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International News on November 12, 2010

G20 leaders undertake to secure sustainable, balanced economic growth
The G20 leaders have adopted a Declaration following their summit meeting in Seoul, and signed some additional documents, specifically, a framework agreement to secure sustainable and balanced economic growth, the Seoul plan of action, and documents on reforming international financial organizations, including the International Monetary Fund. ANI

Oz teacher stood down for using sticky-tape as punishment
A teacher in Australia has been stood down for allegedly sticking tapes over the mouths of children as punishment. ANI

Female Muslim journalist's shock over 'execution' tweet
A female Muslim journalist in Britain has revealed that she is "incredibly upset" over a Twitter message calling for her to be stoned to death. ANI

US expert hits back at claims of 'safe' full-body airport scanners
An American professor has hit back at the US Government's claim that full-body scanners at airports do not pose a health risk to travellers. ANI

Catholic Cardinal says it's not a sin to gamble, sell arms
During a business lunch hosted by Notre Dame University, a senior Catholic cleric said that it is not a sin to gamble or to sell arms. ANI

Oz man fined $5K for library book that's 19,350 days overdue
An Australian man has been fined 5000 dollars for a library book that is 19,350 days overdue. ANI

Martha Stewart's secret to slaughtering fowl - get them drunk first
Business magnate Martha Stewart has revealed the secret to slaughtering her own fowl - getting the animal drunk first. ANI

Gingerbread biscuits stripped of their gender by politically correct Brit council
The Gingerbread Man, who in a nursery rhyme was described as fleeing from the clutches of an old woman and her husband, has now lost its gender after a British council decided it was not politically correct. ANI

Brit dentist pestered female technician to go to swingers' party
A dentist in Britain has been accused of sexual harassment after he pestered a female technician by inviting her to swingers' parties. ANI

Pak conveys its "strong disappointment" to UN over 'US backing for India's UNSC bid'
The Pakistan Mission has forwarded to the United Nations the Pakistani Cabinet's resolution, which says that the US endorsement of India's bid for its permanent seat in the UN Security Council would have "implications" for peace and stability in South Asia. ANI

Marylin Monroe-JFK picture to go under the hammer
The only picture that shows Hollywood's glamour girl Marilyn Monroe with former US President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert will be auctioned in the US next month. ANI

More than 40pc of Aussies spend 41.5mn hrs surfing the web
Australians' love affair with the Internet seems continuing, with more than 40 percent surfers spending millions of hours on social networking sites each month. ANI

Indian ethnic wear gets Pakistani touch at Ludhiana fashion show
Designer Charu Parashar showcased unique Punjabi outfits in combination with Pakistani styles at a three-day long fashion extravaganza in Ludhiana. ANI

Obama stole the show in meeting with Hu Jintao, says body lingo expert
US President Barack Obama seemed to be in a relaxed mood on Thursday as he met with Chinese Premier Hu Jintao in South Korea. ANI

No cut in Pakistan's defence expenditure: Kaira
In the wake of external and internal challenges to Pakistan, there will be no cut in the nation's defence expenditure, Information and Broadcasting Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira has said. ANI

Sir Edmund Hillary's widow asked to return Rolex watch put up for auction
The New Zealand Government has asked the widow of Sir Edmund Hillary to return one of her late husband's watches she has put up for an auction - because of its historical importance. ANI

In a first, Pak court orders execution of Christian woman for 'blasphemy'
A Pakistani court has sentenced a Christian woman to death for blasphemy in a first such conviction in the country. ANI

Canada, India launch talks on free trade deal
Canada and India on Friday launched talks on a free trade deal which according to them could boost Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in each nation by six billion Canadian dollars a year and increase existing trade flows by 50 percent. ANI

Five things you should never wear to office
Don't know what outfit you should wear to work and where does the line of decency lie in your office attire? Well, experts have offered some tips to help you dress up appropriately for workplace. ANI

Hindus laud Archbishop of Canterbury for 'joyful' Diwali wishes
Hindus have applauded Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. Rowan Douglas Williams for his Diwali message wishing 'joyful festival' to 'Hindu communities' published on the Archbishop's official website. ANI

Montek Singh Ahluwalia positive on communique at G-20 Summit
Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission Montek Singh Ahluwalia on Friday expressed optimism over the communique on the concluding day of the G-20 Summit in Seoul. ANI

Lashkar-i-Jhangvi behind Karachi CID building attack: Rehman Malik
The Lashkar-i-Jhangvi (LJ) was behind the terror attack on the Crime Investigation Department (CID) office building in Karachi on Thursday night, Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said, according to television reports. ANI

A simple act of kindness is enough to make Brits happy
You might have to get some people expensive gifts to make them happy, but with Brits, a simple gesture of kindness can make their day, reveals a poll. ANI

Brit father of 13 kids from 12 women goes online for new girl
Britain's biggest love rat-reportedly the father of 13 kids from 12 women-is hunting for a girlfriend again and this time he has gone online. ANI

64-yr-old Swede King 'had insatiable appetite for s*x parties, strip clubs'
'The Reluctant Monarch', a shocking expose of Swedish nation's monarch King Carl Gustav, has taken the media world by storm. ANI

Hindus laud Vatican for Jewish concert and urge Pope to organize Kirtan recital soon
In a remarkable interfaith gesture, a Jewish music concert involving about 20 cantors from American Conference of Cantors will be held in Vatican for the first time on November 16, which will be attended by Holy See officials, according to reports. ANI

"Who's Who" of Muslims linked to terrorists attending Capitol Hill prayers since 9/11
An Al Qaeda leader, the head of a designated terror organization and a confessed jihadist-in-training are among a "Who's Who" of controversial figures who have participated in weekly prayer sessions on Capitol Hill since the 2001 terror attacks, according to a media probe. ANI

'Big Brother' surveillance in Britain goes beyond limits of acceptability: Report
A new report has raised an alarm over Britain's 'Big Brother' surveillance onslaught, saying that it is intruding into private lives of people in the country. ANI

Chinese marriage agency that hooks up bachelors with 'princesses'!
Want to marry a princess? Then head to Golden Ideas, a marriage agency in China that assists bachelors to marry up the social ladder to one of the affluent daughters of Xiaoshan, a suburban district of the Zhejiang capital city. ANI

14th century King Arthur text to go under the hammer at Sotheby's
A 14th century document containing what is believed to be the oldest surviving account of the legends of King Arthur is expected to fetch up to 2 million pounds at an auction. ANI

KP minister calls Pak parties Jamaat-e-Islami, JUI-F 'political wings of terrorists'
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Education Minister Sardar Hussain Babak has termed two Pakistani political parties- Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI) and Jamaat-e-Islami (JI)- 'political wings of terrorists'. ANI

Illinois woman arrested after 'assaulting cop with s*x toy'
An Illinois woman has been arrested after allegedly attempting to strike a cop with a s*x toy. ANI

Street-artist smokes cannabis in House of Commons as part of protest
A street-artist apparently smuggled a cannabis joint into the House of Commons and even smoked it while Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg was addressing MPs. ANI

APML issues charge sheet against Nawaz over corruption, misappropriation of power
The All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) has issued a 35-point charge sheet against PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif, accusing him of corruption and misappropriation of power. ANI

Full scale security alert at G-20 following gift of pears for Obama's daughter
A gift of a box of fruit from an elderly South Korean man to US President Barack Obama's daughter sparked a full-scale security alert at the G-20 summit in Seoul, local media reported. ANI

Nelson Mandela was dismayed when "small man" Bush invaded Iraq
Nelson Mandela had reportedly condemned former US President George W Bush as a "small man" who was seeking to dominate the world over his decision to invade Iraq, adding that his decision of deposing Saddam Hussein was not because of a massive stockpile of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), but because he wanted to tap into Iraq's oil reserves. ANI

'Worried' Qureshi invokes 'Hanuz Dilli Door Ast' phrase to wish away India's UNSC bid
Despite the US endorsement of India's bid for its permanent seat in the UN Security Council, New Delhi needs to cover a lot of ground before realising its ambition, Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said. ANI

Internet pioneer Vint Cerf warns over blips during transition to new system
Vint Cerf, one of the internet's pioneers, has warned that the online service could face years of instability as it moves to a new addressing system. ANI

Oz burglar claims 'drug-induced stupor' made him send pics of penis
A serial burglar in Australia has claimed that he was in a "drug-induced stupor" when he sent photos of his pe**s to contacts on mobile phones he had stolen. ANI

Author confident e-book 'Paedophile's Guide' will be back on Amazon
The author of e-book 'The Paedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure' has said that he is confident online retail giant Amazon will sell his book once again after it was removed following calls for a boycott. ANI

23pc of youngsters get into fights when they go out at night
A research carried out by the European Institute of Studies on Prevention has revealed that night-time violence among young Spaniards is becoming more common. he study shows that 5.2 percent of young people carry weapons when they go out at night, 11.6 percent have been attacked or threatened, and 23 percent have got into a fight at some time. ANI

Bush worries 9/11 may fade into distant memory
Former U.S. President George W. Bush expressed his concerns that the 9/11 terror attacks could become a distant memory, while promoting his memoir here on Thursday, according to Chicago Tribune. ANI

New Zealand-based Fonterra to establish large-scale dairy farms in India
New Zealand-based Fonterra Co-operative Group, the world's largest dairy exporter, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Indian Farmers Fertiliser Co-operative (IFFCO) and Global Dairy Health to advance the company's aim of establishing large-scale dairy farms in India. ANI

Over three in ten Americans praise Obama for clear job creation plan
Over three in ten Americans have praised US President Barack Obama for coming up with a clear job creation plan in the aftermath of the global fiscal crisis. ANI

Kiwi police issue massage guidelines to stop boob and panty finger wandering!
Police in New Zealand have taken it on themselves to issue guidelines and tips to people who visit a masseuse after a masseur was found guilty of inappropriately touching a client. ANI

It's official! Sydney is the s*x capital of Australia
Sydney has more than double the number of legal brothels than in the whole of Victoria and Queensland combined. ANI

Playboy hunts for Oz Bunnies to work at Sands Macao Hotel
Playboy is holding auditions in Australia for the world's best bunnies, who would work for six-months at its newest club atop the luxurious Sands Macao Hotel. ANI

Over four in 10 American disenchanted even after midterms: CBS poll
Over four in 10 Americans continue to remain disenchanted even after the midterm elections that were held earlier this month. ANI

Brit jailed for giving airport worker 'the finger' in Dubai
A 34-year-old Brit has been given a two-month jail term after he gave an airport worker "the finger" in Dubai. ANI

Ancient Chinese vase fetches a record 51.6m pound sat auction
An 18th century Chinese vase smashed a world record after fetching a whopping 51 million pounds in a provincial British auction house. ANI

Ailing Newsweek to merge with Daily Beast Web site
After on-again-off-again talks, US Newsweek magazine and the Daily Beast Web site would reportedly announce their merger on Friday. ANI

Teenagers' take on why bullying occurs
Swedish teenagers believe that the bully and the victim's individual characteristics, rather than the wider social environment, explain why bullying occurs. ANI

Five FC men killed, three hurt, one missing in blast at CID building in Karachi
At least five Frontier Corps (FC) personnel were killed, three injured and one missing in the ghastly incident of firing and the powerful explosion at the Crime Investigation Department building in Karachi, which rocked almost half of the metropolis. ANI

Karachi CID building explosion magnitude was 1.3 on Richter scale: Met office
The magnitude of the explosion that occurred in the Karachi CID building attack was 1.3 on Richter scale, the metrological department has revealed. ANI

UK teacher faces jail after lesbian affair with 15-year-old pupil
A UK school teacher has been found guilty of having lesbian s*x with her 15-year-old student. ANI

New York Times editor: Readers don't look at cost
New York Times subscribers may want "All the News that's Fit to Print," but they aren't concerned with the fine print on their bill, according to one of the paper's top editors. ANI

Hosting dinner parties 'can boost your social status'
Forget dining out at expensive restaurants, for eating in can actually increase your social status, according to a new study. ANI

Volcano evacuees in Indonesia demand 'love making space'!
You'd think that food, water and shelter were some of the important requests of evacuees who had to flee as the Indonesian volcano Merapi erupted recently, but that's not the case. ANI

9 inch 'Sky Heel' is the tallest shoe to hit stores next year
Shoppers are all set to go Gaga for new platforms which will be the highest available on the High Street - at a whopping nine inch heel. ANI

US women sues former employers for ordering her 'to hide too big boobs'
A US woman has filed a lawsuit against her former employers for gender discrimination claiming she was ordered to hide her br**ts because they were too large. ANI

Russian contract killer 'sent to kill double agent who betrayed sexy spy Anna Chapman'
A contract killer has reportedly been dispatched by the Kremlin to assassinate the Russian double agent who betrayed Anna Chapman and nine other spies in the United States this spring, according to Russian media reports. ANI

Maths teacher asked to remove 'Putin more powerful than Medvedev' problem
A Russian teacher, who unintentionally suggested Vladimir Putin was more powerful than Dmitry Medvedev in a mathematics problem, has been asked to remove it from the Internet. ANI

'Pak must acknowledge terrorism is "home grown", not Indian, Jewish or US conspiracy'
The Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) attack on Karachi's Crime Investigation Department compound should serve as an ultimate wake up call for Pakistan to swiftly act against home grown terrorism rather than blaming some Indian or US conspiracy for terror strikes on its soil. ANI

6 in 10 Brit women feel bored because of 'endless housework, dull s*x life'
A new survey has revealed that millions of Brit women complain they are stuck in a rut because their lives are too ordinary. ANI

Excellent English skills made mandatory for foreign students seeking residency in Oz
Australian Immigration Minister Chris Bowen has reportedly imposed serious standards of English on the country's multi-billion-dollar international student business by changing its skilled migration test to favour potential migrants with higher skills, experience and better command over the English language. ANI

CID police knew about 'attack plan on its office beforehand'
The Crime Investigation Department (CID) police had warned the high-ups about a possible attack on its office a couple of weeks ago. ANI

Karachi CID building attack underscores Pak jihadi groups' capability to "strike at will"
The Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) attack on Karachi's Crime Investigation Department compound not only underscores the ties between jihadi groups in Pakistan's biggest metropolis and Al Qaeda and Taliban operating out of the tribal belt between Pakistan and Afghanistan, but also their ability to launch terror strikes at will. ANI

Brit Muslim fanatics burn poppy in protest against 'murderer' UK troops
Hate-filled Brit Muslims burned a giant poppy, chanting "British soldiers burn in hell" during yesterday's two-minute silence to honour war dead. ANI

Global temperatures set to rise 3.5 degrees C. by 2035: International Energy Agency
Global temperatures are expected to rise 3.5 degrees C. over the next 25 years, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has said, suggesting that governments worldwide are failing to honor their pledge to hold global temperature at a two-degree increase. ANI

UN mission to leave Nepal on January 15
Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal has said the United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) will leave Nepal on January 15 as per the agreement. ANI

UK fears N. Korean attack on Seoul G20 summit
British delegates travelling with Prime Minister David Cameron are taking very seriously the potential threat that North Korea might try to wreck the G20 summit of world leaders in Seoul. ANI

Oz teens plead guilty to terrorising Indians in 'Punji hunting' spree
A Victorian judge has suggested that some youths should be "put in a dark cupboard at 16 and brought out again at age 25" after hearing how two teenagers terrorised Indian victims in a four-day racist rampage between December 7 and December 11 last year. ANI

Berlusconi's exotic dancer account contradicted by magistrates
Italian judicial officials have contradicted Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's account of how he intervened to save a Moroccan teenage exotic dancer from a theft allegation. ANI

Economy set to grow nine percent in 2011-12: Manmohan Singh
The Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh on Friday said India will revert to its pre-crisis economic growth rate of nine per cent in the next fiscal. ANI

Manmohan Singh asks G-20 nations to avoid competitive devaluation of currency
The Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, on Friday urged G-20 countries to avoid competitive devaluation of currencies at all costs and resist any resurgence in protectionism. ANI

China, Brazil, India Seen Offering Investors Best Opportunity, Poll Shows
Investors say they are seeing opportunity and taking on greater risk, looking more to emerging markets such as China, Brazil and India than developed countries, a Bloomberg survey shows. Business Wire India

China Real-Estate Bubble Concern Fails to Deter Global Investors in Poll
Most global investors think China is experiencing a real estate bubble, even as they say the world’s fastest-growing major economy offers the best opportunity for making money over the next year. Business Wire India

Vincom JSC Selects Yardi Voyager Property Management Platform in Vietnam
Yardi Systems, one of the leading developers of software for investment, asset and property management, announces that Vietnam-based Vincom Joint Stock Company has selected Yardi Voyager™ as its integrated property and financial management platform. Business Wire India

Houghton to Acquire Shell Metalworking and Metal Rolling Oils Business
Houghton International Inc., global manufacturer and supplier of industrial fluids and chemical management services, has signed an agreement to acquire the Shell Metalworking and Metal Rolling Oils business. The transaction, anticipated to close in early 2011, is subject to regulatory approval. Business Wire India

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