussels. ANI

JK Rowling sparks hope for more Harry Potter books in future
A ray of hope for die-hard Harry Potter fans - J.K. Rowling has said that there could be more Harry potter books as she felt bereaved after completing the seventh and final book, Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows. ANI

Miraculous Brit girl plays five musical instruments despite being deaf
The old adage, Where theres a will theres a way, was literally proved by a deaf girl, who plays five musical instruments and went on to win top marks in her music exam recently. ANI

NYPD preparing to combat 'Mumbai-style terror attack' in city
The New York Police Department had reportedly sent selected officers around the world to analyse Mumbai-style of terror attacks with an intention to prevent such attacks from taking place in the city. ANI

Pak lodges protest with NATO over cross-border air strikes into its territory
Reacting to the recent NATO and the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) intrusions into its territory, Pakistan has formally lodged a protest in this regard with a senior official at the NATO Headquarters in Brussels. ANI

German Chancellor Merkel still hoards food 20 yrs after Iron Curtain fell
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has admitted that she still has the urge to hoard food two decades after East and West Germany were reunited, because it is ingrained in her. ANI

French women protest burka ban by wearing niqab and hot pants
In protest of the recent law banning the burka in France, two female students took to the streets of Paris wearing a niqab, and mini-shorts, showing their long bare legs. ANI

Sarah Palin takes legal action against teen stalker
Sarah Palin has taken out a protective order against a teenage stalker, who claims to have had an affair with her. ANI

Brit school 'bribing' students to come to class
It seems bribery has now even entered schools-a school in UK is offering pupils a family holiday as an incentive to attend classes. ANI

Pak to reopen NATO convoy blockage at Af-Pak border after security improves: Haqqani
The supply route for US-led forces in Afghanistan at the Tor Khum border had been temporarily blocked on security grounds, and will be re-opened soon after the security situation in the area improves, Pakistani envoy in US Hussain Haqqani has stated. ANI

Chilean miners could be rescued by 'end of October'
The 33 Chilean miners trapped for almost two months could reportedly be freed by the end of October. ANI

64 years later, US says sorry for Guatemala syphilis experiment
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius have apologized to the Government of Guatemala and to survivors and descendants of nearly 700 victims who were deliberately infected with venereal diseases between the years 1946 and 1948. ANI

Petraeus regrets ISAF air strike on Pak soldiers in telephone call to Kayani
Following the blockage of a key supply route for US-led forces in Afghanistan by Pakistan, ISAF Commander in Afghanistan General David H Petraeus telephoned Pakistan Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, and regretted the cross-border NATO strike that killed three Pakistani troops. ANI

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