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Hubby horrified at being suspected of murdering Brit-Indian bride

December 7, 2010 - London

British Indian millionaire Shrien Dewani is said to be horrified at claims he will be named in court today as a suspect in his bride Anni Dewani's murder.illionaire Shrien, 30, is likely to be implicated by lawyers defending the driver of the hijacked taxi in which ex-model Anni was found shot dead.

The British care-home tycoon could then face extradition to South Africa if he refuses to voluntarily return to Cape Town.

The Sun quoted a source close to the Dewani family, as saying: "Shrien is utterly appalled at the prospect of being named as a suspect. He has lost the woman he loved in horrific circumstances and his life is in ruins. Now he is being persecuted with smears and lies. Shrien has made it clear he will cooperate fully to help find his wife's killers but is now deeply concerned about the way inquiries are being conducted.

"Accusing him of anything is ludicrous. Why would he kill the woman he loved? Why would he destroy his own future?"


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