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BMW 'burns' logo on viewers' eyes to 'see' ad even when they're shut!

December 21, 2010 - London

Talk about leaving an imprint on someone's mind! BMW has come up with a new idea - to 'burn' their logo on the eyes of viewers so they can see it even when they close their eyes.

You might be familiar with the effect already - try staring at the sun and then close your eyes - it leaves an 'after-image' that can still be seen for several moments afterwards.

The new ad uses a heavy-duty flash designed for lighting film sets that shines through a cardboard stencil right at the end. When the flash goes off during the advert it just seems like standard flash, but when the audience then close their eyes they are startled to see the clear afterimage of the BMW logo on their eyelids.

The advert features champion motorcycle racer Ruben Xaus, who at the end, tells people who ask him what 'living your dream' means for him 'to look deep inside yourself.'

"Just close your eyes and look deep inside yourself. Maybe it's your dream too. Close your eyes and you will see it. Close them now," the Daily Mail quoted him as saying in the ad.

The screen goes black and when the audience close their eyes. Imprinted on their eyelids is a sharp afterimage spelling out BMW, which lasts for a few moments before fading away.

However, some have suggested that the plan may never take flight due to the dangers of people complaining that it has triggered an epileptic fit and suing.


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