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International News on December 22, 2010

Fiji looks to Bollywood to boost its beleaguered economy
Bollywood is all set to generate millions of dollars for Fiji's beleaguered economy, as three Indian films are to be shot there over the next year. ANI

Crossbow Cannibal tells cops: I've killed loads more
The British man, who calls himself as The Crossbow Cannibal and was arrested for butchering three prostitutes, has told cops that he has killed a lot more. ANI

Secret reports on New Zealand UFO sightings revealed
Thousands of secret reports detailing mysterious unexplained UFO sightings from the public and military personnel in New Zealand have been revealed. ANI

Children's groups in UK warned not to play games in the dark
A Court of Appeal has warned children's groups not to play games in the dark after it upheld a compensation award to a scout injured during night activities. ANI

Oz 'love hot-spots' where most single men can be found revealed
Single women hoping to hook up with single men need look no further than northwest Queensland in Australia. ANI

'Sarah Palin's Alaska': Season 2 coming?
Rumours are rife that former Alaska governor Sarah Palin's reality show 'Sarah Palin's Alaska' on TLC could be sticking around for a second season. ANI

Terrorists could target America this festive season: US security officials
US security officials have warned that America could come under the purview of terrorist attacks this festive season. ANI

PPP puts IMF-backed tax regime on back burner due to "opposition by main parties"
The Pakistan People's Party (PPP) government has decided to put aside the controversial tax law for the time being, owing to the stiff opposition by almost all the political parties, including its allies. ANI

US has had "special operator" forces in Pakistan for some time now: Pentagon
The United States has "special operators" in Pakistan, who guide Pakistani military trainers to better equip their forces in handling "counter terrorism situations", the Pentagon has said. ANI

UK peer tells lawmakers that significant terror plot foiled by 12 arrests
Lord Carlile, the independent reviewer of counter-terrorism powers in Britain, has told the country's lawmakers that a significant terror plot in four cities was stopped with the arrest of 12 men of Bangladeshi origin. ANI

China bans foreign words in publications unless accompanied with Chinese translations
China's General Administration of Press and Publication (GAPP) has issued a regulation banning the country's media organisations and publishers from randomly mixing foreign languages with Chinese in publications, and in case they need to use them, they should be accompanied by a translation or explanation in Chinese. ANI

Chinese netizens asked to vote "satisfied" in online poll or have voting rights cancelled
'Autocratic' China appears to be conducting opinion polls just to appease its Id, with reports claiming that netizens were forced to say they were "satisfied" with at least half of the government departments in Putian city in the country's Fujian province, or have their voting rights cancelled. ANI

US asks Pak to do "everything possible to defeat insurgency" clearly existing on its soil
The United States has asked Pakistan to do "everything possible to defeat" insurgency that is "clearly" existent within its border. ANI

Aussie women prefer tradie to a prince for husband
A new survey has revealed that Australian women would rather marry a tradie than a prince. ANI

Sydney beaches get rubber sharks to test patrol efficiency
A number of rubber sharks are being anchored off Sydney's beaches in a bid to see how easily they can be spotted from the air during patrols. ANI

Home-grown terror threat "real, different and constant": US Attorney General
US Attorney General Eric Holder has warned although the country is ready to thwart attacks, Americans should be aware that threat of home-grown terror activities are "real and consistent". ANI

US, South Korea 'sceptical' over North's nuke inspection offer
North Korea's declaration not to retaliate against South Korean military exercises and allow inspectors to visit its nuclear facilities again is seen by many as a "step in the right direction," but US and South Korea are reportedly sceptical over a "string of broken promises." ANI

'No Pakistani safe across the globe following Aafia's 86-year prison sentence': IJN
Criticising the justice system in the United States as biased towards Muslims, the executive director of the International Justice Network, Tina Monshipour Foster, has said that following the 86-year prison sentence of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui by a US federal court, no Pakistani is now safe across the globe. ANI

Fritzl's house of horror to be torn down in 2011
Incest monster Josef Fritzl's house of horror in Amstetten, Austria is to be torn down in the spring. ANI

Scientists label report on 'Erin Brockovich' chemical 'alarmist'
If you have seen the movie 'Erin Brockovich' you may remember hexavalent chromium too - the chemical chromium-6 that is considered as a dangerous water pollutant. ANI

Rudolf gets high on magic mushrooms to escape winter's monotony!
Scientists have discovered that reindeer often eat magic mushrooms and get high. ANI

Meet the Brit man who is set to marry his Christmas tree!
A Brit man is set to fulfill his desire of marrying his Christmas tree. ANI

South African ad threatens men with prison rape if found drink driving
A drink drive advertising campaign in South Africa has been slammed for threatening men they could be raped in jail if found drunk while driving. ANI

New Chinese restaurant has robos as waitresses!
London, Dec 22 A new restaurant has opened in Shandong province of China, and has robots as waitresses. ANI

Iraqi private security firms operate "mafia" to raise their "outrageous prices": Wikileaks
The whistleblower website 'Wikileaks' has revealed in secret US diplomatic cables that the Halliburton oil field's senior executive in Iraq had accused private security companies of operating a "mafia" to increase their "outrageous prices". ANI

Three more people abducted by "government agencies" in Balochistan
State functionaries allegedly whisked away three people, including a human rights activist, in two separate incidents near Pasni and coastal highway Ormara in Pakistani province of Balochistan. ANI

US teen who sexually assaulted girls, drank blood claims he was a vampire
A teenager in the US, who claims he was a vampire before sexually assaulting girls and drinking their blood, has been arrested. ANI

Spiritual healing 'helps' woman paralysed for 23yrs walk again
A woman, who became paralysed from the waist down after an accident, has after 23-years walked again following a visit to a British spiritual healer. ANI

Brit teacher forced to quit after bombarding pupil with romantic texts
A male teacher in Britain has been forced to quit his job at a private girls' school after he bombarded a pupil with romantic emails and texts. ANI

Baby boy makes medical history as UK's first "saviour sibling"
A baby boy in Britain has become the first "saviour sibling" to be created in the UK after doctors cultivated embryos that could provide stem cells to treat a life-threatening disease his sister has been suffering since birth. ANI

'UK pressurised Scotland to release Lockerbie bomber over oil deal between BP-Libya'
The British government had pressurised Scotland to release the convicted Lockerbie bomber last year over fears of "commercial warfare" from Libya, according to a report released by four U.S. senators. ANI

Air travellers are paragons of politeness: Study
It looks like air rage stories are nothing but a myth, for travellers portrayed themselves as paragons of politeness in a new study. ANI

Baby 'boy' with rare condition turns out to be a girl 1 month later
A couple in South Africa celebrated the birth of their baby boy - only to find out a month later that she was actually a girl. ANI

Fritzl to get extra hour in bed and roast chicken dinner on Christmas Day
Cellar monster Josef Fritzl will be treated to an extra hour in bed and a meal of roast chicken on Christmas Day. ANI

Haneef's lawyer silent on '$1m Oz Govt compensation' Indian media report claim
The lawyer of Mohamed Haneef, the Indian-origin doctor who was wrongly arrested over suspicion of involvement in the 2007 Glasgow International Airport terrorist attack, has refused to confirm that he had received a million dollars in compensation as was reportedly claimed by a section of the Indian media yesterday. ANI

WikiLeaks: How Playboy star Anna Nicole 'wreaked havoc in the Bahamas'
The latest scandal revealed by WikiLeaks describes how former Playboy model and reality TV star Anna Nicole Smith blew away the Bahamas. ANI

US fines PPG's Chinese subsidiary for illegal Pakistan nuclear exports
The United States has fined the Chinese subsidiary of PPG Industries Inc. nearly four million dollars for illegally exporting high-performance coatings to a nuclear reactor in Pakistan. ANI

Russia 'leads the world in divorce'
Marital relationships in Russia seem to be on the rocks as new figures have revealed that the country has the highest divorce rate in the world. ANI

I don't think Berlusconi warrants some of the treatment he gets: Daughter
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's daughter has expressed her anger over the s*x scandals surrounding her father. ANI

Brit man's 'underwater marriage proposal' sweeps girlfriend off her feet
A young fellow from UK made quite an impression when he proposed to his girlfriend with an underwater 'Will you marry me?' sign in an aquarium. ANI

Pakistan's 'impregnable' defence capability should never be challenged: Gilani
Pakistan's defence capability is impregnable and should never be challenged, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has said. ANI

U.S. citizens 'more likely to die on Christmas Day'
U.S. citizens are more likely to die on Christmas Day than any other time of the year, according to a new study. ANI

Malay Indians need to have a separate TV channel, says HINDRAF leader
Human Rights Party secretary-general P. Uthayakumar has appealed to the Malaysian Government to create a separate television channel for the Maly Indian community. ANI

CIA launches 'task force' to assess impact of U.S. diplomatic cables' leak by WikiLeaks
The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has reportedly launched a task force to assess the impact of thousands of secret U.S. diplomatic cables and military files exposed by the whistleblower website 'Wikileaks'. ANI

UK puts its SAS choppers on terror alert
The British Government and top army commanders have decided to put the country's crack SAS helicopters on a state of high alert to crush any Christmas terror attack. ANI

1 in 3 Brit Muslims students back 'killing for Islam', 40 percent want Sharia law: Wikileaks
The whistleblower website 'Wikileaks' has revealed the outcome of a 2009 poll in the secret US diplomatic cables, saying that 32 percent of Muslim students in 30 universities across the UK believe killing in the name of religion is justified, while 40 percent want Muslims in the country to be under the Sharia law. ANI

Bangladeshi govt "death squad" trained by UK counter-terrorism officers: Wikileaks
Secret US diplomatic cables released by the whistleblower website 'Wikileaks' have revealed that British officers have been training Rapid Action Battalion(RAB), a paramilitary force accused by human rights organisations of being a "government death squad" responsible for hundreds of extra-judicial killings in Bangladesh in recent years. ANI

How 'Rudolf' became the 'Red-Nosed Reindeer'
It's a Christmas favourite with everyone - the song 'Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer' first came about as a publicity gimmick. ANI

Sexy Russian spy Anna Chapman nude in January issue of Playboy
She has been exposed yet again, but this time in a way that would appeal to her fans worldwide - Russian spy Anna Chapman will be seen n*ked in the January issue of Playboy. ANI

After-sales Demand and Spike in the Number of Projects Propel the Middle East Industrial Valves and Actuators Market, Finds Frost & Sullivan
The proliferation of new projects and growing after-sales demand continue to spur the overall growth in the Middle East industrial valves and actuators market, even as changing geographic demand and new end user segments are poised to effect a paradigm change in the current market landscape. Future growth in this market will continue to depend largely on the oil and gas industry Business Wire India

Heartbeat International Foundation and BIOTRONIK: Big Hearts in Big Business
Heartbeat International Foundation, Inc Business Wire India

A Saved Seven-Year Old Girl Initiates a Mission to Save a Thousand More People with Serious Heart Conditions around the World
BIOTRONIK SE Co. & KG, a leading manufacturer of implantable cardiac devices, has announced an important achievement in their partnership with Heartbeat International Foundation (HBI): the implantation of a donated cardiac device to save the life of Yuleisy Daniela Banos Peraldo, a seven-year old girl from Ecuador. Business Wire India

More Award-Winning GE PowerHaul® Locomotives Ship to Freightliner Group Ltd. in the United Kingdom
GE Transportation has shipped a second batch of its award-winning PowerHaul Locomotives to customer Freightliner Group Ltd. in the United Kingdom. These five locomotives were manufactured at GE’s plant in Erie, Pennsylvania, and will join the first batch of seven that were placed in revenue service shortly after arrival in the U.K Business Wire India

Hilton Worldwide Signs Multi-Year Agreement with Tata Consultancy Services
Business Wire India Publishes an Analysis of Singapore's Double Tax Agreement with India, a Singapore-focused portal that covers a wide range of topics on starting and doing business in Singapore has today published an in-depth analysis of the bilateral tax treaty between Singapore and India in order to prevent double taxation of income Business Wire India

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