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International News on December 5, 2010

Peace process in Nepal moving toward critical period: UN official
United Nations Under Secretary General for Political Affairs B Lynn Pascoe has said that Nepal's peace process was moving toward critical period and urged the political leaders to prove their political will by making compromises and resolving issues of integration and rehabilitation, power-sharing and the drafting of a new constitution. ANI

Karzai, Gilani dismiss WikiLeaks' revelations
Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai and Pakistan Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani have dismissed whistleblower website WikiLeaks' revelations about their respective countries as alternately false, unreliable and the work of "junior officers". ANI

Nawaz untrustworthy, entire PML-N leadership double-faced: PML-Q leader
The diplomatic cables released by whistle-blower website WikiLeaks have rightly termed former premier Nawaz Sharif untrustworthy, as the entire leadership of Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) is double-faced, Pakistan Muslim League-Q leader Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi has said. ANI

Pak to train Afghan Army, finance officers
Afghanistan has accepted Pakistan's offer to train its army and finance officers. ANI

North warns South Korea not to ponder over "catastrophic consequences"
North Korea has reportedly urged South Korea to "stop acting rashly and ponder over the catastrophic consequences." ANI

Internet cafe blast kills 6, injures 37 in SW China
Six people have been reportedly killed and 37 others injured in an explosion that rocked an Internet cafe in Southwest China's Guizhou province on Saturday night. ANI

No compromise on key issues related to climate change: China
Huang Huikang, the Chinese Foreign Ministry's special representative for climate change talks, has said that his country would make compromises in the negotiation process, but "not on key issues." ANI

Nepali farm develops disease-resistant tomatoes
A Nepali agriculture farm has developed nine varieties of disease-resistant and heat-tolerant tomatoes. ANI

Prince William's household 'planning the royal wedding'
Prince William's household is apparently helping the royal and his bride-to-be Kate Middleton plan the royal wedding. ANI

Kiwi adventurer leading international Yeti hunt
Kiwi adventurer Mike Allsop, who conquered Mt Everest three years ago, is leading an international Yeti hunt. he team is searching for the skull and skeletal hand of what was said to be a mythical 'Abominable Snowman', which were stolen from a monastery in the tiny Nepalese village of Pangboche, in the 1990s, reports The New Zealand Herald. ANI

How a dead tramp fooled Hitler as part of 'Operation Mincemeat'
With the aim of fooling Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, British intelligence officers came up with 'Operation Mincemeat', a successful deception plan during World War II that involved passing off a British corpse as an officer carrying secret documents. ANI

UK firms guilty of sexualisation of children to be prosecuted
The British government will soon put in place new stringent laws that will allow it to prosecute companies who issue advertisements, magazine images or clothing that leads to the sexualisation of children. ANI

Fast-food outlets offer children free super size meals in mailouts
An Australian report has revealed that major junk food outlets are targeting children under the age of 12 through direct mail as part of their sophisticated online marketing campaigns to pre-teens that include special offers, free food vouchers and competitions. ANI

Westminster Abbey to get makeover in time for the royal wedding
The wedding venue for Prince William and Kate Middleton, Westminster Abbey, is set to get a makeover. ANI

WikiLeaks "a rapist's propaganda" for 'maligning' all nations: Saudi envoy
Slamming the release of secret diplomatic cables by whistle blower website WikiLeaks for 'maligning the leadership of every country', a senior Saudi diplomat has called the website "a rapist's propaganda". ANI

Asfandyar rejects WikiLeaks reports of Kayani offering him presidency
Awami National Party (ANP) chief Asfandyar Wali Khan has dismissed whistle-blower website WikiLeaks' reports that said Army Chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani had offered him to become the president of Pakistan. ANI

An American "university" offering online Ph. D. in Hinduism
Almeda University is now offering online "Doctor of Philosophy in Hinduism". ANI

Nikki Haley to endorse 2012 presidential Republican candidate
Nikki Haley, the Indian-origin politician in America, has said that she would endorse a presidential candidate before the primaries. ANI

Hillary Clinton's questioned Rudd 'how can we stand up to Beijing?': Wikileaks
Secret cables released by the whistleblower website 'WikiLeaks' have revealed that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had revealed America's deep anxiety over China's growing economic power and hold on US finances by asking Australia's then Prime Minister as to how he dealt with his banker. ANI

Kids named 'Beth' and 'Josh' top naughty list
Ever wondered what's in the name? Well, a lot actually, reveals a new survey. ANI

Pak agreed to share information on Mumbai attacks with India: WikiLeaks
Pakistan had agreed to share information with India on the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks, a diplomatic cable released by whistle-blower website WikiLeaks has revealed. ANI

Women to serve on Royal Navy submarines for first time
For the very first time, the Royal Navy's submarine fleet is preparing to open its doors to women. ANI

UK snow: 7 stuck in pub keeping their spirits high by eating, drinking
Seven people have been stuck inside a pub for the past nine days after the building was engulfed by 16ft snow drifts. ANI

India was concerned with China's "newly pugnacious" foreign policy: Wikileaks
The whistleblower website Wikileaks' recent secret releases of US diplomatic cables have revealed that European diplomats, including India, were "most vocal" that China's "newly pugnacious" foreign policy is "losing friends worldwide". ANI

WikiLeaks expose no 'sacred scriptures' or 'divine revelations': Pak minister
The diplomatic cables released by whistle-blower website WikiLeaks are not 'sacred scriptures' or 'divine revelations' that those should be believed, Federal Minister for Information Qamar Zaman Kaira has said. ANI

Musharraf wanted technocrat-led Pak govt within months of 2008 elections: WikiLeaks
Just after six months of the 2008 general elections in Pakistan, former president Pervez Musharraf was mulling to replace the freshly elected government with that of technocrats, a diplomatic cable released by whistle-blower website WikiLeaks has revealed. ANI

PayPal suspends donations to WikiLeaks
PayPal, the online payments service, has blocked donations to WikiLeaks and to a German foundation that raises funds for it following the release of 250,000 confidential US government cables. ANI

Paint-peeling Naga Viper chili pepper set to become world's spiciest
The Naga Viper will soon be named the hottest chili in the world. ANI

Al-Qaeda planned to use poisoned perfume to kill Saudi govt. officials
Al-Qaeda militants planned to kill Saudi government and security officials by using poisoned perfumes to their offices. ANI

Assange bitterly disappointed with Oz Govt over barring his entry to country
Julian Assange, founder of the whistleblower website 'WikiLeaks', still considers Australia his home, but said that the Government of that country is not keen on calling him back following his website's release of 250,000 confidential US government cables. ANI

Chinese politician behind Google hacking: WikiLeaks
Secret cables released by the whistleblower website 'WikiLeaks' have revealed that the hacking of Google, which forced the search engine out of China, was masterminded by one of the politicians of the country. ANI

Brit man in Bin Laden mask gets cop rap
A Brit man has been warned his car could be confiscated after police spotted him driving in an Osama Bin Laden mask. ANI

No nation can win 'war on terror' sans Pak support: Gilani
No country can win the war against terrorism without Pakistan's help, Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani has said. ANI

US asked Pak to ink NSA accord with India to secure civil N-cooperation deal: Cable
The United States had put a major condition on Pakistan for securing nuclear cooperation with it on the lines of the US-India pact, a diplomatic cable unveiled by whistle-blower website WikiLeaks has revealed. ANI

Brit-Indian carjack hubby planned to share 5 million pound love nest with murdered wife
Brit-Indian business tycoon Shrien Dewani, whose wife was murdered on honeymoon in South Africa, had planned to share a five million pound home with his bride. ANI

London hotels cashing in on royal wedding fever
Hotels in London are hiking their prices by up to 200 per cent as tourists line up to be in the British capital for the royal wedding. ANI

Hindus greet Buddhists on Bodhi Day
Hindus have sent early greetings to Buddhist communities world over on Bodhi Day, commemorating Gautama Buddha's enlightenment, which falls on December eight. ANI

Hindus laud British Museum for extensive Hindu collection
Hindus have applauded British Museum (BM) in London for its sizeable collection of Hindu art and artifacts. ANI

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