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Mexican drug gang kills woman who took police chief job men didn't want

December 2, 2010 - London

The unending war between gangsters and the authorities in Mexico has led to a female police chief, who took on the job because men didn't want it, being murdered by a drug gang.

Hermila Garcia, 38, who became the top law enforcement officer in the town of Meoqui, northern Mexico, only two months ago, was attacked as she drove to work by herself, the Daily Mail reported.

Garcia, a lawyer by profession and single with no children, was one of a handful of women who have taken leadership roles in police departments in towns where men have stayed away because of fear.

"La Jefa", as she was known, didn't carry weapons or have bodyguards, and she was very fond of saying, "If you don't owe anything, you don't fear anything", when asked why she didn't have security.

Her death has left some wondering if it wasn't a warning from the drug cartels to other women, like Marisol Valles Garcia, 20, a student who became police chief of Praxedis, in the Juarez valley, also in the state of Chihuahua, home to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico's most violent drug war city.


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