Sarah Palin sexiest politician
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Sarah Palin is 'sexiest politician in US'
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Sarah Palin is 'sexiest politician in US'

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Sarah Palin is 'sexiest politician in US'

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Sarah Palin is 'sexiest politician in US'

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Sarah Palin is 'sexiest politician in US'

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Sarah Palin is 'sexiest politician in US'

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Sarah Palin is 'sexiest politician in US'

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Sarah Palin is 'sexiest politician in US'

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Sarah Palin is 'sexiest politician in US'

Sarah Palin is the politician most American men would love to invite to tea, a poll has indicated.

New York, Oct 14 : Sarah Palin is the politician most American men would love to invite to tea, a poll has indicated.

32 percent of U.S. males believe the Wasilla moose killer is the hottest U.S. female politico, ahead of Delaware Senate hopeful Christine O'Donnell, with 22 percent. New Jersey State Sen. Teresa Ruiz ran third with 18percent, according to the poll conducted by

On the women's side, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom's 33percent put him ahead of President Obama (24percent), the poll indicated, reports the New York Daily News.

Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown, a former Playgirl poser, overtook ex-Mr. Universe - and current California governor - Arnold Schwarzenegger to finish third in the poll of 1,000 single people.

Philandering former presidential candidate John Edwards placed fifth.

The online dating company's survey found most singles ranked romance over registration - 87percent dated outside their political party. wenty-seven percent said they would date a member of the Tea Party, while 22percent said the party faithful were not their cup of tea.

Asked about the presidential couple with the strongest marriage since the Carter administration, women picked Barack and Michelle Obama, while men went for Ronald and Nancy Reagan.


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