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International News on October 17, 2010

Iranian minister calls for trial of American hikers accused of espionage
Iran's Intelligence Minister Heydar Moslehi has said that two American hikers who are in custody over 'spying' charges must be tried in an Iranian court. ANI

US officials say concrete progress in Afghan war against Taliban
Top U.S. officials insist that there is concrete progress in the war against the Taliban in Afghanistan. ANI

Monmouth trysting place of Admiral Nelson and his mistress discovered
Archaeologists have unearthed the trysting place of Admiral Nelson and his mistress. ANI

Pak Taliban recruiting teenagers as suicide bombers
The Taliban is recruiting young boys as suicide bombers in Pakistan. ANI

Plea filed in Pak Supreme Court to hire eunuchs for loan recovery
An application has been filed in the Supreme Court of Pakistan, seeking a direction to the banks to appoint eunuchs for the recovery of heavy loans against politicians, bureaucrats, industrial magnates and members of the elite class. ANI

NATO, Afghan soldiers strike near Kandahar to flush out Taliban fighters
Commander of British Forces in southern Afghanistan, Major General Nick Carter, has said that a critical air assault has been carried out in Panjwai, a wide area that has served as the main base for the Taliban threatening Kandahar. ANI

Soon, SMS discount offers to tempt shoppers when they pass Starbucks
As part of an advanced new marketing strategy, shoppers passing Starbucks outlets will soon be bombarded with texts to tempt them inside. ANI

Prince Charles has a personal staff of 124!
Prince Charles has as many as 124 staff members to his service, it has been revealed. ANI

Trendy 'hairy tights' making waves in cyberspace
Trendy tights that appear to make legs look hairy have taken the Internet by storm. ANI

Deadly teen trend - 'Car surfing', 'ghost riding' and skitching'
'Car surfing' on top of cars, 'ghost riding' with no one behind the wheel and 'skitching' riding a skateboard pulled by a moving vehicle-are a wide range of dangerous and potentially deadly activities catching fire with young people. ANI

Campaign to construct Babbage Analytical Engine picks pace
More than 1,600 people have committed money and support to build Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine. ANI

Chilean miner's mistress spills the beans about their sex secrets
Chilean miner Yonni Barrios's mistress has revealed secrets about her sex life with him. ANI

Chilean miner Mario Sepulveda turns down lucrative media offers
Mario Sepulveda, the second Chilean miner to surface after 69 days trapped half-a-mile below ground, has turned a chance to become a celebrity. ANI

Security experts against Chinese company's NBN deal
Australian security experts have warned that a Chinese company, bidding to supply equipment to the National Broadband Network (NBN), may spy or launch cyber attacks on government and businesses. ANI

Blacks '26 times' more likely than whites to face stop and search by UK police: Report
A new report has revealed that black people are 26 times more likely than white people to be stopped and searched by police in England and Wales. ANI

PPP boycotts Pak's largest media group, accusing it to be biased against Zardari
The ruling Pakistan People's Party (PPP) has formally announced its decision to boycott the country's largest media organisation, Jang Group, accusing it of being biased toward its co-chairman, President Asif Ail Zardari. ANI

Anti-Obama billboard in Colorado removed amid death threats
The Colorado billboard depicting Barack Obama in negative outfits such as terrorist, gangster, Mexican bandit and a gay man was removed after it was criticized for being racist. ANI

Playing Nintendo Wii 'can leave you injured'
Playing Nintendo Wii? Well, you need to be careful, for at least 66 people attended New South Wales Emergency department last year while playing the home video game console. ANI

Church of England branded 'fascist' and 'vindictive'
An Anglican bishop slammed his Church, branding it 'vicious' and 'fascist', while explaining his decision to defect to the Roman Catholic Church. ANI

'Slapdash' TV cook Nigella Lawson 'hated food as a child and can't iron'
British food writer and TV cook Nigella Lawson has confessed that she's not a perfectionist at domestic work and is quite clumsy at home. ANI

Hindus tell Germany and Angela Merkel not to stigmatize entire community of "outsiders"
Hindus have urged Germany and its Chancellor Angela Merkel to show more tolerance to "outsiders". ANI

Sanskrit mantras opened 100th anniversary of Scouting event in Nevada
University of Scouting opened its day of training seminars to commemorate 100th anniversary of Scouting with prayers from ancient Hindu scriptures at Reno (Nevada, USA) on October 16. ANI

Taliban kill woman accused of murdering mother-in-law in Afghanistan
The Taliban has reportedly killed a woman accused of murdering her mother-in-law in Afghanistan's Ghazni city. ANI

Hindus ask Brand-Perry to take marriage seriously as it is a sacred rite
Welcoming reports of English actor-comedian Russell Brand and American musician Katy Perry undergoing a Hindu wedding ceremony on October 23 at Jaipur (India), Hindus have suggested them to take marriage seriously and perform it devotedly with proper Hindu rituals and traditions. ANI

Chilean miners' survival 'may provide a lesson in human resilience'
A University at Buffalo researcher has said that while many people might assume that the men rescued from the mine in Chile might suffer from psychological problems that require therapy, the miners' survival of the ordeal may actually provide a worldwide lesson on the remarkable strength of human resilience. ANI

Rescued Chilean miners' new challenge: Re-establishing ties with family
As if spending two months trapped under ground wasn't enough, the 33 Chilean miners now face new challenges - re-establishing their relationships and roles in their families. ANI

Not knowing your partner key to a long-term relationship?
People in long-lasting marriages know less about their partners than people in shorter relationships, says a new research. ANI

NY University Club a hotbed of 'relentless sexual harassment'
A Manhattan jury described the University Club as a hotbed of 'relentless sexual harassment' for six young waitresses, who were victimised by their boss. ANI

North Korea ready for resumption of six-party talks
The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) has said that it is ready for resumption of the six-party talks, involving China, United States, South Korea, Russia and Japan. ANI

TTP claims Qari Hussain Mehsud alive, brands news report of his death 'drama'
Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) Spokesman Azam Tariq has contradicted news reports about Qari Hussain Mehsud's death in a US drone strike, describing it as part of a campaign to demoralise the Taliban. ANI

Pak to seek drone technology at upcoming strategic dialogue with US
Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani and Army Chief General Ashfaq Kayani deliberated on the forthcoming Pak-US strategic dialogue in a meeting at Aiwan-e-Sadr. ANI

Tony Blair 'took 76 gifts when he left Downing Street'
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair took with him a haul of gifts when he left Downing Street, including 12 expensive watches and guitars given to him by rock stars. ANI

Death toll from Central China's mine accident reaches 26
The death toll from Saturday's coal mine gas leak in Central China's Henan Province climbed to 26 on Sunday with rescuers still battling to reach the eleven miners, who are still trapped inside. ANI

Nelson Mandela 'awkward in his personal relationships'
Former South African president Nelson Mandela- revered around the globe for his warmth-shares a cold relationship with his family, it has emerged. ANI

Employees prefer sex to LinkedIn to get ahead at work: Study
A new US poll has suggested that employees prefer using sex to get ahead at work than connecting to a boss on the business networking website LinkedIn. ANI

NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg has only six pairs of loafers!
New York's low-key billionaire mayor, Michael Bloomberg, has only six pairs of shoes. ANI

Whakatane bakers' world-record cake aim
A group of Whakatane bakers have apparently set a record for the biggest cake ever baked. ANI

US says shared information with India after Headley's another wife's terror link expose
The United States said on Sunday said that the threat information of general nature was shared with India after it appeared that another wife of David Headley, the key conspirator in the Mumbai attacks, informed American authorities about her husband plotting a terrorist attack. ANI

Good news on Kashmir soon: Gilani
Pakistan Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has congratulated his nation and the people of Kashmir on 'international recognition' of Pakistan's demands on the issue, and said that people would hear good news soon. ANI

Under fire Pak says "no lack of resolve to fight terrorism" in North Waziristan
Following the accusations made in a leaked White House report to Congress earlier this month that Pakistani forces were avoiding "direct conflict" in North Waziristan, Pakistan has defended its military policy in the northwest of the country, considered a hotbed of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda insurgency. ANI

Lord Swraj Paul, Lord Bhatia face suspension from House of Lords over expenses scam
Indian-born British Labour politician Lord Swraj Paul, along with another Indian and a Bangladeshi peer, investigated over the expenses claims face suspension from the House of Lords and repayment of tens of thousands of pounds. ANI

BBC documentary to tackle oral sex cancer risk
A BBC documentary presented by Jaime Winstone will examine the link between oral sex and rising numbers of mouth and throat cancer cases among young people - described as 'an emerging epidemic' by a Cancer Research UK expert. ANI

WikiLeaks expected to release 400,000 secret Iraq War files
Whistleblower website WikiLeaks is reportedly preparing to release around 400,000 classified documents relating to the United States-led war in Iraq. ANI

Indian Army Chief's statement on Pak 'jingoistic and unwise': Pak FO
Pakistan has taken serious notice of a recent statement given by the Indian Army Chief about his 'threat perception' from the neighbouring nation, and has called it irresponsible, jingoistic and unwise. ANI

16 killed, 24 wounded in Karachi target killings ahead of by-polls
16 people were gunned down and around two dozen wounded in the commercial capital of Pakistan, following the Awami National Party's announcement to boycott the by-elections due on October 17 (today). ANI

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