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International News on November 10, 2010

Manmohan Singh arrives in Seoul to attend G-20 Summit
Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh was accorded a warm welcome here on Wednesday evening as he arrived here at the Incheon International Airport, Seoul to participate in the G-20. ANI

Bush first bonded with Blair over comedy film, 'Meet the Parents'
Former US President George Bush has in his memoirs revealed that he first formed a close relationship with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair over the comedy film, 'Meet the Parents'. ANI

LA PD arrests 88 people during vice raid on prostitution in hostess bar
Officers of the Los Angeles Police Department have arrested 81 women and seven men during a vice raid at a hostess bar. ANI

DJing Brit granny is hottest new act on US clubbing circuit
A British granny, who turned a DJ a few years ago, has become the hottest new act on the clubbing circuit in the US. ANI

Pak govt's policies inviting martial law: Nawaz Sharif
Democracy is a horse and martial law is a donkey, but due to the (horse's) poor policies, the donkey is coming, Pakistan Muslim League-N chief Nawaz Sharif said, implying that the incumbent government's policies were inviting martial law in the country. ANI

Afghan Taliban reconciliation plan fizzles out over militants' rejection of Peace Council
The ambitious Taliban reconciliation plan launched by the Afghan government has turned dormant after the Taliban and some other resistance groups in Afghanistan reportedly not only rejected the Peace Council but also distanced themselves from President Hamid Karzai. ANI

US behind attacks on holy places in Pak: JI
The Jamaat-e-Islami Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has alleged that the US private security firm 'Blackwater' is behind "carrying out attacks" on the holy places in the country. ANI

Spitzer's Manhattan madam Kristin Davis gets early end to probation
A week after former Manhattan madam Kristin Davis lost her bid for governor, Supreme Court Justice Thomas Farber agreed to put an early end to her probation by slicing three years off her term. ANI

Obama's favourability finally gets boost following midterm election "shellacking": Poll
In the wake of what he described as a Democratic "shellacking" in last week's midterm elections, US President Barack Obama's favourability rating is experiencing a slight increase, according to a recent Gallup poll. ANI

Oz school defends ban on lesbian students from dance
A school in Australia has defended its decision to ban a female student from bringing her girlfriend to a school dance, saying that it was not done because of a homophobic reason. ANI

Hinduism and kirtan specialists discuss chanting as a form of divine worship
Sacred chanting as a principal mode of worship was discussed when Simrit Kaur Khalsa, one of the highly gifted singers of devotional music, and Rajan Zed, Hindu statesman, met in Reno (Nevada, USA). ANI

Suu Kyi 'will not accept Burmese military junta's conditions for her freedom'
Burma's democracy leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, has said that she will not accept conditions on her freedom if the military government releases her this week when her latest period of detention is due to end, her lawyer said on Wednesday. iss Suu Kyi voiced opposition to Burma's first election in 20 years, held last Sunday and easily won, as expected, by a party set up by the military. ANI

Porn stars' faces revealed following Sri Lanka's anti-porn drive
Under a crackdown policy on pornography in Sri Lanka, a daily newspaper has published faces of men and women who are wanted by the police for appearing on porn movies. ANI

UK Islam TV channel found in breach of guidelines by condoning marital rape
A Muslim television channel breached the broadcasting code by airing discussions containing contentious views on violence against women and marital rape, according to a ruling by UK media watchdog 'Ofcom'. ANI

Teacher wins #150k after losing voice trying to make herself heard in class!
A British teacher has been awarded 150,000 pounds after she lost her voice trying to make herself be heard in the classroom. ANI

'Secret s*x Lives' of Aussies reveals what they want on TV- more sex
Australians are looking for more s*x on TV and a new pay show known as the 'Secret s*x Lives of Australian Men and Women' is looking forward to providing them just that. ANI

3 women arrested for fight over a ciggie!
Three women from Columbus were arrested over a cigarette fight. ANI

Man who has DNA evidence of abduction by blonde female Asian aliens!
A man, who is set to be one of the guest speakers at a UFO conference in Central Australia early next year, has claimed that he was abducted by two female aliens, a blonde and an Asian. ANI

Over 2000 foreign criminals have left UK with triple bribes
Bribes paid to get foreign criminals to leave Britain have tripled in the last month, the UK Border Agency has revealed. ANI

'Toxic milk' child's protesting dad jailed for more than two years in China
A man whose five year-old son was poisoned during China's toxic milk crisis last year, has been jailed for two-and-a-half years after he set up a website to warn other parents about the disease. ANI

Cambridge dean propositioned by drunken student
New disciplinary records of Cambridge University, meant to house hard-working and quietly studious students, revealed that a college dean had to ward off sexual advances as drunk students ran around naked. ANI

RyanAir hostesses 'strip off' for charity
European budget carrier Ryanair has launched its sexy 2011 Cabin Crew Calendar which it hopes will raise up to 100,000 euros for charity. ANI

Rudd 'roasted for gate-crashing' Clinton's 'Q and A show'
Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has been condemned for demanding a place to share the limelight with the US Secretary of State, in a heavily promoted 'Q and A show' on ABC TV. ANI

Cameron to urge China for democracy, free media and independent courts
British Prime Minister David Cameron, who is on a high-profile state visit to Beijing, would reportedly use a public speech to urge China for organising democratic elections, a free media and independent courts, which are vital for a modern economy. ANI

Musharraf to target non-voters, youth, minorities in his political comeback bid
Former Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf has said that he believes he has "an even chance" of returning to political power in his country's 2013 general elections, and would seek attracting support of those who do not normally vote. ANI

US woman solves Wheel of Fortune puzzle with just 1 letter revealed!
A footage of US quiz show contestant swept the web after solving a Wheel of Fortune puzzle with just one letter revealed. ANI

The perfect girlfriend 'has a big s*x appetite and eats a lot!'
Men believe that the perfect girlfriend is the one who has a high s*x drive, enjoys a hearty meal and gets ready to go out in 10 minutes. ANI

Jury will not see pics of s*x statues in Prince of Brunei lawsuit
A Manhattan judge has ruled that the jury will not get to see pictures of the life-size statues the Prince of Brunei had made of himself having s*x with one of his fiancees. ANI

Indonesian minister says he was "forced" to shake Michelle Obama's hand
An Indonesian politician, who is a staunch Muslim, has taken to Twitter to claim that he was "forced" to shake hands with US First Lady Michelle Obama. ANI

Palin takes on Wall Street Journal reporter to prove she reads newspapers
A sensitive former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin sunk "her teeth" into a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) over her reading habits. ANI

Kiwi bar club owner, Indian student spar over racism, groping row
A high-profile New Plymouth nightclub owner is brushing off allegations of racism after an Indian student claims he was denied entry because of his ethnicity. ANI

"India trying to create anti-Pak Afghanistan": Musharraf
Former Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf has accused India of trying to create a hostile state in Afghanistan against his country. ANI

Pentagon probing missile firing off California coast
The Pentagon is trying to find out if a missile was fired off the California coast, and who launched it. The US Navy, Air Force, and other military organisations are examining video of the event captured from a passing news helicopter, The Telegraph reports ANI

"China supports India's willingness to play bigger role at UN": FM spokesman
China has declared its support for rational and necessary reform of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) as well as India's willingness to play a bigger role at the UN. ANI

'Bush could be arrested abroad over sanctioning 'waterboarding' of terror suspects'
US security chiefs have condemned former President George W Bush's defence of torture yesterday, and disputed his claim that information obtained by subjecting prisoners to simulated drowning or 'waterboarding' had scuttled Al Qaeda plots to blow up Canary Wharf and Heathrow airport. ANI

'Shocked' Pak hoping US backing of India's UNSC permanent seat bid merely symbolic
Shocked by the US support for India's bid for a permanent seat in the United Nations' Security Council (UNSC), Pakistan seems to be clutching the last straw of hope that Washington's announcement is merely symbolic, given the complexity of the issue. ANI

Assistant's boobs resting on scales make supermarket customer pay more!
A supermarket customer in Jersey had to pay around five pounds more while buying fruit and vegetables because the cashier's br**ts were resting on the weighing scales. ANI

Vladimir Putin is cold-blooded, reveals George W Bush in tell-all
North Korea's Kim Jongil is a food-hurling tantrum thrower, Jacques Chirac of France likes to lecture, Tony Blair is a stalwart friend, and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is "cold-blooded"-these are some of the revelations former US President George W Bush has made in his new book. ANI

Wife made me do the dishes when presidency was over, admits Bush
Former U.S. President George W Bush has admitted that the day after his presidency finished, his wife Laura told him to do the dishes. ANI

Roman court annuls marriage as wife 'thought about having an affair'
Italian judges annulled a marriage yesterday because the wife had merely thought of having an affair. ANI

Hitler's Nazi party financed 30% of WW II with stolen Jewish money
German Chancellor Adolf Hitler's Nazi party 'actively worked to destroy Europe's Jews financially,' and financed 30 percent of the German war with their robbed money, according to researchers. ANI

Pak open to dialogue with India for resolving all disputes including Kashmir: Zardari
Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has reiterated that Islamabad wants to resolve all problems with India, including the long-standing Kashmir dispute, in an amicable manner. ANI

'US completely supports India playing constructive role in Afghanistan': Crowley
The United States has not excluded India in "any way, shape, or form" in playing a constructive role in Afghanistan as part of its regional strategy, the US State Department has said. ANI

One in four Brits still in touch with their childhood best friend
A recent UK survey has found out that one-fourth of Britons are still in contact with their best buddies from primary school. ANI

Iran brands Carla Bruni 'adulteress'
Iran has launched a second scathing attack on French First Lady Carla Bruni, branding her 'an adulteress' for supporting a woman facing death by stoning. ANI

47% of Afghans feel country moving in right direction: Poll
Afghans are more optimistic about the future than they were previously, with 47 percent of those surveyed claiming that Afghanistan was moving in the right direction, according to the Asia Foundation poll. ANI

Bush was lost in 'Laura's stunning blue eyes' when they met!
Former US President George W. Bush has revealed in his memoirs that he fell in love with wife, Laura when he saw her stunning blue eyes. ANI

"Pak govt 'completely aware' of intelligence agencies 'financing militants' in Kashmir"
Pakistani intelligence agencies are "fully supporting and financing" terrorist groups in Jammu and Kashmir, and the Pakistan government "is completely aware" about this, a member of the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) has revealed. ANI

Boeing Dreamliner makes emergency landing in Taxas
A Boeing 787 Dreamliner made an emergency landing in Texas during a test flight on Tuesday after smoke was observed in the main cabin. ANI

HARMAN launches integrated navigation and infotainment solutions in India
HARMAN, the premium global audio and infotainment group (NYSE:HAR), said today it is delivering the first integrated navigation and infotainment systems with detailed Indian road maps Business Wire India

Lenovo Reports Second Quarter 2010/11 Results
Lenovo Group today reported results for its second fiscal quarter ended September 30, 2010, and for the fourth quarter in a row, Lenovo delivered solid execution, helping the Company grow faster than any of the top four PC manufacturers Business Wire India

Corning Breaks Ground on Shanghai Automotive Substrate Facility Expansion
Corning Incorporated (NYSE: GLW) today broke ground on the previously announced $125 million expansion of Corning Shanghai Company Limited, Corning’s automotive substrate facility in Shanghai, China. Members of the Chinese government, employees, and customers attended the ceremony Business Wire India

Corning Expands Line of EAGLE XG® Slim LCD Glass Substrates
Corning Incorporated (NYSE:GLW) has announced the commercial availability of EAGLE XG® Slim glass substrates in larger generation sizes to support LCD panel manufacturing for larger applications like TV and large monitors. The announcement came at FPD International, a major industry trade show in Makuhari Messe, Japan. Business Wire India

Datalex Collects Yet More World Travel Awards at Gala Ceremony in London
Datalex continued to collect accolades at the recent World Travel Awards Grand Final Gala Ceremony which took place at the Grosvenor House Park Lane in London. The Awards highlight excellence in the worldwide travel industry, celebrating some of the outstanding achievements of key organisations and individuals. Business Wire India

WIN Consortium Announces the 3rd Annual WIN Symposium: Gateways to Efficacy of Cancer Diagnostics and Therapeutics
The Worldwide Innovative Networking (WIN) Consortium invites you to attend the 3rd WIN Annual Symposium, which this year is dedicated to a very challenging topic: gateways to increasing the efficacy of cancer diagnostics and therapeutics. Business Wire India

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