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International News on November 6, 2010

US should support India's pursuit for UNSC permanent seat, says McCain
United States' Republican Party has stated that America should fully back India's pursuit for a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). ANI

Al Qaeda using dogs as bombs to bring down aircrafts
Al Qaeda terrorists tried to bring down a US cargo plane by stuffing dogs with bombs. ANI

Mum sparks debate after posting pic of son, 5, dressed as female character
A woman has sparked a child welfare debate after she posted a picture of her five-year-old son dressed as Daphne from Scooby Doo on the Internet. ANI

Pak declares war on loudspeakers in bid to rein in hate speeches!
The National Assembly of Pakistan has passed "The West Pakistan Regulation and Control of Loudspeakers and Sound Amplifiers (Amendment) Bill, 2007", setting out a one-year imprisonment term for misuse of loudspeakers. ANI

UK's "Abu Ghraib" in dock over 'brutal mistreatment' of Iraqi prisoners
Evidence of the alleged brutal mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners at a secret British military interrogation center, known as "the UK's Abu Ghraib", has emerged during high court proceedings brought by more than 200 former inmates on Friday. ANI

Underfunding for Pak flood emergency jeopardizing life-saving operations: UNICEF
A 'serious' shortfall in international aid for the UNICEF's emergency operation in Pakistan is jeopardizing life-saving programs for Pakistani flood victims including children and families, the organisation has warned. ANI

Meet the world's largest domesticated buffalo weighing 1,600lb
The world's largest domesticated buffalo, Bailey Jnr, is 1,600lb, and lives in Canada. ANI

How about fried onions spiced up with a used condom for dinner?
A used condom was found inside a 100gm packet of fried onion that had been sold at a convenience store in Singapore. ANI

Welsh schoolboy, 13, shoots PE teacher in the face over hate of rugby
A Welsh schoolboy of 13-years shot his PE teacher in the face all because he did not want to play rugby. ANI

PML-N rejects 'alliance for power' in principle
In a veiled reference to the unification of different factions of Pakistan Muslim League, the Nawaz League has decided in principle that it will not be part of any alliance whose aim is achieving power. ANI

Karachi plane crash apparently due to 'human error', says expert
A human error appears to be the cause behind the twin-engined Beech 1900 aircraft crash in Karachi on Friday, a source in the aviation industry has said. ANI

'Chinese journalists still face attacks, harassment'
General Administration of Press and Publication (GAPP), China's top press watchdog, has warned against the "complicated occupational environment" facing more than 700,000 media professionals amid a number of reported attacks against journalists. ANI

China "unswervingly pursues" peaceful development, experts say
Facing concerns by some western countries about China's ongoing development, which they think is "a threat," Chinese experts have again said that the country, in fact, will always pursue a path of peaceful development. ANI

Palin defends 'favouriting' Ann Coulter's anti-Obama tweet
Sarah Palin has justified her action of 'favouriting' an anti Obama controversial tweet from Ann Coulter, a conservative right-wing commentator. ANI

Hindus want Romania President to apologize for 'racist' Roma remarks
Hindus have expressed disappointment at recent comments of Romania President Traian Basescu about Roma (Gypsies), which they say are disparaging to these communities. ANI

Two militant groups infighting led to suicide bombing at Darra Adamkhel mosque
An ongoing blood feud between two militant groups was the apparent reason behind the suicide bombing at a mosque in Darra Adamkhel, in which around 70 people offering Friday prayers were killed. ANI

Reports of UK discriminating against Pakistanis "completely false": Adam Thomson
British High Commissioner to Pakistan- Adam Thomson- has denied any discriminatory treatment being meted out to Pakistanis visiting or residing in the United Kingdom. ANI

Sarah Palin ruined 2008 elections for Republicans, says Bush
Former US President George W. Bush believes that Sarah Palin was the reason behind Republican Party's 2008 remorseful election campaign.ush reportedly told friends that the Alaska governor is not qualified to be a president and criticized John McCain for picking her as his running mate in 2008. ANI

Al-Qaeda leader's tour of Britain 'radicalised a generation of young Muslims'
Anwar al-Awlaki, the American born leader of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) that launched the recent parcel bomb attacks last week, had reportedly radicalised a generation of young Muslims during a "grand tour" of Britain. ANI

Bush treating Obama like 'the way I'd like to have been treated'
Former US President George W Bush has refused to bash President Barack Obama on the "Oprah" show, saying he is treating his successor Obama as "the way I'd like to have been treated." ANI

Pak freed 562 Indian prisoners against India's release of 157 Pakistanis in 2009-10
While Pakistan has released 562 Indian prisoners during 2009-2010, only 157 Pakistani prisoners have been released from Indian jails, a Pakistani minister said in the National Assembly (NA). ANI

"My Army" won't topple democratically elected Pak government: Gilani
Ruling out any possibility of a military takeover in Pakistan, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has said that 'his army' will not rebel against him. ANI

Austrian trio converts iPhone into a touch-screen table!
Three Austrian men have taken their love of iPhones to a new level-by converting an iPhone into an iTable. ANI

US sticking to "traditional anti-Pak policies" on core issues with India: Pak official
As US President Barack Obama left for a three-day visit to India on Friday, a senior Pakistani official accused the United States of following its "traditional anti-Pakistan policies" on core issues, including the Kashmir dispute. ANI

Dead body found near Playboy Mansion
A dead body was discovered within a few yards from the Playboy Mansion. ANI

Japan's 'Lolita' trend is a rage in Brisbane!
Brisbane is experiencing a new fashion trend these days, which has taken the city by storm - Japan's 'Lolita' fashion movement is gaining popularity amongst young girls in the Australian capital. ANI

HIV-positive porn actor did not infect others, says clinic
A porn actor, who tested HIV-positive, has not infected other adult performers reveal officials at a clinic where the test had been conducted. ANI

Rampant sexual harassment of female doctors in Karachi by male staffers
Female doctors in Karachi have revealed that male paramedical staffers at Civil Hospital Karachi are harassing them, and it is causing serious mental stress among them. ANI

Ugandan President's rap song is a hit
Uganda President Yoweri Museveni's rap song has become a hit, with many bars and nightclubs across the country playing it. ANI

Hare Krishna sect cows' 'ahimsa' milk amidst mantras is UK's costliest!
Britain's pampered cattle, which wear garlands and are milked by hands to the sound of sacred mantras, are said to produce the most expensive milk in the land at 1.70 pounds per pint. ANI

Boozed U.S. pilot hauled off after giving wrong destination
A boozy US pilot has been hauled off a jet after naming the wrong city as his destination. ANI

Hispanic and Asian buying power in US 'will increase in next few years'
A new study has indicated that despite the recession, Hispanic and Asian buying power is expected to surge in U.S. in the next few years. ANI

Bush 'considered military strike on Syria,' memoir claims
Former US President George W Bush has admitted in his memoir 'Decision Points' that he had considered ordering a US military strike against a suspected Syrian nuclear facility at Israel's request in 2007, but ultimately opted against it. ANI

Musharraf 'disappointed' that Obama won't visit Pak on sidelines of India trip
Former military ruler Pervez Musharraf has voiced his disappointment over the fact that US President Barack Obama will not stop in Pakistan on the sidelines of his maiden visit to India. ANI

Highly-skilled migrants in UK ending up 'in fast food restaurant jobs'
British Home Secretary Theresa May has said that too many highly-skilled migrants end up working in low-level jobs and "high street fried chicken restaurants." ANI

Pak hands over another 26/11 dossier to India ahead of Obama visit
Pakistan has handed over its 13th dossier on the Mumbai terror attacks case to India, and details of the commission Islamabad wants to send to India for pursuing the case. ANI

Marilyn Monroe has a look-alike - a duck!
A duck in California is set to become a star in its own right - the pond resident's hairdo bears an uncanny resemblance to the beautiful blonde locks of screen legend Marilyn Monroe. ANI

When Bush prayed mice wouldn't die so that Cheney could live!
Ever imagined the President of a world's superpower depending on mouse for the fate of his council members? If not, here's what you need to know-George W. Bush relied on a mice test to see whether his officials at the White House would survive a bio terror attack. ANI

Anti-porn drive launched in Sri Lanka
A court in Sri Lanka has allowed police to publish photographs of local porn actors in the media in an effort to break up a porn ring. ANI

Al-Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula claims 'cargo bombs' responsibility
Militant group al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has claimed responsibility for sending two parcel bombs on cargo planes bound for the US last week, in messages on Islamist websites. ANI

Jailed Taliban commander "regrets violent past," backs Brit soldiers now in Afghanistan
A jailed Taliban commander in Central Helmand Prison, Mullah Abdul Ghani, has claimed that he now deeply regrets his violent past and even hopes that British soldiers would stay in Afghanistan to secure peace. ANI

Analyzing family health history 'best way for disease risk assessment'
Family health history assessment is an inexpensive, simple, and useful tool that has been shown to be effective and accurate when implemented in clinical care settings to assess personal disease risks, experts have said. ANI

Elderly Caucasian passenger emerges from flight as young Asian man!
A young Asian man, who boarded a flight from Hong Kong to Vancouver disguised as an elderly white male, was caught after his young-looking hands gave him away. ANI

Italian government to ban prostitution in public places
Mara Carfagna, the Italian equal opportunities minister said that the government would soon introduce measures to prostitution in public places. ANI

Oz woman arrested after swallowing 41 balloons of heroin!
An Aussie woman has been arrested after she was found to have swallowed 41 balloons filled with heroin in west Sydney. ANI

Second 'Qantas engine explosion' "crisis" leaves passengers terrified
Passengers were left terrified after air crew shouted for them to adopt the crash position when a second Qantas jet was hit with engine trouble after leaving Singapore airport today. ANI

Hindu community in Pakistan celebrates Diwali
The Hindu community living in Pakistan celebrated the festival of Diwali at their religious places of worship on Friday. ANI

New bacon soda turning New Yorkers' tummies inside out!
New Yorkers grimaced and retched after sipping the new bacon soda unveiled by an American soda company. ANI

'Killer high heels' have injured 3mn women!
The next time you wear those stilettos, better be careful-a new study has suggested that more than three million women have had to seek medical attention for injuries caused by their high heels. ANI

Brit nurse struck off for topless massages to patient during 4-month affair
A Brit psychiatric nurse who gave a patient topless massages during a four-month affair has been struck off. ANI

Saudis warned US before discovery of parcel bomb plot
Saudi intelligence officials had warned the United States in early October that Al Qaeda's affiliate in Yemen was planning a terrorist attack using one or more aircraft, three weeks before a plot to send parcel bombs on cargo planes was foiled at the last minute. ANI

50 years on Italy's 'La Dolce Vita is just a distant memory'
La Dolce Vita - 'The Sweet Life' in Italy is anything but that, as Italians struggle to cope with the worst recession since the Second World War. ANI

Brit writer terms 'Obama Golden Temple visit' cancellation accusations "nonsense"
British writer and TV presenter Hardeep Singh Kohli has turned down the "nonsense" accusations that US President Barack Obama has axed his visit to Golden Temple during his India visit fearing that his opponents might portray him as "un-American," saying that "India's a massive country - he just doesn't have time to visit everyone." ANI

NFL fan gives boyfriend a cheesy lap-dance in front of crowd
The Cheerleaders were of none's interest when a hot blonde gave a lap dance to her boyfriend in front of the packed crowd during an NFL game. ANI

UK's oldest man turns 108
Britain's oldest man celebrated his 108th birthday yesterday. ANI

US condemns two bomb attacks at Pak mosques
The United States has condemned the two terror attacks on mosques in Pakistan on Friday. ANI

Three killed, 24 hurt in another mosque attack in Pak's tribal region
Three people were killed and 24 others injured in another terror attack on a mosque in Pakistan's tribal region on Friday. ANI

5 Asian 'sexual predators' jailed for 32 yrs for abusing girls as young as 12
Five British-born Pakistanis have been jailed for abusing white girls as young as 12. ANI

Pentagon debunks reports of US ships being deployed off India for Obama visit
The Pentagon has debunked and rubbished reports by Indian media that the United States will be deploying at least 34 ships and an aircraft carrier off the Indian coast for the duration of President Barack Obama's visit to the country. ANI

North Waziristan offensive: Pakistan to "wait and see"
There seems no chance of any launch of a military operation by Islamabad against Taliban groups-those supporting the war against the United States and its allied forces in Afghanistan. ANI

US agencies were forewarned about Headley 4 times before 2008 Mumbai bombings
In a shocking revelation, a review being conducted for the director of national intelligence in the United States has found that US agencies had received at least four warnings- before the Mumbai terror siege incident- that David Coleman Headley, a central figure in the 2008 attacks, was training or working with Pakistani militants. ANI

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