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International News on November 29, 2010

Pak must knock sense into people who 'mollycoddle the intolerant': Daily Times
The sentencing of a Christian woman to death for blasphemy in Pakistan is not just gaining momentum, it is leaving a torrent of controversy in its wake, where extremism and draconian views are being upheld instead of endorsing basic human rights and tolerance, an editorial in a leading Pakistan newspaper has said. ANI

Pakistan Auditor General finds massive irregularities in ERRA accounts
The Auditor General of Pakistan has pointed out massive financial irregularities of Petrol Oil and Lubricant (POL) running into millions of rupees in the accounts of Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA) in audit year 2009-10. ANI

Jamie Oliver is biggest-selling author in Britain after JK Rowling
British chef Jamie Oliver's cookbooks are selling so well that he has become the biggest-selling author in Britain after JK Rowling. ANI

Zardari, Gilani not committed to unearthing Benazir's murderers: ex political secretary
Former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto's political secretary, Nahid Khan, has alleged that President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani are not committed to providing justice in her assassination case. ANI

Gaddafi never travels without his 'voluptuous blonde' nurse
Veteran Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi never travels without his trusted Ukrainian nurse, a "voluptuous blonde", reveal documents released by WikiLeaks. ANI

Austrian store detectives dress as baby Jesus to catch thieves
Store detectives at Christmas Markets in Austria are dressing up as baby Jesus in their attempt to catch shoplifters and pick pockets. ANI

Racism row over Brit Pak woman being 'too brown' to play Hobbit
A racism row started on New Zealand film director Peter Jackson's 'The Hobbit' after a British Pakistani woman was told she was not white enough to play a Hobbit. ANI

Oz school bans kids from running around during recess
A school in Australia has banned its students from running around during playtime, as the playground is too crowded. ANI

"Predictable" screening methods making terrorist acts easier at airports: BAA chief
Ian Hutcheson, the head of security at BAA, has said that the same airport baggage and screening procedures make it easy for terrorists to predict, adding that sophisticated techniques including "behavioural detection" should be implemented in airports across Britain. ANI

Karzai's half-brother lobbied for role in Canadian aid project in Afghanistan
Ahmad Wali Karzai, the half-brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai lobbied aggressively for the contract to provide private security for a Canada-aided project. ANI

Royals caught in latest Wikileaks
In the biggest intelligence leak in the history, sensational claims of 'inappropriate behaviour' by Prince Andrew have emerged. ANI

McCain waxes eloquent on Palin while likening her to "divisive" Reagan
Republican senator from Arizona John McCain, who lost to Barack Obama during the presidential polls in 2008, has praised his former running mate Sarah Palin and compared her to Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States. ANI

Qaeda wants to 'haemorrhage' aviation industry by planting more bombs on planes
Al-Qaeda terrorists have announced that they are training a new generation of bomb makers to target planes. group operating out of terrorism hotbed Yemen claims it wants to cause a "haemorrhage" in the aviation industry. ANI

Britain to withdraw troops from Afghanistan from 2012: UK army chief
British army chief, Sir David Richards, has said that troops are likely to begin withdrawing from Afghanistan in the early part of 2012. ANI

Oregon Muslims fear spate of revenge attacks
Muslims in Oregon are fearing a spate of revenge attacks on the community after a mosque used by the Christmas tree bomb suspect was set ablaze. ANI

UK's Northampton to have $18.7 million Hindu temple complex
Plan for an about $18.7 million Hindu temple and high-tech community complex in Northampton (East Midlands, United Kingdom) has been approved, according to reports. ANI

China finances restoration of historic Shiva temple in Cambodia
Hindus have applauded China for reportedly financing the restoration of deteriorating Ta Keo Hindu temple in Cambodia's UNESCO World Heritage Site Angkor temple complex, which began on November 27. ANI

Now, Qantas Boeing 737 in engine trouble twice in less than a day
Qantas' attempts to overcome the technical hurdles besieging it of late seem to be not paying off well, as yet another Boeing 737 domestic flight from Adelaide to Sydney was cancelled because of a technical problem related to an engine valve. ANI

ADB Extends 315 million dollar for highway overhaul in Karnataka
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) will extend 315 million dollars to Karnataka for a major overhaul of the overburdened state highway system, which will help spur new economic growth and livelihood opportunities. ANI

'Icy' Britain goes into 'deep-freeze'
Britain is experiencing the coldest season in many years, with reports claiming that Wales has recorded a minimum temperature of minus 17C and minus 17.3C at Llysdinam near Llandrindod Wells on Saturday, which is the principality's lowest ever temperature for November and the UK's chilliest for the month since 1985. ANI

Australia investigating whether WikiLeaks 'cablegate' broke national criminal laws
Australian Federal Police are investigating whether the leaking of a cache of confidential U.S. diplomatic cables made public by WikiLeaks broke Australian law, Attorney General of Australia has said. ANI

Brit men refuse medical check-ups over fear of 'manflu'
More and more men are refusing medical checkups for the fear that they may get ridiculed over "man-flu", a new health survey has revealed. ANI

Soon, a mother's milk bank for NSW mums who can't breastfeed
NSW mums who cannot breastfeed will have the option of giving their babies milk from donor mothers if a community milk bank is funded by the state government. ANI

American Atheists' $20K billboard calls nativity a 'myth'
A huge billboard in the US, which calls nativity a 'myth', has raised a few eyebrows. ANI

Over 100 children hurt in China primary school stampede
About 100 school children were injured in a primary school stampede in China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on Monday, local authorities have said. ANI

Two suspects questioned by cops in connection with Brit-Indian shopkeeper's murder
Two suspects held on suspicion of stabbing a Brit-Indian shopkeeper to death as his daughter watched on the store's CCTV system, have been questioned today by detectives. ANI

Brit jobless dad-of-10 to have 4 more, get engaged for 3rd time in 3 months
Britain's infamous father-of-ten is now having another four children, and getting engaged for the third time in three months. ANI

Zardari, Rajapakse vow to defeat terror, expand ties to 'new heights'
Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has held a meeting with his Sri Lankan counterpart Mahinda Rajapakse during which the two sides agreed on defeating terrorism as well as expanding their relationship to an "overall comprehensive engagement". ANI

English is a foreign language for 80pct of Brit school kids
A survey has found that nearly 80 percent of primary pupils in schools across Britain have a different mother tongue, with English being a foreign language. ANI

India's Got Talent winner Shillong Chamber Choir to perform in Malaysia
The Shillong Chamber Choir, which is an Indian group based in Shillong, Meghalaya, will be performing in Malaysia on December 15. ANI

US army's" revolutionary" XM25 rifles that allow Taliban to only run, not hide
After nine years of war in Afghanistan, the American army in the country have been reportedly provided with the latest game-changing "revolutionary" rifles called the XM25, which have the capacity to figure out an enemy, even when he is hidden behind buildings or other barriers. ANI

Harry's invitation to Chelsy for Royal wedding sparks patch-up rumours
Prince Harry has invited Chelsy Davy to his brother's wedding, sparking rumours that the couple may be getting back together after splitting two months ago. ANI

Modern Aussie blokes can't fix a leaky tap but can bake a cake!
A new survey has revealed that men are picking up new skills around the home as basic handyman tasks are outsourced. ANI

Kiwi broadcasting board dismisses topless mudbath shots as inoffensive
A complaint about models on New Zealand's Next Top Model posing topless in a mud pool has been dismissed by the Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA) as being non-sexual and inoffensive. ANI

"Hangover Helpers" to clean up post-party houses!
A couple of graduates from the University of Colorado have started a business called the "Hangover Helpers", which cleans houses after parties and also delivers breakfast for 15 dollars per roommate. ANI

Teacher who told female student she "had nice tits" allowed to teach again
A Kiwi male teacher who made 'repeated sexualised comments' to female students would be able to teach again. ANI

Aussie woman charged with raping another woman
An Australian woman has been charged with raping another woman in the ladies toilet of Brisbane's Caxton Hotel. ANI

Protecting Pak's integrity to be priority during three-year extended term: Kayani
Pakistan Army Chief General Ashfaq Kayani has announced the priorities of his three-year extended term, saying that his efforts were concentrated on the war on terror and restoration of peace in country. ANI

Speeding Swedish drivers' fines to fund lottery for safe drivers!
It's the most innovative way yet, to encourage safe driving practices in Sweden - a lottery for law-abiding drivers - funded by fines from speeding motorists. ANI

1 in 10 Brits use mobiles for online shopping
A recent survey has found that one in ten Britons is expected to do their online shopping this year using their mobile phone rather than a computer. ANI

Under-funded IAEA struggling to cope, say experts
A former deputy director of the IAEA, the United Nations nuclear watchdog, has expressed concern over the poor amount of funds available to the organisation, and warned that if this issue is not addressed, a proliferation disaster is on the cards. ANI

Labour minister was 'a hound dog with women', reveals embassy cable
The London embassy has apparently passed on intelligence about a British Labour minister saying he "reportedly remains a bit of a hound dog where women are concerned", according to a leaked document. ANI

Recession forces US lesbian resort to welcome men too!
Key West's only lesbian-exclusive resort Pearl's Rainbow is going 'all welcome' for the first time over this Thanksgiving weekend because of economic hard times. ANI

Oregon mosque hit by arson after bomb plot
Police in Corvallis, Oregon, have said that the fire at an Islamic centre was started intentionally. ANI

William and Kate to share 'Palace kiss' post-wedding
The Royal couple, Prince William and Kate Middleton, will share a kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace following their wedding next year. ANI

India, China to hold border talks
India and China will hold border talks to resolve the long-running boundary dispute between the two nations and lay the ground for Chinese premier Wen Jiabao's visit to New Delhi next month. ANI

Radical UK Muslims' secret conference scrapped following cops' intervention
UK police stopped radical Muslims from organising a secret Islamic International Revival Conference featuring hate preachers Omar Bakri and Sheikh Faisal on Saturday in London's East End, in which the duo were scheduled to appear by video link from overseas to address the delegates. ANI

Kyoto Buddhist temple to display historic sculptures in 3D!
A Buddhist temple in Kyoto is set to display its historic sculptures on iPads - but in 3D. ANI

New race policy 'helps not hinders' fight against crime: W. Australia police chief
Police in Western Australia, have been banned from using details such as a suspect's nationality, race or religion when seeking public help, following an order to this effect by state Police Commissioner Karl O'Callaghan. ANI

Coronation Street 10 times more dangerous than average Manchester street
A new study has found that Coronation Street is 10 times more dangerous than the average Manchester street. ANI

Brit-Indian bride's murder suspects positively identified in Cape Town
Two suspects in the murder of Brit Indian bride Anni Dewani during her honeymoon in Cape Town earlier this month, who were led into a police station in handcuffs yesterday, have reportedly been positively identified by witnesses. ANI

US role in Mid_East stands discredited after WikiLeaks disclosures
In what could discredit the US's role in the Middle East peace process, missions in Israel, Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Egypt were asked to gather biometric information 'on key Palestinian Authority and Hamas leaders and representatives, to include the young guard inside Gaza, the West Bank'. ANI

Brit actors' union campaign against 'sexism and ageism'
The actors' union Equity, in Britain, is calling for compulsory audits to ensure that TV, film and theatre companies that receive public funds provide enough roles for older women. ANI

Mandela was angry at being banned from meeting UK PM Thatcher
Former South African President Nelson Mandela was furious that he was banned from meeting former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and wanted to criticise her policies to her face, according to a leaked secret cable from WikiLeaks. ANI

WikiLeaks: Physically and politically weak Berlusconi had wild parties in Italy
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is said to have hosted numerous "wild parties" to cover his physical and political weaknesses, cables of the secret web site WikiLeaks reveal. ANI

Escort reveals Berlusconi's 'bunga bunga' parties full of young girls
An escort, who was apparently paid 8,500 pounds to spend two nights with the Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, has revealed that his parties were 'full of young girls'. ANI

WikiLeaks Disclosure: Sarkozy, an emperor sans clothes, Putin, an alpha dog
Disclosures by the secret web site WikiLeaks have revealed that the Obama administration and its representatives in various foreign capitals described French President Nicholas Sarkozy as an "Emperor without clothes", Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as 'Hitler' and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin as an "Alpha Dog". ANI

Carla Bruni helps grieving Italian mum 'find justice' for son
France's first lady, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, has vowed to help a grieving Italian mother trace the mysterious death of her son while being held in a French prison. ANI

Girl who 'split Will and Kate' happy for their engagement
A girl, who was blamed for Prince William's split from Kate Middleton, has told of her joy at the couple's engagement. ANI

WikiLeaks Disclosure: Clinton ordered spying operation on UN diplomats
The United States reportedly ordered a spying operation on diplomats at the United Nations, including British officials, in apparent breach of international law, disclosures by the WikiLeaks web site reveal. ANI

Oz-Indian student recalls how he was stabbed for failing to give money to attackers
Recalling an earlier incident in which he was stabbed in the stomach by two men after finishing his work in a South Yarra bar, an Indian origin student in Melbourne has said that he was 'attacked and abused' because he failed to provide them with an amount of money they had asked for while he was walking to a railway station through Lovers Walk South. ANI

'Bird hit likely cause for cargo plane crash in Karachi'
A bird strike is the likely cause of the crash of a Russian-made cargo plane in Karachi, the operator of the aircraft has said. ANI

WikiLeaks disclosure: Prince Andrew shocked US with his rude behaviour
Britain's Prince Andrew is reported to have shocked the Americans with his 'rude behaviour abroad'. ANI

Patil to end visit to Syria, to return to New Delhi
Indian President Pratibha Devisingh Patil will conclude her four-day visit to the Syrian Arab Republic on Monday, and return home later tonight. ANI

Tony Blair 'loved to drink while travelling'
Journalist Robert Harris has revealed that former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair loved a tipple while travelling. ANI

Patil interacts with Syrian parliamentarians
Visiting Indian President Pratibha Devisingh Patil visited the Syrian Parliament on Sunday and met the Speaker, Mahmoud Al Abrash. ANI

WikiLeaks: US trying to remove uranium from Pak facility over illicit nuke use fears
The United States has mounted a highly secret effort, so far unsuccessful, to remove highly enriched uranium from a Pakistani research reactor that American officials fear could be diverted for use in an illicit nuclear device, according to a cache of confidential U.S diplomatic cables made public by WikiLeaks. ANI

Brit-Indian shopkeeper's murder watched by teenage daughter on CCTV
The teenage daughter of a Brit-Indian shopkeeper, who was stabbed to death during a suspected robbery, watched in horror as the attack was shown on CCTV in the family's flat upstairs. ANI

Saudi king's 'rotten' Zardari greatest obstacle to Pak progress remark may hit ties
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia had called President Asif Ali Zardari the greatest obstacle to Pakistan's progress, according to a cache of confidential U.S diplomatic cables made public by WikiLeaks. ANI

Pakistan's implausible deniability
It has been two years since the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai, and India's policy-makers and its wider public are by no means reassured about the Pakistani leadership's renunciation of terrorism as a means of advancing its perceived interests ANI

Daring 41 female skydivers set new women's free-fly world record
A team of 41 brave and adventurous ladies has created a new women's free-fly world record hurtling towards the ground at a speed of up to 200mph. ANI

Scottish women sashay in mini skirts despite freezing cold!
Temperatures in parts of the United Kingdom might have plummeted to the coldest on record for November, but that has not affected women in the North and Scotland from wearing mini skirts. ANI

Outrage over 'gang rape by men wearing Christ t-shirts' in Don Giovanni opera
A new version of Don Giovanni opera has sparked outrage amongst many, thanks to a scene that includes a gang rape by a group of masked men wearing Jesus Christ t-shirts. ANI

WNS Appoints Mike Garber as Global Head-Sales & Marketing
WNS (Holdings) Limited (NYSE: WNS), a leading provider of global Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services, today announced that Mike Garber has been appointed as the company’s Global Head of Sales and Marketing. Garber will be based in New York Business Wire India

Payment Service Provider GlobalCollect Obtains License Pursuant To European Payment Service Directive
The Dutch Central Bank recently granted GlobalCollect a license as a Payment Institute, a so-called Payment Services Directive (PSD) license Business Wire India

SES Participates in Equity Financing for O3b Networks
Global satellite operator SES S.A. (Paris:SESG) (LuxX:SESG) announced today that it is participating in a second round of equity financing for O3b Networks in which SES has a minority equity participation Business Wire India

‘O3b Networks Limited raises total funding of US$1.2 billion, to finance fully the construction and launch of its next generation global satellite constellation.’
O3b Networks announced today that it has secured its final funding round before service launch. O3b Networks is the developer of a new fiber-quality, satellite-based global internet backbone for Telecommunications Operators and Internet Service Providers serving the emerging markets. The company has raised a total of US$ 1 Business Wire India

DBS Customers with StarHub Plans are the First to Use the New NFC Mobile Payment Solution in Singapore
Some 1, 000 DBS customers with StarHub mobile plans will be the first in Singapore to use the NFC Mobile Payment Solution trial service for everyday mobile payments. The trial will commence in December 2010 and will last for eight months Business Wire India

GE Healthcare Showcases Healthymagination Commitment and Innovations at RSNA 2010; Latest Advancements on Display in Booth 5533
Increasing access. Improving quality and efficiency. Lowering costs. When GE launched its healthymagination initiative last year, these were the long-term goals and at RSNA 2010, GE Healthcare will highlight a variety of technologies developed to support this strategy and help improve patient care worldwide. Business Wire India

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