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Growing number of college girls in China wooing sugar daddies

December 25, 2010 - Melbourne

A growing number of Chinese girl students are marketing themselves to older, richer men willing to support their studies and pay for a desirable lifestyle.

Millions of female students have registered Jiayuan, the biggest dating site in China, which was created by 24-year-old Shanghai student Gong Xiaoyuan.

Among its 25 million members are students explicitly seeking men who will give them what the Chinese call the si you or "four haves".

The candidates must have: a prestigious business or job, a house, a car and a high salary.

Zhang Yan, of the Guiyang Medical College, demanded 30,000 dollars for marriage.

"No matter who the man is, so long as he is willing to give me 30,000 dollars I will marry him immediately," the Australian quoted her as writing on the dating site.

A 54-year-old man named Wang began a relationship with a 24-year-old graduate student who listed her desires as "a man with a house in Shanghai and 1 million yuan in the bank".

Wang said they met in a coffee shop and then moved in together for several months until his lover found a 60-year-old American-born Chinese man, who wooed her away with a promise to take her to the US.

"I could not fall in love with a man who didn't have his own house, even though he was young and handsome," said another 28-year-old graduate.

Young men are not averse to advertising their readiness to trade love for money, either.

Xiao Louming, a student in Hangzhou, confessed, "If a family can give me 10 million yuan investment capital, then I'm ready to marry a woman 10 years older than me."


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