October 15, 2010
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October 15, 2010

Top News

144 Section in Hyderabad ahead of Ayodhya verdict

All India Bar Examination mandatory for law graduates to practice in India

It's desirable that China frees Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu:Japanese PM

Craven's horror flicks 'were inspired by real stories'

RBI will intervene if inflows turn lumpy: Subbarao

Enforcement Directorate issues 'Look Out Circular' against Lalit Modi

Now, laser technology that destroys tumours using heat

Waist size, not BMI can foretell cardiovascular risk in children

International News for October 15, 2010

It's desirable that China frees Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu:Japanese PM
Japans prime minister Naoto Kan has said that it would be desirable for China to free Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo, but stopped short of an explicit call for his release as Tokyo and Beijing try to repair ties. ANI

Pak playing 'double game' in Afghanistan to retain influence post US pull out: Expert
Pakistan is playing its double game in Afghanistan to protect its strategic interests in the region once the United States pulls out of the country, an analyst has said. ANI

Brit-Pak banker accuses Musharraf's aides of swindling him in land mafia scam
Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharrafs closest aides have been accused of helping to loot a British Pakistani banker after powerful land mafia members occupied his palatial property in Islamabads posh F-11 Sector. ANI

'Friends' ask Pak to ensure transparency in utilisation of flood-aid
At the ongoing meeting of the Friends of Democratic Pakistan (FoDP) in Brussels, the international community has asked Islamabad to involve renowned experts in the bidding and implementation of flood-related reconstruction projects to ensure transparency and effective utilisation of funds. ANI

Oz-Indian surgeon 'Dr Death' Jayant Patel seeking legal aid
The jailed Indian-origin doctor in Australia, Jayant Patel, has reportedly sought legal aid to fund his appeal against his convictions. ANI

Pentagon to comply with court's 'don't ask, don't tell' order
The Pentagon has announced that it would comply with the courts order to stop enforcing its dont ask, dont tell policy that prohibits homosexuality in the armed services. ANI

Pentagon to comply with court's 'don't ask, don't tell' order
The Pentagon has announced that it would comply with the courts order to stop enforcing its dont ask, dont tell policy that prohibits homosexuality in the armed services. ANI

Oz couple jailed for sex with 9-year-old son
A married couple in Sydney has been jailed for sexually assaulting their 9-year-old son. ANI

Hillary Clinton 'wants grandkids, and soon'
US Secretary of state Hilary Clinton is ready to be a grandmother and wants grandkids as soon as possible. ANI

Drunken man enters wrong house to sober-up
A drunken man entered the wrong house and took a shower while the owner was asleep, it has been reported. ANI

NATO's escalating Afghan airstrikes aimed at forcing Taliban towards negotiation
NATOs ever-increasing airstrikes against the Taliban in Afghanistan is believed to be a coordinated effort orchestrated by General David H. Petraeus to force the insurgents and their leaders to negotiate an end to the nine-year war. ANI

CBI detains Oz construction manager for taking bribes to build Afghan hospital
An Australian construction manager has been detained in India for allegedly taking a 190,000 dollar bribe to allow a subcontractor to build a hospital and college in Afghanistan. ANI

'Pak intelligence agencies monitoring 6,000 people linked to banned outfits'
The activities of over 6,000 people linked to banned sectarian and religious organizations in Pakistan are being strictly monitored by intelligence agencies, National Crisis Management Cell (NCMC) Chairman Brig Javed Lodhi has said. ANI

NGO report reveals shocking spike in child sexual abuse cases in Pak
In a shocking revelation made by a Pakistani NGO, over one thousand children were sexually abused across the country during the first six months of the current year. ANI

NYPD's mock drill in preparation for 26/11 Mumbai-style Al-aeda attack
The New York City Police Department (NYPD) has conducted a drill to simulate a 26/11 Mumbai-style attack in the city. ANI

Chinese couples faking divorce to dodge new regulation on property ownership
Chinas latest regulation, limiting families to the purchase of only one new apartment, has led many couples in the city to fake a divorce to dodge the rule. ANI

4 suspected militants killed in US drone attacks in Pak tribal region
Four suspected militants have been killed in the latest US drone strikes in Pakistans North Waziristan region. ANI

500,000 lactating or pregnant flood-hit women in Pak need instant care: NGO
Amongst millions of Pakistanis displaced by the recent floods, more than 85 per cent are women, 500,000 of whom are lactating or pregnant, requiring special food and nutritional support, an NGO- ActionAid- has stated. ANI

Now, 'scratch and sniff' the Moon for just 55 dlrs!
If you have promised a trip to moon to your girl, begin by getting her a recently developed scratch and sniff poster that smells just like the moon. ANI

Sex-maniac Hunt bedded 33 BA hostesses before becoming world champ
Formula One driver James Hunt, slept with 33 British Airways -hostesses during his two-week stay in Tokyo before the race that made him 1976 world champ, it has emerged. ANI

Chile may turn collapsed San Jose mine, Camp Hope into museum to boost tourism
Chile is keen to capitalize on the new-found global attention on the country following the dramatic rescue of the 33 men from the collapsed San Jose gold and copper mine in Copiapo. ANI

Violence against Indian students to cause enrolment drop by 95 per centin 2011, warns OZ professo
Melbourne University vice-chancellor Glyn Davis has warned that a number of racist attacks on Indian students in Victoria had trashed Australias reputation almost overnight and could cause the number of students coming from India to drop by up to 95 percent by 2011. ANI

Hindu prayer to open 100th anniversary of Scouting event in Nevada
University of Scouting will open its day of training seminars to commemorate 100th anniversary of Scouting with prayers from ancient Sanskrit scriptures at Reno (Nevada, USA) on October 16. ANI

New device unveils more mysteries about Maritan atmosphere
New instruments designed to measure atmospheric components on the surface of Mars have uncovered important clues about the planets atmosphere and climate history. ANI

'Fear of death, hopelessness, fist fights were rampant among trapped Chilean miners'
One of the 33 rescued Chilean miners, Richard Villaroel, has painted a more complex picture of the 69-day drama than the official version which had dominated international media coverage. ANI

Girls 'face sexual harassment routinely'
A UK poll has found that almost 66 percent young women say they have been subjected to unwanted sexual contact at school. ANI

Freed Chilean miner 'The Runner Pena' invited to NY Marathon
Edison Pena, one of the 33 miners who earned the nickname The Runner, from his fellow miners for running three to 6 miles a day in the mine tunnels, has reportedly been invited to participate in the 2010 ING New York City Marathon. ANI

Cases against Zardari can't be reopened in Swiss courts: Khosa
The Pakistan governments counsel in the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) case, Senator Latif Khosa, has ruled out any possibility of reopening the cases against President Asif Ali Zardari in Swiss courts. ANI

Pak keen to 'facilitate' Afghan peace talks with Taliban
Pakistan is willing to facilitate the ongoing reconciliation talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban, as stability in Afghanistan is in Islamabads interests, the countrys Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has stated. ANI

Obama: 'Gays Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy will end on my watch'
President Barack Obama has declared that the Dont Ask, Dont Tell policy, which prevents homosexuals to serve in military, will culminate during his tenure. ANI

Free striptease, iPods, luxury cruises await rescued Chilean miners
Being rescued after a gruelling two months underground was just not enough - now the 33 Chilean miners have been offered an exotic striptease too. ANI

Meet the Briton who has owned '80 Jaguars in 63 years'
A British car fan has revealed that he has owned eighty Jaguars in 63 years. ANI

O'Reilly's 'Muslims killed us on 9/11' remark prompts Whoopi to walk off
Bill OReillys comment on the mosque near Ground Zero on the show The View prompted two of its co-hosts to walk off while the show was on the air. ANI

Swimming pool cleaner being sold in NZ as 'miracle cure for cancer, HIV'
An industrial bleach that is generally used to clean swimming pools is being sold in New Zealand as a miracle cure for cancer and HIV. ANI

Tony Blair's memoirs 'A Journey' nominated for Bad Sex Award!
Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blairs memoirs have been nominated for the Literary Reviews Bad Sex Award. ANI

Human rights groups snub 'flawed' Sri Lankan war crime panel
Three international human rights organisations have reportedly declined to appear before a Sri Lankan inquiry into the end of the countrys civil war, saying the procedure is flawed and lacks credibility. ANI

Another Pak Taliban terrorist reaches US to rectify Times Square bombing failure
Recent intelligence has indicated that the Pakistani Taliban, which orchestrated the failed Times Square bombing, may have successfully placed another operative inside the United States to launch a second attack in the Target Number One country for terrorists, sources revealed. ANI

Now, take a 'naturist holiday' with 7-night naked cruise
A London-based tour operator has come up with a new idea to holiday - a seven-night naked cruise for 22 bold holidaymakers. ANI

World's most expensive mobile is worth 5million pounds!
Lay your eyes on the worlds most expensive phone - an iPhone 4, which is enclosed in 500 flawless cut diamonds, equivalent to 100 carats. ANI

Condoleezza Rice 'won't chirp' in private meeting with Obama in White House
Condoleezza Rice, the former Secretary of State and national security adviser in former US President George W. Bushs government, is scheduled to hold a private meeting with Barack Obama in the Oval office to discuss a range of foreign-policy issues, according to a White House spokesman, Tommy Vietor. ANI

US eyeing expanding its war on terror formally into Pakistan?
Despite the furore over a series of cross border strikes by US-led forces in Pakistan, and the subsequent US apology for the killings of three troops in one of those attacks, recent reports suggest that US officials may be eying a repeat of the cross-border incident by seeking raids into Balochistan. ANI

US 'supporting' international terrorists: Turkish PM
Criticising the double standards of the United States, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused it of supporting some common enemies of Pakistan and Turkey, adding that the time had come to act together and unmask them. ANI

'Scantily-clad' Carla Bruni too risqué for Pope and Vatican City
Pope Benedict XVI has refused to let Carla Bruni visit the Vatican as Italian media might publish racy photos of the French first lady. ANI

Thursdays best for sex and Wednesdays to find love
Did you know Thursday is best for having sex? Or Wednesday is the best bet to find the love of your life? If not, then heres a new study that tells you the special thing attached to each day of the week. ANI

Booze now cheaper than water in Kiwiland!
You may as well drink alcohol, and not water anymore -as a new study suggests that booze is the cheapest drink available in New Zealand - even more than water. ANI

Family comes first for 'Mama Grizzly' Sarah Palin
Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin will be seen on her own reality television show on TLC called Sarah Palins Alaska. ANI

'Mysterious floating objects' in NYC were birthday balloons, not UFOs
Students of a Westchester elementary school rubbished claims of UFO sightings, saying that they were just a bunch of balloons. ANI

Obama's support waning among college goers ahead of Nov mid-term polls
US President Barack Obamas support among college students is waning, with only 44 percent approving of the job he is doing while 27 percent claiming that they are unhappy with his job performance, according to an Associated Press-mtvU poll. ANI

Air New Zealand's 'racist and sex-ad campaign' kicks up controversy
Air New Zealands latest advertising campaign is raising eyebrows yet again as it is riddled with sexual innuendo and racial puns. ANI

Teens text every 10 mins every waking hour of every day of the year
A new study has revealed that teenagers on an average send and receive text messages every 10 minutes of every waking hour of every day of the year. ANI

J K Rowling embroiled in 'Harry Potter' plagiarism row
A plagiarism lawsuit has been filed against Harry Potter author JK Rowling over the fourth book in her outstanding series. ANI

Obama streaker agrees to strip again
A man-who ran naked in front of President Obama-has reached an agreement with his billionaire benefactor to shed his clothes once again, but this time its not for one million dollars. ANI

Michelle Obama far more popular than US President: Poll
The US First Lady, Michelle Obamas approval ratings have soared to 65 percent, twenty points higher than the president, according to a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll. ANI

French 'burka rage' teacher faces jail after ripping off Muslim woman's face veil
A retired teacher is facing three years in prison for ripping off a Muslims face veil in the worlds first known case of burka rage in France. ANI

Musharraf's 'fish, duck and wine' lunch with Israeli MPs in London
Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf is stated to have shared a lunch with a couple of members of Knesset, the Israeli Parliament, at a Chinese restaurant in Kensington area of central London a few days ago. ANI

N.Waziristan offensive decision to be based on Pak's need, not US dictates: Gilani
Rejecting US military chief Admiral Mike Mullens assertion that his Pakistani counterpart, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani had assured him of launching an offensive in the epicenter of terrorism, North Waziristan, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has stated that a decision about such an operation would depend on the nations needs and not on external dictation. ANI

US vows to do 'whatever it takes' to support 'complex' Afghan reconciliation efforts
The United States will do whatever it takes to support Afghan governments reconciliation efforts with elements of the Taliban, but acknowledges that it is a complex effort which may not work, top US officials have said. ANI

Psychiatrist 'used sex, drugs and hypnosis to get patient to kill her husband'
A 45-year-old psychiatrist has been accused of using sex, drugs and hypnosis to manipulate a patient into killing her husband. ANI

White House 'goes pink' for breast cancer awareness month
In a rare turn of events, the White House has decided to go pink in order to spread awareness about breast cancer this month. ANI

Chilean Prez promises Palace to miners if they win football match against rescuers!
Chiles 33 rescued miners will form a football team to play a match against officials who helped extract them to safety on October 25, Chilean President Sebastian Pinera has said. ANI

Here's a peek into Mukesh Ambani's billion-dollar palace
Indias richest man Mukesh Ambani is set to shift to a new 27-storey palace, which has three helipads-worth one billion dollars. ANI

GlowTouch Technologies Named 2010 Hot Dozen Company
Business Wire India

UAE Wins ITU Council Membership for Second Time in a Row
Business Wire India

TRA Takes a Stroll Down Memory Lane, Remembering 50 years of Achievements in the Emirati Telecommunications Sector with Its Strategic Partners
Business Wire India

ebrary Launches New Patron Driven Acquisition E-Book Model
Business Wire India

Power Integrations Cuts Standby Waste to Zero with LinkZero™-AX
Business Wire India

TUV Rheinland Launches "Long-term sequential tested" and "Long-term sequential tested PLUS" Certifications: Creating Consumer Confidence for PV Modules in the Market Place
Business Wire India

FPD International 2010/Green Device 2010 Holds at Makuhari Messe, Japan
Business Wire India

Corporate Social Responsibility Weekly Recap (October 6 – October 13, 2010)
Business Wire India

The BMB Group Confirms Its Offer to Acquire Kerzner International Holdings Limited
Business Wire India

ITA Global Trust Company Granted Trust License by Cayman Islands Monetary Authority
Business Wire India

The New Skype Brings People Together Like Never Before
Business Wire India

S+S Presents Contaminant Detectors and Separators for Production and Recycling at the K 2010 Trade Fair
Business Wire India

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