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International News on November 20, 2010

Careless garbage dumping could soon cost Beijing residents dearly
Residents in Beijing would now have to think twice before dumping their garbage at an improper spot around residential areas as they might end up paying up to 200 Yuan (30 dollar) if they fails to follow the guidelines of an upcoming household waste classification system. ANI

Nawaz assures Zardari, Gilani that PML-N won't dislodge Pak govt.
Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani separately telephoned PML-N chief, Nawaz Sharif, and assured him that the government was sincerely striving to address the concerns to the people, and would give serious consideration to his suggestions to Zardari in a letter written a few days back. ANI

US should formulate withdrawal plan to save lives of remaining troops: Afghan Taliban
The Taliban have advised the United States to formulate a withdrawal plan from Afghanistan, so that it can at least save those troops that are still alive, according to a newspaper. ANI

Pair fired for using Denver Airport mobile command post for s*x romps
A firefighter and a female city employee have been fired after they were caught on videotape using Denver International Airport's 2.5-million-dollar mobile command post for s*x romps. ANI

Tom Ford chooses to pose with 15-yr-old model on French Vogue cover
American fashion designer Tom Ford has chosen to pose with a 15-year-old model on the cover for French Vogue. ANI

Plastic surgeon in US sues patients for bad online reviews
A plastic surgeon in US is suing his former patients because they posted bad reviews of his work, online. ANI

Bird protection bosses start recruitment drive at s*x fair
Bird protection bosses stunned a few visitors after they started a recruitment drive at a s*x fair. ANI

Brit teacher 'dunked naked female student in bath to satisfy water fetish'
A music teacher in Britain has been accused of dunking a naked female student in his bath and taping the incident to satisfy his water "fetish". ANI

Pensioner living in UK for 64 years branded 'illegal immigrant'
A pensioner, who has been living in Britain for 64-years, returned home from her holiday to be told she is an illegal immigrant because she was never granted citizenship. ANI

Dance troupe trying to sprint through tunnel to beat traffic sparks terror scare in NYC!
A camouflage-clad dance troupe trying to make it to a live TV talent show set off a rush-hour terror scare in New York when they dumped their cars in the Lincoln Tunnel and tried to sprint their way to BET's 'Wild on Wednesday' studio. ANI

"Musharraf remains a dictator within despite being out of uniform and office": PML
Former military ruler Pervez Musharraf "remains a dictator" at heart even though he is "out of uniform and office", PML-N spokesman Ahsan Iqbal has stated. ANI

Middle East Al Jazeera viewers identify themselves more as Muslims than of country: Study
The Middle East residents who are the main target audience of Arab television news networks like Al Jazeera are more likely to primarily identify themselves as Muslims rather than being recognised as citizens of their own country, according to a new study. ANI

Transplant organ remains unscathed after jet crashes in flames in UK
A small plane carrying a transplant liver crashed injuring two people, but to everybody's surprise the organ remained unscathed. ANI

Handwriting spells out differences between Wills and Kate
Amid the buzz surrounding Kate Middleton and Prince William's impending nuptials, an expert in hand-writings has analysed touching messages left by the couple in the visitors' book at their Kenyan mountain hideaway. ANI

Margaret Thatcher's scorn of her own ministers revealed in historic notes
Former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is well known for being forthright, and now historic notes she made when she came into power have revealed her scorn of her own ministers. ANI

Now, shop at multiple stores and pay with one credit card transaction!
Shopping centre giant Westfield has launched its online shopping mall which is apparently the only site in the world where shoppers can buy multiple items from multiple stores with one credit card transaction. ANI

Furious Hodgson not to condemn Capello after Gerrard's plea
Liverpool boss Roy Hodgson, who is furious for losing Steven Gerrard for a month with a torn hamstring, has refused to publicly condemn Fabio Capello after a plea from Gerrard. ANI

Kate Middleton gets armed police minder
Prince William's bride-to-be Kate Middleton seems to be quickly becoming used to the trappings of her new royal status. ANI

'Autobiography of Mark Twain' a big hit across US
Late American author Mark Twain's autobiography is a big hit across the country, landing on best-seller lists and going back to press six times, for a total print run - so far - of 275,000. ANI

NATO approves missile defence system for member states at Lisbon summit
US President Barack Obama has said that NATO leaders have approved plans to expand a missile defence system that would protect all of the military alliance's member nations, including Europe and North America. ANI

Now, a multi-billion rupee police arms purchase scam surfaces in Pak province
The National Accountability Bureau of Pakistan has sought to investigate a multi-billion-rupee arms purchase deal in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa after an official inquiry discovered "serious irregularities" and a "huge loss to public exchequer". ANI

Fertility doc says Octomom agreed to be "human guinea pig" in study
The fertility expert who implanted 12 embryos into 'Octomom' Nadya Suleman has said that she agreed to be the "human guinea pig" as part of a fertility study. ANI

Lid on final words by death row prisoners after Ohio inmate's 17-minute speech!
The final words of death row prisoners in Ohio, the United States, could be shortened, edited or stopped under new state prison rules. ANI

Indian-origin teacher 'lured 15-yr-old pupils into bed with s*x texts'
The female teacher who admitted having s*x with two 15-year-old boys apparently seduced the pupils by sending them s*x texts. ANI

Good-looking people really do earn more!
It is true - good-looking people do earn more than average-lookers. ANI

Carla Bruni turned into comic book heroine!
Carla Bruni-Sarkozy has been immortalised as a comic-book heroine, an American publisher said. ANI

Brit right wing protests breeding Muslim extremism in UK: Brit counter terror unit
The English Defence League (EDL), a right-wing group formed in 2009, is encouraging Muslim extremists in the United Kingdom with its violent protests, police have claimed. ANI

Israeli military condemns Brit activists for revealing its 'war criminal' soldiers on website
The Israeli military has condemned British activists for the publication of names and photographs of 200 Israeli soldiers, including senior commanders and low-ranking soldiers, on a US-based website that called them 'war criminals.' ANI

New book reveals how Ministers out for revenge turned against Gordon Brown
Britain's Shadow Deputy Prime Minister Harriet Harman had played a pivotal role in an attempted coup against former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, a new book has revealed. ANI

Iranian firm comes up with first Islamic doll - Fatima
An Iranian firm has come up with the first Islamic doll that it has named as Fatima. ANI

Almost half of over-50s have yet to realize even one lifelong dream
Nearly half of over-50s have yet to fulfill even one of the lifelong dreams they have toiled towards, a new UK poll suggests. ANI

TSA scanners can reveal boob jobs, prosthetic testicles
If you thought airport scanners could detect only explosives or liquids, be prepared to be embarrassed. ANI

Palins' Facebook target refuses to accept apology
The man who was attacked on Facebook by Willow and Bristol Palin has refused to accept their apology. ANI

Why women always fall asleep during movies
The last time you decided to watch a flick with your woman, you found her dozing off just after 20 minutes of being in the movie. Well, now scientists have discovered why women tend to fall asleep while watching films. ANI

Amazon tops list of UK's best brands
Amazon has topped a new list of Britain's most famous brands. ANI

Prince Charles states publicly that his wife Camilla could be Queen
Prince Charles has for the first time publicly stated that his wife Camilla could be crowned Queen. ANI

Palin tries to lure Bristol's 'DWTS' viewers to her own less popular show
Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin is trying to lure her daughter Bristol's 'Dancing With the Stars' viewers to her own less popular reality TV series TLC. ANI

Berlusconi angers art restorers by replacing body parts on statues
After Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi angered art restorers by replacing missing body parts of ancient marble statues in his office, Italy's culture ministry has come forward to say there is no cause for alarm. ANI

Over 90% Afghans living in battlefront region unaware of 9/11 terror attacks: Report
Most of the Afghan population living in the region which is a major battlefront between the US and the Taliban don't know anything about the terrorist attacks that brought international soldiers to Afghanistan, according to a report. ANI

Militants torch fleet of NATO supply tankers in Peshawar
Unidentified armed militants launched an attack on a workshop in Peshawar, torching a number of NATO supply tankers parked there. ANI

Serb pilots blame 'pressures' of working in India for Dubai-Mangalore AI plane crash
Denying media reports that a sleepy captain was responsible for an Air India plane crash in May that killed 158 passengers, the Serbian Pilots Association has said that pilot fatigue caused by working conditions in India should be blamed for the mishap. ANI

Misuse of Internet by jurors could kill jury system, warns UK's most senior judge
The jury system might "not survive" if tweeting and the misuse of the Internet by jurors is not stopped, according to the most senior judge in England and Wales. ANI

Neighbours fuming over Fritzl's plan to build new flats in Amstetten
Residents in the Austrian country town of Amstetten are fuming, as their most infamous fellow citizen, Josef Fritzl, is planning to build new flats next their houses. ANI

Girls are held back by ladette culture: Cambridge University academic
A senior academic from prestigious Cambridge University has stated that young women are so sexualized and image conscious that they lack intellectual confidence. ANI

Piggy bank made with real piglet angers animal rights groups
An Irish designer was creative enough to make a 'piggy bank' with real piglets, but only to welcome criticism from animal welfare groups. ANI

Prince Harry 'to organize riotous stag party for big brother'
Prince Harry is reportedly organizing a grand stag night for big brother Prince William before he ties the knot. ANI

Zardari stays execution of blasphemy accused Pak-Christian woman
Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has stayed the execution of a Christian mother sentenced to death on charges of blasphemy. ANI

William and Kate have both wedding venue and date 'in mind'
Prince William and his fianc‚e Kate Middleton are considering the details of their wedding next year and now have a specific venue and date in mind, according to St James's Palace. ANI

Chinese official executed for stealing, selling cultural relics
China has reportedly executed an official of Hebei province on Friday for stealing and selling 259 cultural relics, including many on the state protection list. ANI

9/11 workers exposed to toxic dust approve 625 ml dollar settlement with New York City
Ground Zero workers, who were exposed to toxic debris after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks have reached a settlement with New York City authorities that would reportedly lead to a payout of at least 625 million dollars (392 million pounds) to them. ANI

Kenneth Jay Lane selling replica of Kate Middleton's ring on QVC
Want to have Kate Middleton's 18-carat flowerhead sapphire engagement ring? Well, you can have the replica at least. ANI

Taiwanese tech-tree skyscraper complete with floating 'leaf' observatories
At first, it looks like a scene straight out off a Star Wars film, but the futuristic new Taiwanese skyscraper is set to dominate the skyline soon. ANI

Botswana president wants a 'tall and slim' wife
Botswana's president has turned to his aides to help him find a 'tall and slim' wife in a country of 'traditionally built' ladies. ANI

Sarah Palin brands Barack and Michelle Obama 'unpatriotic'
Sarah Palin has branded US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle 'unpatriotic' and 'racist'. ANI

Taliban tenacity, ineffective governance negating Pak army gains in S.Waziristan
Although the Pakistan army had launched a major offensive in South Waziristan one year ago, bands of fighters continue to assert their presence with gunfire, rockets and roadside bombs, and people who have little faith in the government's promises, have expressed wariness about returning to the region. ANI

'US manufactured fake bomb found on German flight was to test airport security'
German interior minister Thomas de Maziere has said that a fake bomb found on an Air Berlin flight in Namibia was manufactured by a US company that specialises in alarm systems, to test airport security. ANI

Pak snubs 'impatient' US' demands for expanding areas for CIA drone operations
The United States has renewed its pressure on Pakistan to expand the areas where CIA drones can operate inside the country, reflecting the concern that the US war effort in Afghanistan is being undermined by the insurgents' continued ability to take sanctuary across the border, US and Pakistani officials said. ANI

Murdered Brit-Indian woman's hubby Dewani in 6.25 million pounds debt
Brit-Indian Shrien Dewani, whose wife was killed during their honeymoon trip in South Africa, reportedly faces a cash crisis with his firm in the UK, as it is believed to be 6.25 million pounds in debt. ANI

Britons want Royal Family to foot Wills, Kate's wedding bill
A poll has revealed that Britons, although happy for Prince William and Kate Middleton, want the Royal Family to foot the wedding bill and not ask taxpayers to pay from their pockets. ANI

'Miss Congeniality' Kate 'wanted to save herself for someone special'
Kate Middleton didn't just charm Prince Williams, but was a favourite with her fellow sixth-formers who voted her 'Person Most Likely To Be Loved By Everybody.' ANI

Iraqi artist to have 'eyes' in the back of his head
It may soon be possible to literally see what is happening behind your back. ANI

Silvio Berlusconi's ally had links with Sicilian mafia, rule judges
Judges have declared that Silvio Berlusconi's ally was indeed linked to Sicilian mafia and handed over 'enormous sums of money' to them for protection and the installation of relay stations in Sicily. ANI

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