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Mexican Army looking for 12-year-old drug cartel hit man

November 14, 2010 - New York

The Mexican Army is hunting a 12-year-old suspected drug gang hit man accused of carrying out a series of horrific killings in the country.

The boy, known only as El Ponchis, or The Cloak, is suspected to have been employed by a drug cartel to torture and murder its enemies, reports the New York Post.

Reports said El Ponchis was paid 3,000 dollars for each murder and that he tortured his victims before killing them.

The boy's trademark murders involve slitting the throats of the victims, and leaving the head hanging by a thread.

Videos circulating on the Internet show El Ponchis attacking one enemy with a stick and slashing the throat of another.

The boy is allegedly under the command of a little-known South Pacific gang fighting the major La Familia cartel for control in southwestern Mexico.

The killer is said to be working with a group of women called the Las Chavelas, some believed to be his sisters.

El Ponchis is known as the youngest member - and reputedly the most bloodthirsty.


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