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Kitten rescued after being flushed down toilet by callous owner

December 2, 2010 - London

A tiny four-week-old kitten nicknamed Flush is said to have survived after being flushed down a toilet by its callous owner.

The kitten was found by engineer Bradley Jackson after he heard crying coming from a sewer beneath a tower block.

He lifted off the drain cover and saw a tail, and thought he had found a rat, but he then saw Flush's face and realised it was a bedraggled kitten.

"The only way she could have got there is if she was flushed down the toilet. If I hadn't gone down to the basement who knows what would have happened," the Sun quoted him as saying.

Jackson took the kitten from the estate in Pimlico, London, to a nearby Blue Cross animal hospital where workers called her Flush.

"It's horrendous to think someone flushed her down the loo. She was freezing cold, soaking wet and terrified," vet Charlotte Hamilton added.

Flush is now settling into a new home.


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