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International News on November 7, 2010

Myanmar votes after 20 years amidst poll boycott call by Opposition party of Aung San Sui Kyi
People in Myanmar on Sunday exercised their franchise in its first ever election held in last 20 years, though a low turnout of voters was witnessed. ANI

Pak ATC frames charges against three aides of Faisal Shahzad
An Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) in Pakistan has framed charges against three accused of supporting Pakistani-American Faisal Shahzad in an aborted car bombing attack in New York's Times Square in May this year. ANI

China conducting Olympic standard doping tests for Asiad
A number of doping tests would be conducted at the Beijing anti-doping lab "according to Olympic standards," for the up-coming Asiad, according to a Chinese anti-doping official. ANI

Pak Army saving Afghan Taliban while country bleeds with mosque attacks: Editorial
While mosques in Pakistan are being targeted by terrorists, causing a huge number of casualities, the Army is following its policy of "saving the Afghan Taliban for a rainy day," an editorial in a Pakistani newspaper has said. ANI

Taliban threatens to kill anyone taking up Afghan Govt's peace talks offer
Amid reports of Afghan reconciliation talks with insurgents in a bid to end the war now in its tenth year, scribbled notes from Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar have surfaced in mosques all over Afghanistan's ethnic Pashtun heartland, threatening death to anyone who takes up the government offer to negotiate for peace, according to a longtime Taliban member. ANI

Al-Qaida in Yemen "Western-made," says Yemeni PM
Yemeni Prime Minister Ali Muhammed al-Mujawar has accused that al-Qaida was originally a Western-made group and was never created by his country, according to the state-run Saba news agency. ANI

Al Qaeda plans explosion in UK during Christmas
Al Qaeda's chief bomb maker Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri is reportedly planting bombs in gift toys, which would be timed to explode once the toys are in stores for the Christmas. ANI

Wenger's secret lover asks him to 'quit UK for France'
The 'secret lover' of Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has allegedly pleaded him to quit the UK so that they can spend more time together in France. ANI

Sharif urges US to stop drone attacks in Pak to reduce mistrust between them
Pakistan Muslim League- N Chief Nawaz Sharif has said that mistrust between the United States and his nation cannot be ended without stopping drone attacks. ANI

Scottish men ready to go under the knife to gain edge at work
If you think it's only women who are concerned about flab or excess hair on their body, you might be wrong, as now Scottish men are rapidly catching up in the quest for a perfect body. ANI

Brit ministers 'want wigs of better quality'
For the first time ever, Brit ministers have insisted that the wigs provided by the NHS should be of better quality. ANI

King Carl Gustaf s*x scandal leaves Swedes in shock
A new book that revealed King of Sweden's romps in seedy nightclubs owned by shadowy underworld figures has caused uproar among the Swedes. ANI

Denzel Washington on his upbringing, 9/11 and staying humble
Oscar winning star Denzel Washington has opened about his life and revealed what has made him the man he is today. ANI

Aussie PM downplays Hillary Clinton's gaffe
Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has sought to downplay a faux pas from the United States' top diplomat Hillary Clinton. ANI

Chihuahuas now join Australia's 'Most Dangerous Dogs' list
Tiny chihuahuas have now been officially declared one of the most menacing dogs in Australia. ANI

US research suggests "yoga might improve mood"
Research suggests that yoga might improve mood and sense of well being, according to United States National Institutes of Health (NIH). ANI

'Del Boy' bars top poll of worst furniture fad
Del Boy bars, once considered the height of good taste, now strikes a sour note among many of UK's homebuyers. ANI

U.S. hikers' trial in Iran delayed
Iranian authorities have delayed the trial of two Americans arrested near the Iraqi border in July 2009 on espionage charges, after they failed to appear at the hearing on Saturday. ANI

Obama needs to address 'strategic issues' for a successful India trip: NYT
United States President Barack Obama's trip to India will be a failure if it does not deal with strategic issues, according to an editorial in the New York Times. ANI

More teens exposing explicit images on Internet, prone to paedophiles
A report has revealed that teenagers are increasingly posting explicit images of themselves on the Internet, and consequently at danger from paedophile networks. ANI

Beatrix Potter's letter reveals author's peeves
Decades old letters written by children's author Beatrix Potter have revealed that her disgust at how society was altering in the run-up to the Second World War. ANI

Pole-dancers' camp to kick-start in Australia
The usual dance classes are a thing of the past as the first ever national Pole Dancers Camp is set to start on Australia's Gold Coast. ANI

Pak hopes Obama's India trip will help bring peace to region
Pakistan's Ambassador to the United States Hussain Haqqani sounded an upbeat note on US President Barack Obama's three-day visit to India, voicing hope that it will help bring peace to the region. ANI

Oz hero pilot dodges major disaster once again
An Australian pilot, who saved 466 lives on a Qantas flight, has dodged a disaster once again. ANI

Given a chance, 'every man would enjoy s*x with another woman'
Men would never give up a chance to have s*x with another woman apart from their girlfriends or wives if they believed there would be no consequences, says renowned novelist and screenwriter William Nicholson. ANI

Sexual misconduct, illicit affairs in Oz schools up threefold
The number of schools in New South Wales which are under scanner for sexual impropriety, grooming students and illicit affairs have tripled this year. ANI

'Bush thinks Palin not fit to be President
Former US President George Bush believes that Sarah Palin is not qualified to be president and thinks it was a mistake on John McCain part to have chosen her as his running mate during the 2008 presidential polls, according to a Republican official "familiar with Bush's thinking." ANI

Pak rejects India's request to tone down Wagah ceremony
Pakistan has rejected India's request to tone down the flag-lowering ceremony at the Wagah Border. ANI

Saudi Arabia halts Afghan mediation
Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal has said that Riyadh has halted mediation efforts between the Afghan government and the Taliban because the fundamentalist movement has refused to break ties with al-Qaida. ANI

UK to re-screen air cargo from India, Pak in wake of recent parcel bomb plots
The British authorities have taken stringent precautionary action to check cargo coming from certain ports, including India and Pakistan, in the wake of the recent parcel bomb plots. ANI

Bush once 'heard the echo of Winston Churchill in Blair's voice'
Former US President George W Bush has finally lifted the self-imposed purdah he had donned after retirement from the office, in his new memoir 'Decision Points'. ANI

Now, Queen Elizabeth joins Facebook!
The latest royal celebrity to join the Facebook is British Queen Elizabeth. ANI

With no detox beds, Kiwi docs ask alcoholics to keep boozing!
Doctors in New Zealand are telling the alcoholics to continue boozing as they do not have enough acute detoxification beds to help them get rid of the condition. ANI

"US not in position to have effective impact on K-issue between India-Pak": US official
A senior US official has ruled out the possibility of US President Barack Obama raising the Kashmir issue with Indian leaders, saying that the United States "is not in a position where can have an effective impact" on India and Pakistan. ANI

Livid American Sikhs liken plans to search turbans at airports to 'racial profiling'
Sikh groups in the United States are protesting against transportation officials' plan to search turbans at airport screening stations in the country. ANI

57-yr-old Indian-origin woman gives birth to twins Down Under!
An Australian woman aged 57 has given birth to twins after using IVF. ANI

Older men now 'more likely to hit love jackpot'
Older men are now more likely to hit the love jackpot, according to new statistics. ANI

Ten militants killed, five injured in military strikes in Pak's Orakzai region
Ten militants were killed and five others injured when helicopter gunships pounded their hideouts in various areas of Lower Orakzai tribal region in Pakistan on Saturday. ANI

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