October 14, 2010
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October 14, 2010

Top News

144 Section in Hyderabad ahead of Ayodhya verdict

All India Bar Examination mandatory for law graduates to practice in India

It's desirable that China frees Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu:Japanese PM

Craven's horror flicks 'were inspired by real stories'

RBI will intervene if inflows turn lumpy: Subbarao

Enforcement Directorate issues 'Look Out Circular' against Lalit Modi

Now, laser technology that destroys tumours using heat

Waist size, not BMI can foretell cardiovascular risk in children

International News for October 14, 2010

No evidence that Pak floods benefited Taliban: Holbrooke
US Special Representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan, Richard Holbrooke, has said that he had seen no evidence that the floods in Pakistan have benefited the Taliban. ANI

Pak 'suicide bomber who wasn't' urges Pak govt 'to take strict action' against police
The alleged suicide bomber, who thought to have been blown himself up outside Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi (R.A)s mausoleum, has called upon the Pakistan government for stringent action against police officials and investigating officers for leveling baseless accusations against him. ANI

Ahmadinejad creates panel to prove US hand behind 9/11 attacks
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has created a panel to prove that the United States government was behind the 9/11 attacks. ANI

Pak SHC disposes off petition seeking high treason trial against Musharraf
The Sindh High Court (SHC) has disposed off a petition seeking to initiate a high treason trial against former President Pervez Musharraf. ANI

'Tough' Hillary a true patriot doing right things: Rice
Praising the actions of her successor, Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has said that Hillary Clinton is very tough and doing a lot of the right things. ANI

80-year-old Indian seeks release of son, 14 other bonded labourers held in Malaysia
An 80-year-old man from Nagapattinam district has filed a petition in the Madras High Court seeking the release of his son and 14 others, who have been allegedly working as bonded labourers in Malaysia. ANI

China's 'Chang'e-2' expected to have enough fuel to return to earth
Chinas second unmanned lunar probe, Change-2, is expected to have enough fuel to fly back to earth, Beijing Aerospace Control Center (BACC) Vice Chief-Designer has said. ANI

Rice admits Bush administration made mistakes after 9/11
Secretary of State during George W Bushs presidency, Condoleezza Rice, has admitted that the Bush administration made mistakes after the September 11 attacks. We made our mistakes undoubtedly, Rice told a foreign news agency in an interview to promote her memoir Extraordinary, Ordinary People, published on Tuesday in the US. ANI

9/11 'wouldn't have happened' had US got terror alert ahead of event: Holbrooke
US Special Representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan, Richard Holbrooke, has stated that the September 11, 2001 attacks wouldnt have happened had the US been forewarned to be on the lookout for terrorism. ANI

NASA's space-age role in trapped Chile miners rescue operation
Engineers at the US space agency, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), had played a crucial role in the operation carried out to rescue the 33 trapped miners from the San Jose gold and copper mine in Chile. ANI

Hard core prn destroys sexuality, emotions in men
A survey on how hard core p*rn affects men has revealed that after a period of time they start losing their sexuality and are unable to form connected, intimate relationships. ANI

Teen rapper angry with guys ogling his mum comes up with YouTube hit
A Brooklyn rap prodigy, who became sick of guys ogling and catcalling his mother and who came up with a song titled Stop Looking at My Moms, has become a YouTube sensation. ANI

Travel companies go back to risque adverts to boost sales
Travel companies are back to featuring risque adverts as they are being hit by the economic downturn and the competition. ANI

Nestle joins obesity battle by rewarding families buying Kit Kats, Smarties
Food firm Nestle has joined a Government campaign to combat obesity by linking the official Change4Life logo on a website that has products carrying tokens offering points towards free activities. ANI

Meet the dog that woke up even after getting two lethal injections
A family in the US was left stunned when their pet dog, a Rottweiler, which a vet had injected twice with a lethal cocktail of drugs, woke up again. ANI

Woman gains American citizenship after 101 years in US
A woman, Eulalia Garcia, has become a United States citizen after spending 101 years in the country. ANI

Hindus ask Britain to be fair and cohesive society
Hindus have urged United Kingdom (UK) to work on inequalities which still remained entrenched and remove barriers to fairness, in view of comprehensive landmark 700-page report How fair is Britain? released by Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) of Britain on October 11. ANI

Hindus say that worldwide prayers also contributed to safe return of Chile miners
Hindus have congratulated Chile for the job well done in rescuing her 33 miners trapped deep below ground for 69 days and setting a world record for survival underground. ANI

Now, 'Zork' your bubbly to keep the fizz from going flat
Popping open a bottle of champagne is always fun, but not so much when the bubbly fizzes out - well, not any more - thanks to a clever device called zork. ANI

Lawyer pleads SC to issue red warrants against Musharraf for extradition to Pak
A local lawyer has moved an application before Pakistans Supreme Court Lahore Registry, praying that red warrants for the extradition of former dictator Pervez Musharraf through Interpol be issued so that he can be tried under 14 charges, including that of high treason. ANI

Australia viewed as 'dumb blonde' of the world, says expert
Australia is considered the dumb blonde of the world, attractive but shallow and unintelligent, says a British branding expert. ANI

Ban on production of fissile material 'unacceptable': Pakistan
Pakistan opposes the Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty (FMCT) that banned production of fissile material used as fuel for nuclear weapons, the Asian nation has told the world community. ANI

Brit vet claims ancient Uffington White Horse looks more like a dog
A vet has claimed that the ancient carving in the Oxfordshire hillside, known as the Uffington White Horse, bears more resemblance to a dog. ANI

Britain's 'Mr and Mrs Average' revealed
The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has revealed figures of the average man and woman of Britain. ANI

Spitzer has tough time hooking guests for CNN's show
CNNs new nighttime panel show, Parker Spitzer, co-hosted by former governor Eliot Spitzer and conservative columnist Kathleen Parker, is said to be having a hard time booking guests. ANI

Morgan Freeman never takes his work home
Oscar-winner Morgan Freeman says he never confuses movies with reality. ANI

Three out of 10 Brits have no savings to survive five days of unemployment: Survey
A new survey has revealed that nearly a third of Britons do not have enough savings to last them for five days if they were unable to work. ANI

NATO facilitating Afghan-Taliban talks in Kabul: Official
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) forces are facilitating efforts by the Afghan government to seek a reconciliation deal with Taliban leaders in Kabul, a senior NATO official has said. ANI

Kashmiri migrants still treated with disdain in Pak 20-years on
Some 35,000 people fled from the Kashmir valley in India during the 1990s to settle in Pakistan, which claimed to speak for the beleaguered Kashmiri people, but years later, many migrants, disenchanted with the dream of a welcoming Pakistan, want to return to Kashmir. ANI

Pak army has pledged assault on US target 'epicenter of terrorism' N.Waziristan: Mullen
As a result of the US push, Pakistans army has pledged to go after militants in the region which harbours Al- Qaeda and has become the epicenter of terrorism, US President Barack Obamas top military adviser has said. ANI

'Trial separations' are likely to end in divorce
If you thought a trial separation could be a means of reconciliation between two people, you are possibly wrong, for some experts have said that its simply a precursor to a divorce. ANI

Kiwi father 'tried to rape daughter under the ruse of sex ed'
A New Zealand father tried to rape his daughter by telling her that was how parents taught children about sex in his native Netherlands. ANI

Brit MP 'arrested for trying to indecently assault single mum'
A senior Liberal Democrat MP Mike Hancock was arrested over allegations that he tried to indecently assault a single mum who went to him for help. ANI

Airline captain dies while flying plane from Philippines to Qatar
An airline captain passed away midair as he was flying a plane from Philippines to Qatar, forcing the plane to be diverted to the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur. ANI

Shiny objects hovering over Chelsea spark UFO speculation
Chelsea got its round of its excitement after a dozen shiny objects were seen hovering in the skies, sparking speculations of UFOs on the West Side. ANI

Nepalese teen becomes world's smallest man after celebrating 18th b'day
A Nepalese teenager-whose tiny stature has made him a celebrity in his homeland-has entered the record books as the worlds shortest man, as he celebrated his 18th birthday. ANI

Birt hairdresser's nose collapses 'after decades of inhaling tiny lippings'
A British hairdresser was horrified when her nose collapsed after decades of breathing in tiny hair clippings. ANI

Trapped Chilean miner emerges to be greeted by wife, mistress at same time
One of the 33-trapped Chilean miners who came out after 69 days apparently called his wife and mistress to greet him on reaching the surface-both at the same time. ANI

Pak SC rejects NAB report, calls chairman's appointment 'violation of court verdict'
Hearing the Pakistan governments review plea against the NRO verdict and implementation of the NRO judgement case, the Supreme Court called the recent appointment of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) chairman another violation of the apex courts verdict, and also expressed dissatisfaction over the NAB report on the steps taken for implementation of the NRO verdict. ANI

India home to world's 42pc underweight children
India is home to 42 percent of the worlds underweight children and 31 percent of its stunted children, according to 2010 Global Hunger Index report. ANI

NY judge gives Anand Jon a break in serial sex assault case
Anand Jon, accused of rape and sexual abuse against several women including minors, got a break from a Manhattan court when the judge dismissed some of the charges against the Indian-American fashion designer. ANI

Brit couple beats odds of 48m to 1 with 3 kids born same day, different years
A couple in Britain has three children who were born on the same day but different years, beating the odds by an astonishing 48 million to one. ANI

Majority of Pakistanis see US drone attacks as their liberator, finds new study
Amid reports of civilians in Pakistans tribal areas opposing US drone attacks in their country, a study carried out by an American professor may astonish the world, as it argues that the civilians in these tribal regions actually favour the drone attacks, seeing them as their liberator. ANI

Cornwall chef's perfectly round egg is a billion-to-one discovery
A hotel chef in Cornwall preparing breakfast was left stunned after he found a perfectly round egg. ANI

Sarah Palin is 'sexiest politician in US'
Sarah Palin is the politician most American men would love to invite to tea, a poll has indicated. ANI

Pak mulling Canada's request to use its bases during Afghan-bound troops withdrawal
Pakistan is reportedly considering a request from Canada to use its military bases to remove troops and supplies during the scheduled withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. ANI

TVNZ apologises to Kiwi-Indian Gov Gen for Henry's racial slurs against him
Television New Zealand chairman Sir John Anderson and Chief Executive Rick Ellis have personally apologised to Governor General Sir Anand Satyanand for remarks by broadcaster Paul Henry, suggesting he did not look or sound like a New Zealander. ANI

Scholar roughed up by Chinese police for showing solidarity with laureate Liu
A prominent human rights lawyer and one of the leaders of the Chinese Christian Legal Defense Association was harassed by Beijing police officers as he showed his support for Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo. ANI

Retired Gurkha soldiers lose court case over British army pensions
Retired Gurkha soldiers in Britain have lost the latest round of their court battle to claim the same pensions as their British comrades. ANI

Biden pours cold water on Hillary's 2012 veep bid rumours
Joe Biden has said that President Barck Obama has already asked him to run alongside him again as vice president, dousing speculations that Biden and Hillary Clinton will swap jobs next time around. ANI

Obama, Palin '10th cousins through a common ancestor'
Genealogists have revealed that Barack Obama and Sarah Palin are 10th cousins through a common ancestor, John Smith, a 17th century Protestant pastor who was an early settler in Massachusetts. ANI

All 33 trapped Chilean miners pulled to safety
Sixty-nine days after the San Jose gold and copper mine collapsed in Chile, the last of the 33 trapped miners was raised from the depths of the earth on Wednesday. ANI

GSK Increases Support For WHO Strategy to Improve Children’s Health with New 5-Year Commitment to Expand Donations of Albendazole Medicine
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