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International News on December 23, 2010

'Pak military's "dual policy" on terrorist safe havens an open invite to US incursions'
The Pakistan Army must understand the limits to which the country can push its "dual policy" on terror sanctuaries existing on its soil, because continuing with this policy may invite "great danger" ahead, an editorial in a Pakistani newspaper has said. ANI

'US, allies should not make Pakistan scapegoat for failure in Afghanistan': Haqqani
The United States and NATO nations should not make Pakistan a scapegoat for their collective failure in Afghanistan, Pakistan's Ambassador to the United States, Hussain Haqqani, has said. ANI

Brit boss gets freezing staff hypnotised into thinking they're warm
A boss in Britain, who refuses to buy heaters to keep his freezing workers warm, has instead had them hypnotised into thinking that they are warm. ANI

'Moving forward' tops list of 2010's most annoying phrases
The term "Moving forward" has made the top of The Plain English Foundation's inaugural list of annoying words and phrases for 2010. ANI

CBS News airs fake cover of Bush's memoir
CBS News is said to have aired a fake cover of former President George W. Bush's memoir after a staff mistook it for the real deal after it was floated on the Internet. ANI

How American Muslims coped with 9/11 aftermath
'Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind' is a famous aphorism by Albert Einstein. ANI

Obama's 'Spider-Man' quote at press conference takes Twitter by storm
US President Barack Obama has taken Twitter by storm after using the classic Spider-Man quote "with great power comes great responsibility" at a press conference. ANI

'Zardari stopped Pak authorities from conducting autopsy on Benazir's body'
An Anti-Terrorism Court in Pakistan heard that President Asif Ali Zardari had stopped authorities from conducting an autopsy on Benazir Bhutto's body after she was shot dead at a rally during an election campaign on December 27, 2007. ANI

S. African prosecuting authority submits papers for Dewani extradition
South Africa's National Prosecuting Authority has submitted papers for the extradition of British Indian murder-accused Shrien Dewani to the South African justice department. ANI

Taliban dismiss UNO report on Afghan civilian casualties as "politically-motivated"
The Taliban have refuted the latest United Nations Organization (UNO) report on civilian casualties in Afghanistan that blamed insurgents for the majority of deaths there, calling it "politically-motivated", and a "propaganda stint aimed at concealing American brutalities" in the war-ravaged country. ANI

Accused former Rawalpindi cop's u-turn on Benazir Bhutto's security claims
Saud Aziz, the former City Police Officer (CPO) of Rawalpindi who was involved in security arrangements and in subsequent investigation of the assassination of former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, has reportedly taken a u-turn on his statement regarding the removal of security officials before Bhutto was shot dead at a rally during an election campaign on December 27, 2007. ANI

Kylie Minogue's Christmas wishes for Brit troops in Afghanistan
British Prime Minister David Cameron and singer Kylie Minogue have extended their Christmas messages to the British troops serving in Afghanistan. ANI

'Terrorist safe havens inside Pak territory remain threat to the whole world': Afghanistan
More pressure should be exerted on insurgents sheltering in safe havens inside Pakistan territory because they threaten security not only in the region, but all across the globe, the Afghan Defence Department has said. ANI

Norwegian reindeer fitted with reflectors to avoid car crashes
In an effort to protect them from getting hit by cars, Norway's 200,000 reindeer are being fitted with reflectors. ANI

Katy Perry and Russell Brand want to set up a charity
Katy Perry and her husband Russell Brand have plans to set up a foundation to help the poor and needy. ANI

Erectile dysfunction treatment Oz company in trouble over misconduct
The Advanced Medical Institute Pty Ltd and AMI Australia Holdings Pty Ltd in Australia are in trouble over allegations that patients were inappropriately diagnosed and promised refunds that were not delivered. ANI

Air New Zealand's 'SkyCouch' allows couples to have room to cuddle
In an era of uncomfortable, cramped economy class seats, Air New Zealand has introduced a revolutionary 'SkyCouch' design which will enable couples to have room to cuddle. ANI

Noor Jahan being remembered today on her 10th anniversary
It's been 10 years since the fateful day the famous 'Queen of Melody' or Malika-e-Tarannum, Noor Jahan, passed away and today, she is being remembered by many. ANI

Oz woman who stabbed beau applies for bail over burst br*ast implant
A woman in Australia, who has been jailed for stabbing her boyfriend several times, has appealed for bail to the Toowoomba Magistrates Court citing a burst br*ast implant as reason. ANI

Oz undertaker charged with stealing jewellery from corpses
An undertaker in Australia has been charged with stealing jewellery from corpses that he had been asked to bury or cremate. ANI

US military onslaught forcing Taliban commanders to flee Kandahar, claim locals
Afghan Taliban commanders have reportedly fled Kandahar because of the US military attacks against the insurgent group in the region that was once controlled by them. ANI

UK Christmas terror attack plotters received training in Pakistan
Members of an alleged terrorist cell planning Mumbai type suicide attacks on Christmas shoppers in London received their training in Pakistan, according to sources. ANI

N. Korea gets gender wrong while calling US politician 'human scum'
North Korea got the gender wrong while labeling the incoming head of the United States' House Foreign Affairs Committee as "human scum" and an "anti-communist fanatic". ANI

Oz man could end up in jail for kissing wife on butt
A man in Australia has been warned that he could face a jail term after he drunkenly kissed his estranged wife on her bottom. ANI

Conquering Mt Everest: romantic adventure or personal status pursuit?
Enthusiastic adventurers these days are prepared to pay any amount of money to, say, conquer the Everest but a new study asks: Is it an adventure characterizing communitarian spirit or just a selfish pursuit? ANI

Inability to imagine future prevents us from saving up in the present: Study
A new study reveals that if we could imagine our future financial situation, we would be much more willing to save up money in the present. ANI

Ex-president Bush, wife safe after police detain man outside Dallas home
Former president George W. Bush and his wife Laura Bush were reported to be safe and sound after police detained a man near their home on Wednesday night. ANI

Teen girls living in most deprived areas 'more likely to be assaulted'
A new study in UK has revealed that teen girls living in the most deprived areas are five times as likely to be assaulted as their affluent male and female peers. ANI

'Ultimately, it's Pak and India that have to have dialogue and resolve Kashmir issue': US
The United States has stressed that the Kashmir issue is a matter between India and Pakistan, as ultimately, it is the two nuclear neighbours who have to resolve the longstanding dispute. ANI

Hindu spiritual leader's abduction in Balochistan triggers protests
The abduction of a Hindu spiritual leader has triggered protest demonstrations in different parts of the Pakistani province of Balochistan. ANI

S. Korea hold new massive army, air force drills in show of force against N. Korea
In a show of force aimed at countering potential and possible threats from North Korea, the South Korean army and air force held its largest air and ground drills here on Thursday. ANI

A third of Brits believe a guardian angel is watching over them
Nearly a third of Britons believe they have a guardian angel watching over them, according to a new survey. ANI

Mike Huckabee defends Michelle Obama in food fight with Sarah Palin
Potential Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has defended US First Lady Michelle Obama on her push to combat childhood obesity. ANI

Oz Govt. issues formal apology to Indian-origin Dr. Haneef over wrongful arrest
The Australian government has made a formal apology to Indian-origin doctor Mohamed Haneef for wrongly arresting him over suspicion of involvement in the 2007 Glasgow International Airport terrorist attack, saying he can now move on with his life. ANI

80pc Aussies disapprove of s*x-selective abortions
A recent Australian survey has found that most people Down Under disapprove of abortion based on s*x of the baby. ANI

SafeNet Delivers Critical Data Protection and Transaction Security for BancNet’s ATM Outsourcing Operations
SafeNet, Inc., a global leader in information security, announced its partnership with BancNet, the first and the largest Automated Teller Machine (ATM) consortium in the Philippines, to protect BancNet’s ATM outsourcing operations using SafeNet’s Luna EFT Hardware Security Module (HSM). Business Wire India

BATS Global Markets and Chi-X Europe Enter Exclusive Negotiations
BATS Global Markets and Chi-X Europe has announced the two companies have entered into exclusive negotiations regarding the potential sale of Chi-X Europe to BATS Global Markets. Business Wire India

Time Honors AFP Photographer Mauricio Lima for Afghan Work
Time Magazine said Wednesday it had honored Agence France-Presse photographer Mauricio Lima with its "Wire Photographer of the Year" award, hailing his "remarkable body of work" from the Afghan war. Business Wire India

Zayed Future Energy Prize Announced Top Six Finalists to Compete for the $2.2 Millon USD
The Zayed Future Energy Prize, has announced the top six finalists to compete for the 2011 Prize. Inspired by the vision and environmental stewardship of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Founding Father of the United Arab Emirates, the Prize recognizes and rewards outstanding work in renewable energy and sustainability. Business Wire India

N-trig Pen and Multi-Touch Technology Now Operating with Android
N-trig, providers of DuoSense® a pen and projected capacitive multi-touch solution enabled over a single digitizer, today announced that it is now compatible with the Android operating system. Business Wire India

Corporate Social Responsibility Weekly Recap (December 15 – December 22, 2010)
The following releases focus on Corporate Social Responsibility and moved during the week of December 15 – December 22, 2010. Business Wire India

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