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Dine-in-the-dark eatery in NY completely safe, claims manager

November 14, 2010 - New York

A restaurant-with no light and blind waiters serving French cuisine-is as safe as a normal restaurant, claims manager.

The dine-in-the-dark eatery Dans le Noir-a windowless space devoid of light-is set to open early next year in Tribeca.

"It's a sensory culinary experience," the New York Daily News quoted manager Celine Djezvedjian, as saying.

"This is an experience that will allow people to discover and rediscover the food and wine they already know," said Djezvedjian

In the six years since the unconventional restaurant first opened in Paris, there has not been a single incident.

"We take safety very seriously," said Djezvedjian.

In fact, it has been so successful that Dans le Noir-French for 'In the Black'-now has outposts in London and Moscow.

As soon as they enter the restaurant, proposed for Franklin St. near Lafayette St., diners will have to surrender their cell phones and other gadgets that light up.

A blind server will then lead them from the lit bar to a large table in a pitch-black dining area. The prix fixe menu will run about 65 dollars a person, and guests will be limited to two glasses of wine.

There will be helpers to guide customers to the bathrooms, and in the event of emergencies, the lights can be turned on with the flick of a "panic button," said Djezvedjian.


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