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725kg buffalo gets driven to bar for pint of ale

December 21, 2010 - Melbourne

A male bison weighing 725kg likes to take a ride in his owner's car and to also join him for a pint at a bar in Canada.

Bailey Jr is driven to a Spruce Grove bar, about 30km, west of Edmonton, in a convertible by farmer Jim Sautner, and a camera crew from Animal Planet filmed him chugging down a root beer and a bottle of beer.

According to the Edmonton Sun, every morning Jim and Linda Sautner would sit down for a family breakfast in their home with Bailey Jr.

"At breakfast we put a tub of oats at the table for him, and I eat oatmeal - I read the newspapers to him sometimes too," the Daily Telegraph quoted Jim as saying.

"He's part of the family. Like one of the kids," he stated.

Jim takes his companion - in his customised convertible car - to a local bar for a beer. Bailey Jr drinks the alcohol from a feeder they've mounted to the car's hood.

About three or four months ago Bailey Jr was used to shoot a Kohler Beer commercial that occasionally airs on the Wild TV network.

Jim said he wants to walk Bailey Jr down Hollywood Boulevard and score the buffalo more commercial contracts.


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