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International News on December 19, 2010

Chinese Premier Wen ends Pakistan visit
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao concluded his three-day visit to Pakistan on Sunday after addressing a joint session of the country's Parliament. ANI

Al-Muhajiroun terror group recruiting near Stockholm bomber's home town
The outlawed Islamist group al-Muhajiroun is openly recruiting near the home of the suicide bomber Taimur Abdulwahab al-Abdaly who blew himself up on a Stockholm street early this month. ANI

China urges North-South Korea to avoid 'tension-evoking' moves in Peninsula
China has warned that a possible fresh clash between North Korea and South Korea could shake regional stability, and has urged both governments to avoid moves that it said would provoke tensions. ANI

UN offered lucrative retirement package to Mugabe: Wikileaks
Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe turned down a lucrative retirement package offered by the former United Nations (UN) Secretary General, Kofi Annan, according to secret US diplomatic cables resealed by Wikileaks. ANI

Terrorism must not be linked to any particular nation or religion: Jiabao
Terrorism must not be linked to any particular country or religion, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said on the last day of his three-day visit to Pakistan. ANI

Iran asks for Pak support in investigating Chahbahar suicide blast
Iran has formally requested Pakistan to assist it in investigating the terrorist attack in the Iranian city of Chahbahar. ANI

MIC Chief Palanivel urges party leadership to win back Indians' hearts and minds
Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) President G. Palanivel has urged the party leadership and its members to work hard towards winning back the hearts and minds of the Indian community. ANI

Pak Parliamentary Committee finalises 19th Amendment draft
Pakistan's Parliamentary Committee for Constitutional Reforms has finalised the draft of the 19th Amendment. ANI

Ex-US envoy to UN Bolt may run for president in 2012
Former US ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton is seriously considering running for president in 2012. ANI

Queen's head to be removed from British stamps?
It has emerged that the Queen's head would soon disappear from British stamps if the government goes ahead with its controversial plan to sell off the Royal Mail. ANI

Wet T-shirt show not demeaning women, says Oz Senator Glenn Sterle
The wet T-shirt competition in Australia has got an unlikely supporter - Labour party Senator Glenn Sterle who said such contests do not demean women. ANI

Prestigious Utrecht University of Netherlands runs a "Meditation Center" for students
Utrecht University (UU), one of the leading universities of the world, runs a "Meditation Center" for "spiritual time out". ANI

Weather girl denies using word 'rape' while telling cops about attack
TV weather babe Heidi Jones has claimed that when she told cops about her alleged attacked, she never used the word rape. ANI

Jihadi 'joker' turns television host with 'The Zaky Mallah Show'
The first person charged and acquitted under Australia's anti-terrorism laws, Zaky Mallah, has now become a television host. ANI

Mum in UK cuts out heart of 4-year-old daughter as 'religious offering'
A mother in UK has been arrested for brutally killing her four-year-old daughter as an apparent religious offering. ANI

Air NZ slogan 'fares lower than grandma's b**bs' branded 'tacky'
A billboard advertisement in Nelson for Air New Zealand's Grabaseat with the slogan, "Fares lower than your grandma's b**bs" has been accused of being ageist, tacky and disrespectful to women. ANI

US approves withdrawal of "don't ask, don't tell" ban in military
The US Senate has reportedly approved a legislation allowing gay people to serve openly in the military. ANI

I'd consider a post in the Obama Administration, says Arnie
Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to be a part of US President Barack Obama's Administration. ANI

Prince Harry reveals how mum's charity work inspired him
Prince Harry has spoken about the influence his late mother Diana, Princess of Wales, and father, the Prince of Wales, have had on his charity work. ANI

Sri Lanka lifts ban on UN war crimes team
The Sri Lankan government has reportedly given permission to a team of UN investigators to visit the island to carry out investigations into alleged war crimes in the final stage of the government's war with Tamil Tiger rebels in 2009. ANI

Vatican Library carries books on Hinduism and Yoga
Even the Vatican Library has books on Hinduism and Yoga. ANI

Parents 'limiting kids' Internet access and TV use in identical ways'
A new study has revealed that parents are now restricting their kids' Internet access in much the same way as they limit television viewing as a form of punishment. ANI

Brit-Indian honeymooner's kin claim Dewani attempted to trace wife after abduction
Relatives of the Brit-Indian businessman whose wife was killed during their honeymoon in Cape Town have spoken of his 'frantic' attempts to trace her after she was kidnapped. ANI

N. Korea accuses US of goading S. Korea into provocation
North Korea has accused the United States of goading South Korea into provoking it. ANI

Ebenezer Scroggie to be recognised for his place in literary history
Scottish merchant Ebenezer Scroggie, who inspired one of the most famous Christmas characters of all time, is all set to be recognised for his place in literary history. ANI

Palestinian state possible by 2011, says its PM
Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad has told the Israelis that there is a change in the Palestinian mindset, and suggested that the dream of a Palestine State could be realized in 2011 if all sides are "fully committed to non-violence." ANI

'Most Brits want to see Prince William as next king'
Most Britons would like to see Prince William become the country's next king, rather than his father Prince Charles, who is next in line, according to a report. ANI

Hameed Gul aspired to become Pak PM: Musharraf
Former chief of the Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Hameed Gul, wanted to become Pakistan's prime minister, former president Pervez Musharraf said in an exclusive interview to Geo News. ANI

US deals with entire Pakistan government, including military leadership: Clinton
The United States engages with the entire Pakistan government, including both civilian and military leadership, in its wide-ranging relationship with the country, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said. ANI

Brit-Indian honeymooner denies being 'gay' as couple planned to have kids
Shrien Dewani, the Brit-Indian millionaire whose wife was killed during their honeymoon in Cape Town, has rubbished allegations that he had murdered his wife because he is secretly 'a gay', and claimed that they were planning to have kids. ANI

'Brit-Indian honeymooner affectionately called his 'murdered wife' "Barbie"'
Family members of a Brit-Indian millionaire, whose wife was killed during their honeymoon in Cape Town, have said that Shrien Dewani affectionately called Anni his "Barbie" because she loved dressing up. ANI

Bailed WikiLeaks founder Assange claims 'life under threat'
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has claimed that his life is in danger as he prepares to fight extradition proceedings to Sweden over allegations that he sexually assaulted two women. ANI

Pak Army will 'very possibly' succeed in tackling Taliban havens in country: Mullen
Chairman, US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, remains positive that the Pakistani military will 'very possibly' succeed in shutting down Taliban hideouts on its soil to prevent terrorists from moving back and forth across the porous border with Afghanistan. ANI

Over three in ten UK varsities are training Islamic terrorists?
Chiefs of the British intelligence service M15 have already warned 39 universities in the country that they have a serious problem with Islamic "violent extremism". ANI

WikiLeaks attackers 'a united group of passionate actors'
Cyber crime experts from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) have suggested that the mob mentality behind the current wave of cyber attacks against sites of various banking, credit and other service-industries are not the result of frenzy or mass hysteria - rather they are a united group of passionate actors. ANI

Assange's 'promiscuous lifestyle, refusal to test for HIV led to charges'
A WikiLeaks employee has shed new light on the allegations of sexual misconduct that led to Julian Assange's legal troubles. ANI

UK watchdog launches probe into vital messages missing en route to India
The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), Britain's privacy watchdog, has launched an investigation into claims that vital emails between senior executives and journalists on the News of the World have been "lost" while being transported to India. ANI

CIA station chief's identity breach to hit intelligence ties between US-ISI
The Central Intelligence Agency station chief's identity breach is likely to cause friction between US and Pakistani intelligence agents, who have worked closely, if not always with mutual trust, in the war against insurgents along Pakistan's volatile border with Afghanistan. ANI

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