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International News on November 22, 2010

Patil assures large Indian Diaspora in UAE of all help
President Pratibha Devisingh Patil on Monday assured the 1.75 million-strong expatriate Indian community here of all help, and added that the government in New Delhi is taking up their cause with the UAE to redress their grievances. ANI

Patil lauds role of Indian expatriates in development of India, UAE
Lauding the role of the expatriate community here in India's growth story, President Pratibha Devisingh Patil today asked them to be prepared to meet the changing needs of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). ANI

UAE backs India's bid for permanent UNSC seat
The United Arab Emirates on Monday said that it fully backed India's bid for permanent membership in the reformed United Nations Security Council. ANI

Australia wants to stamp out forced marriages
The Australian Government wants to know what more can be done to stamp out the practice of forced or servile marriage in the country. ANI

Two Taliban leaders killed in Afghanistan
Two Taliban leaders have been killed by NATO troops - on each in eastern and western Afghanistan - over the weekend. ANI

New issue of Al Qaeda magazine signals shift to smaller-scale attacks
An Al Qaeda group in Somalia has boasted that it plans to launch several smaller-scale attacks on the lines of the foiled parcel bombs that were discovered in October. ANI

Immigrants got visas for jobs unemployed Brits could do
Labour handed out thousands of visas to foreign workers for jobs that unemployed Brits were already qualified to do. ANI

Pak politician threatened for disclosing government-banned organizations nexus
Pakistan People's Party (PPP) Punjab Information Secretary Dr. Fakharuddin Chaudhry has claimed that he has received death threats from some banned outfits in the province. ANI

Saudi woman who defied driving ban killed in accident
A woman who refused to obey a ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia, has been reportedly killed along with three of her 10 female passengers when her car overturned in a crash. ANI

7/7 London suicide bomber's widow remarries secretly
The widow of 7/7 bomb ringleader Mohammad Sidique Khan has secretly remarried, and reportedly moved away from the home where the worst terror atrocity in Britain was planned. ANI

China sends warship to escort cargo attacked by pirates
China has reportedly sent three warships to escort a Chinese cargo ship, which was attacked earlier by pirates in the Arabian Sea near Oman, according to the China Maritime Search and Rescue Center (CMSRC). ANI

Suspected Sri Lankan war criminal secures UN top job
Sri Lankan ex-military commander Shavendra Silva, a suspected war criminal, who played a key role in the slaughter of 40,000 civilians in Sri Lanka, has secured a top United Nations (UN) position. ANI

Strategic dialogue broadening Pak-US relationship: Pak envoy to US
Pakistan's Ambassador to the United States Hussain Haqqani has said that both countries are working to broaden their relationship through a strategic dialogue. ANI

'New revelation testifies N. Korea trying to build atomic weapons'
Senior US defense officials have said the revelation of North Korea's new uranium enrichment facility is testimony to the fact that the country is to building atomic weapons. ANI

In his Thanksgiving greetings, Zed urges fellow Americans to "make a positive difference"
Sending early Thanksgiving greetings to fellow Americans, Hindu statesman Rajan Zed has urged them to "make a positive difference in the lives of people around you" as an expression of gratitude. ANI

Oldest and acclaimed Catholic University offers Hinduism classes
Catholic University Leuven (Belgium), oldest existing Catholic university in the world founded in 1425, is offering Hinduism classes in English and Dutch. ANI

Brit jail teacher suspended for s*x movie with murderer
A Brit woman prison teacher has been suspended for filming a p*rn movie of her having s*x in jail with a murderer. ANI

Canadian art gallery displaying Maharaja Ranjit Singh's throne
Prestigious Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) in Toronto is displaying Maharaja Ranjit Singh's famed throne as a part of its exhibition "Maharaja: The Splendour of India's Royal Courts", which opened on November 20 and shall continue till April three. ANI

Indians, Chinese rate their bosses the best: Study
A new study has revealed that Indians and Chinese managers are rated the best amongst their employees. ANI

Pakistan backs NATO's 2014 Afghanistan handover deadline
Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that he backs NATO's plans to hand over security of Afghanistan to local authorities by the end of 2014. ANI

Kidnapped Brit couple kept fit by doing yoga and aerobics
Yacht couple Paul and Rachel Chandler, who were held by land-based pirates for 388 days, after their yacht was seized off the Somali coast, said they practiced yoga and aerobics to keep fit and healthy while in captivation. ANI

US scientists' 'shock' over N. Korea's nuke advances at new facility
Some American scientists have expressed shock after visiting North Korea's Yongbyon nuclear facility, saying that a row of centrifuges have been designed to enrich uranium. ANI

Passenger strips to avoid 'n*ked scanner'
A traveller has been arrested for shedding his clothes in a bid to avoid being frisked by airport staff. ANI

Hindu statesman Zed wants Belgium to recognize Hinduism
Prominent Hindu statesman Rajan Zed has asked Belgium to recognize Hinduism. ANI

Brit researchers link social problems to wealth gap
British researchers have suggested that the greater the gap between rich and poor, the more likely people will grow up a drug user, a criminal, less educated, obese, pregnant while a teenager, even less trusting of others. ANI

Church thief hit on head by falling saint statue!
A thief, who attempted to steal a church donation box in Munich, was hit on the head by a falling statue of a saint. ANI

Malay woman blackmailed by boyfriend to bed 20 men
A Malaysian woman was allegedly blackmailed into sleeping with more than 20 men by her boyfriend who threatened to circulate her nude pictures on the Internet.he woman, who later became pregnant, sought help from MIC Youth, reports the Star Online. ANI

Princess Diana's former butler 'wants to patch up with William'
The late Princess Diana's butler Paul Burrell is hoping to make peace with Prince William before next year's royal wedding. ANI

India tops list of nations lacking toilets
India has topped the list of top ten nations that lacks sanitary facilities. ANI

6-18yr Brit Muslim pupils being taught Sharia law lessons to chop off thieves' hands
British Muslim pupils, as young as six, are being taught how to chop off thieves' hands or feet as a dreaded punishment under the Sharia law, according to a BBC Panorama investigation. ANI

Patil accorded warm welcome in UAE, trade, energy security on her agenda
President Pratibha Devisingh Patil, who arrived in United Arab Emirate capital Abu Dhabi on her maiden visit to the Gulf on Sunday evening, was on Monday, accorded a warm ceremonial welcome. ANI

10-yr-olds should be allowed to apply for gun licenses: Police chief
Britain's most senior firearms officer has suggested that children aged 10 and above should be allowed to apply for gun licenses. ANI

Prince Charles breaks Royal protocol for flood-hit family
Prince Charles recently broke the Royal protocol by signing an autograph for a flood-hit family. ANI

Afghan election watchdog disqualifies 19 over poll fraud
Afghanistan's election watchdog has disqualified 19 candidates who contested in the September poll, seven of whom are members of the 249-seat parliament, for alleged fraud. ANI

'Pak to lose foreign funding if it severs links with Transparency International'
Foreign funding to Pakistan may reportedly be directly hit if the country's government cuts its contacts with anti-corruption organization Transparency International Pakistan (TIP). ANI

Blasphemy laws being misused in Pakistan: Asma Jahangir
Pakistan's noted human rights activist, Asma Jahangir, has said that blasphemy laws were being misused in the country and have caused negative impressions about the country abroad. ANI

Children safer in Kabul than New York, Glasgow, London: NATO envoy
Mark Sedwill, NATO'S top civilian chief in Afghanistan, has claimed that war-ravaged Kabul is a safer place for children to grow up than most Western cities like New York, London or Glasgow. ANI

How far women will go to hide their weight!
A new survey has revealed that women resort to a host of bizarre tricks to kid themselves they weigh less than they actually do. ANI

Much of the clergy is gay, claims former Catholic theologian
A large share of Catholic clergy is gay and the Church should change its homophobic attitude and teaching, says former publisher of a conservative Catholic magazine. ANI

Bandit nabbed in dramatic police jet-ski chase
The Australian police opened fire on an alleged bandit, sparking a chase that saw an officer commandeering a jet ski to capture the offender. ANI

Airport security check leaves traveller covered in urine
A security-check at Detroit Metropolitan Airport left a traveller covered in his own urine following an "invasive" pat-down. ANI

Meet the armless man who can fire and reload a handgun with his feet!
He has no arms, but that doesn't stop Michael from giving up his hobby - shooting. ANI

Hillary Clinton rules out ever running again for US President
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has confirmed that she is not interested in contesting for presidential elections in 2012 or ever again. ANI

New Herald/Nielsen poll predicts PM Gillard would lose poll if held now
The latest Herald/Nielsen poll finds Australia's ruling Labor Party slightly worse off now than at election time on August 21 this year, and adds that if a poll were held now it would most likely lose. ANI

Chinese men don 'honeybee suits' for show!
Two staff at a China bee farm covered themselves in tens of thousands of bees during a performance in Nanning, capital of southwest China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region. ANI

'When Love Comes' wins best film at the Golden Horse award
'When Love Comes'- a Taiwanese family drama bagged best film at the Golden Horse awards - seen as the Chinese-language Oscars - in Taoyuan, northern Taiwan. ANI

Britons spend 53 hours a year whining!
Researchers has revealed that average Briton spend 53 hours a year whining. ANI

Terror attack busted following woman's arrest with 130 kgs of explosives in Islamabad
Pakistani security forces busted a possible terror attack after recovering over 130 kilograms of explosive materials from a woman during an operation carried out in Islamabad. ANI

'Accusations of Brit-Indian honeymooner's involvements in wife's murder outrageous'
After some South African detectives raised doubts about Brit-Indian business tycoon Shrien Dewani's account of his role in the incident that led to the murder of his wife, his family members and associates have hit back at the suggestion calling it "outrageous". ANI

Brit-Indian honeymooner's wife's murder may be part of 'planned attack'
Brit-Indian business tycoon Shrien Dewani, whose wife was killed during their honeymoon trip in Cape Town, has been asked by the local police to return back to that place to identify the killers and help the investigation process, as they fear that Anni was a victim of a 'planned attack'. ANI

Pope's stance on condoms 'not revolutionary', says Vatican
The Vatican has sought to clarify Pope Benedict's remarks on the use of condoms, reported in a book to be published this week, insisting the pontiff's comments were not 'revolutionary'. ANI

Kiwi Army to send robot to see if trapped miners are alive
The New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) has decided to send in a robot into the Pike River Coal mine in a bid to rescue 29 trapped miners. ANI

South Africa's 'Whoonga' craze: mixing HIV drugs with marijuana
Patients suffering from AIDS in South Africa are unable to get right quantities of their lifesaving drugs so that they can be mixed with marijuana and smoked, say authorities and health experts. ANI

Pastor who banned 'infidelity' Facebook had threesome with wife, church aide
A pastor who claimed that Facebook was a 'portal to infidelity' has revealed that he had threesome s*x with his wife and a male church assistant. ANI

William's pals to stage special fly-past on wedding day
It seems that Prince William's Royal Air Force (RAF) pals have some special plans to mark his wedding day. ANI

Brit man spends life savings after being wrongly told has 3 months to live
A Brit comedian spent his life savings after being told he had only three months to live - until he found 10 weeks later that doctors had got his diagnosis wrong. ANI

Indian-origin Dr. Mohamed Haneef returning back to Australia for compensation talks
Indian origin doctor Mohamed Haneef, who was falsely accused of terrorism and deprived of his working visa three years back, is reportedly returning back to Brisbane in Australia next month for compensation talks with the Government. ANI

17-yr-old boy gang raped by 10 women: Police chief
A 17-year-old boy was gang raped by 10 women in Papua New Guinea. ANI

66pc Brits worry about finances but don't do anything about it
A new survey has revealed that nearly two-thirds of the British are worried about their finances, but most of them fail to take steps to improve their situation. ANI

Brit-Indian honeymooner may be 'targeted' following wife's murder in Cape Town
Brit-Indian business tycoon Shrien Dewani, whose wife was killed during their honeymoon trip in Cape Town, could reportedly be targeted by the killers in an attempt to stop him from identifying them when he flies to South Africa this week. ANI

BBC DJ apologises for 'Chinese eat cats?' gaffe
A BBC radio presenter was forced to apologise after a 'distasteful' gaffe about the Chinese eating cats. ANI

Muslim cleric jailed for molesting 15-yr-old girl
A Muslim cleric in Portsmouth was imprisoned for a year after sexually assaulting a young girl who he was supposed to be teaching the Qur'an. ANI

Prince William saves man's life in chopper rescue mission
Prince William saved a man's life during a military helicopter rescue mission, defense officials have revealed. ANI

UK PM pledges visa abuse crackdown, stem immigration
British Prime Minister David Cameron has said that he is committed to more than halving immigration and to slash immigration by cracking down on rampant abuse of the country's visa system. ANI

US surgeon sues women following 'Frankenstein' boobs claim
A US cosmetic surgeon has filed a lawsuit against a former patient for claiming in an online post that his botched surgery left her with 'Frankenstein' br**ts. ANI

David Cameron backs 'Queen Camilla'
UK Prime Minister David Cameron has voiced his support for the Duchess of Cornwall to become Queen and admitted being a 'big fan' of Camilla. ANI

India not involved in carrying out terrorist activities in Pak: Rehman Malik
Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik has ruled out that India was involved in carrying out terrorist activities in the country, admitting that the locals were supporting terrorism. ANI

Second Delta flight makes emergency landing in Atlanta
A second Delta Airlines flight was forced into an emergency landing today, returning to Atlanta with engine failure after it departed for Los Angeles. ANI

1 in 5 Brits think Oliver Twist was written by Charles Darwin!
George Orwell's classic novel 'Animal Farm' is a blue movie and 'Oliver Twist' was written by Charles Darwin - at least that's what one in five Britons believe. ANI

Twins who can 'hear each other's thoughts, see through each other's eyes'
A pair of conjoined twins has amazed doctors to no end - the two children, who share a brain, can not only hear each other's thoughts, but also see through each other's eyes. ANI

Drishti-Soft Selected as a 2010 Red Herring Asia Top 100 Tech Startup
Red Herring announced its Top 100 Asia Award in recognition of the leading privately held technology companies from Asia. Celebrating innovations and technologies by Asian startups, Red Herring made the announcements at a special awards ceremony on 16th November 2010 in Shanghai, China Business Wire India

Leading M&A Lawyer to Join Davis Polk in Hong Kong As Firm’s Hong Kong Office Completes Conversion to Hong Kong Law Practice
Davis Polk today announced that Paul Chow, a leading Chinese and Hong Kong M&A lawyer, will join the firm as a partner in Hong Kong. He joins recent partner arrivals, Bonnie YT Chan and Antony Dapiran, to round out Davis Polk's core team of senior, high-profile Hong Kong and U.K Business Wire India

Philip Morris International Responds to Blatant Mischaracterization of Uruguayan Lawsuit
Philip Morris International (PMI) responded today to comments reported in the media concerning a Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) claim filed by PMI’s affiliates against the government of Uruguay. Many of these reports are misleading and omit important facts about tobacco regulations in Uruguay and our lawsuit. Business Wire India

Martifer Solar and Silverado Power Announce One of the Largest North American Solar Photovoltaic Power Purchase Agreements in 2010 with Southern California Edison
Martifer Solar and Silverado Power have signed Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with Southern California Edison (NYSE:EIX) for 113 MWp of solar PV projects Business Wire India

IHS Closes Acquisition of iSuppli Corporation
IHS Inc. (NYSE: IHS), a leading global source of critical information and insight, announced it has completed the closing of its acquisition of iSuppli Corporation, the global leader in technology value chain research and advisory services Business Wire India

Academy Award Winner Daniel Day-Lewis to Star as Lincoln for DreamWorks Studios
Two-time Academy Award winner Daniel Day-Lewis will star as the 16th President of the United States in DreamWorks Studios’ Lincoln to be directed by Steven Spielberg. The announcement was made today by Spielberg and Stacey Snider, Co-Chairman and CEO of DreamWorks Studios. Business Wire India

House Party Receives Acclaimed Industry Award for Using Brand Enthusiasts to Host Microsoft Windows 7 Global Launch Parties
House Party, a leading consumer activation and experiential marketing company, was named the winner of the Energizing category within the B2C International Division of the 2010 Forrester Groundswell Awards, for its Microsoft Windows 7 Global Launch Party event Business Wire India

World Expo and Flora Expo: Taipei Perfect in City Diplomacy
After participating in Expo 2010 Shanghai, Taipei City hosted the 2010 Taipei Flora Exposition, once again successfully attracting the international spotlight. At World Expo, Taipei promoted itself by exhibiting two proposals--“Recycling for a Sustainable Society” and “Wireless Broadband Wireless City” Business Wire India

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