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Meghan McCain picks a bone with Palin over 'blue bloods' remark

December 2, 2010 - Washington

Meghan McCain once again seized an opportunity to confront Sarah Palin, who dismissed the Bush clan as blue bloods on the Laura Ingraham radio show last week.

"I actually had to Google what the meaning of 'blue bloods' was, although I could surmise that it was some kind of knock against education and coming from a family of some success," the Poliitco quoted McCain as writing for the Daily Beast.

"In the way it has been used I am probably considered one and so is the entire Bush family, not to mention countless others," she wrote.

McCain added that the blue blood reference was made by Palin "after former President George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara said in an interview that they thought Mitt Romney was essentially the man to watch in 2012."

She sees the Bush clan and Sarah Palin as both living the American dream, "albeit a different one." She says that neither the Bush lineage nor the Palin's lack of political lineage should trump the other, but that "both stories are simply the American dream and taking issue with one kind of path towards success versus another is very dangerous."

She pushed the "Can't we all just get along?" message, saying that for the good of the Republican party, "fighting about who has the more appropriate and all-American narrative best suited for the next great GOP leader" is nothing but a waste of precious time.


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