May 3, 2007
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May 3, 2007

Top News

144 Section in Hyderabad ahead of Ayodhya verdict

Manmohan Singh to campaign in Bihar today

FBI failed to act on Headley's wife's terror link expose 3 yrs before Mumbai attacks

Craven's horror flicks 'were inspired by real stories'

RBI will intervene if inflows turn lumpy: Subbarao

Enforcement Directorate issues 'Look Out Circular' against Lalit Modi

Now, laser technology that destroys tumours using heat

Waist size, not BMI can foretell cardiovascular risk in children

International News for May 3, 2007

Maggots may treat superbug MRSA
A new study has found that maggots may be useful as a potential treatment for patients with the superbug MRSA. ANI

Maggots may treat superbug MRSA
A new study has found that maggots may be useful as a potential treatment for patients with the superbug MRSA. ANI

Murky deal could bring Benazir back to Pakistan, says Canadian daily
If the Canadian daily -- The Vancouver Sun -- is to be believed, former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto will use a murky deal to wiggle her way back into Pakistan after a self-exile of nearly a decade. ANI

UK announces extra aid to Iraq
Speaking today at the Launch of the International Compact with Iraq, in Sharm El Sheikh, British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett, thanked her Egyptian hosts and announced that the UK was now committing more money to assist Iraq. ANI

Women office goers are a bunch of 'flirtaholics'!
Forty-three pct of office going women have been in the bed with a male colleague, a sex survey by New Woman magazine reveals. ANI

Boffins find gene governing songbirds' curiosity
Max-Planck scientists have found evidence for an association between a 'curiosity gene' and exploratory behaviour in Songbirds.The gene (Drd4) carries the building instructions for a receptor in the brain, which forms the docking station for the neurotransmitter dopamine. Birds with a specific variant of this dopamine receptor D4 gene show a stronger exploratory behaviour than individuals with other variants. ANI

Estrogen therapy before 65 may reduce Alzheimer's risk in women
A new study has supported the possibility of reduced risk of developing Alzheimer's disease or dementia in women who use hormone therapy before the age of 65. ANI

Once-yearly injection may reduce fractures in women with postmenopausal osteoporosis
A new study has found that a once-yearly treatment which includes receiving Reclast (zoledronic acid) Injection or placebo, significantly reduced the incidence of all types of osteoporotic bone fractures over three years in women with postmenopausal osteoporosis. ANI

Maggots may treat superbug MRSA
A new study has found that maggots can be used as a potential treatment for patients with the superbug MRSA. ANI

Princes William and Harry to tell all in interview
British royals Prince William and Harry have opened their hearts in a revealing US TV interview. ANI

Teachers are the most bitchy workers!
Teachers are the most likely of all working population to gossip, chit chat and backstab, according to a survey. ANI

Denim and wool, not sunscreen, offer best protection against the sun
A new research has found that fabrics such as denim and wool give the best protection against the sun's rays. ANI

Hunger gene behind longevity discovered
A recent research has found how constant hunger promotes long life and identified a crucial gene that particularly links calorie restriction (CR) to longevity. ANI

Alcohol abuse of one spouse might reduce alcohol intake of the other
A new research has found that men and women at risk for alcohol dependence are more likely to choose a mate who also is at risk. However, one spouse's extremes with alcohol could in fact help protect the other from alcohol dependence. ANI

London turns host to life-sized naked statues!
Life-sized naked statues is expected to draw huge crowds across London in an exhibition by the artist Anthony Gormley. ANI

Women more altruistic towards friends, while men put family first
Women would go through more pain to help friends than relatives, while men on the other hand, put their kith and kin first, reveals a new study. ANI

Here's why eating eggs is good for you
An egg a day will not only help you lose some weight, but will also make sure that your brain and memory stay fit and fine. ANI

At what price world press freedom when journalists die?
Ever-increasing numbers of journalists are being killed as the world marks another Press Freedom Day. ANI

Keep cats away from a home full of kids
They may seem cute and cuddly, but cat hair poses an allergy risk, especially kids up to the age of two, a new study has found. ANI

Bhutto's deal with Musharraf will hit struggle against dictatorship: Sharif
Former Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharif has said that PPP chairperson and former premier Benazir Bhutto should not strike any deal with President Pervez Musharraf because such a step will not be in the national interest after several years of joint struggle against dictatorship. ANI

Breastfeeding and good fats help new mum fight off the baby blues
When it comes to fighting the baby blues, nothing works better for new mums than breast feeding and good fats in Omega-3 fatty acids. ANI

US analyst credits Musharraf for better Indo-Pak ties
Noting that relations between India and Pakistan are better than ever before, a US analyst on Asian affairs has lauded Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf's role in facilitating this. ANI

Pak mulling over scraping bureaucrats' training programme in US
The Pakistan Government is reportedly contemplating shutting down the weeklong training programme for its senior bureaucrats at the Harvard University because it has failed to bear the desired results. ANI

Mighty gladiators were vegetarians
Gladiators were mostly vegetarians, a new study by Austrian pathologists who uncovered the mass grave of 70 gladiators in Ephesus in Turkey, a major city of the ancient Roman world, has revealed. ANI

Outdoor secondhand tobacco smoke is just as harmful
A new study by researchers at Stanford University has found that outdoor secondhand smoke can also be just as harmful as indoor smoke. ANI

Scientists create supergiant planet core pressures using UV lasers and diamonds
Ultraviolet laser and diamond anvils can generate pressure 100 to 1000 times greater than possible today, reproducing conditions expected in the cores of supergiant planets. ANI

Nanoparticles pave way for 'on-the-spot' virus detection
University of Buffalo scientists in collaboration with scientists from other institutions have solved a critical bottleneck in the transport and capture of virus nanoparticles. ANI

Chinese Police receive 13,000 porn reports
Since April 12, when China launched a crackdown on pornographic material floating on the Internet, the Chinese Police have received more than 13,000 reports about such material being made available on the Net. ANI

US aware of Pak's nuke bomb plans, almost clueless about Khan's proliferation activities
The United States knew about some of Pakistan's efforts to acquire its own nuclear bomb, but probably much less about A. Q. Khan's cladestine proliferation sales to countries like Libya, Iran and North Korea, says a dossier prepared by UK-based think tank -- International Institute of Strategic Studies. ANI

Overt oral sex art causes outrage!
A Brisbane artist's work depicting oral sex has brought controversy back into art, with the police sent to inquire reports that the Art Gallery of NSW made the work available to school children too.he mixed media image, titled The Pornography of Hope, caused a furor in the extremely popular Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes. ANI

Diabetes may affect men's fertility
Scientists have found that diabetes damages DNA in men's sperm and may affect fertility. ANI

Most massive transiting extrasolar planet discovered
Astronomers at the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics (CfA) claim to have discovered the most massive known transiting extrasolar planet. ANI

Ex-Afghan premier Abdul Sabur Farid killed in Kabul
Unidentified gunmen last night killed a former Afghanistan prime minister outside his house in Kabul. No arrests have been made so far. ANI

The Mona Lisa's identity unveiled?
For centuries her smile has intrigued her admirers, who have never quite been able to answer one question - just who was Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa? Now, a historian believes that he has finally been able to unveil the identity of the lady in question, if not the reason behind her smile. ANI

Hubble discovers multiple stellar 'baby booms' in a globularcluster
NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has discovered what may be called a multiple 'baby boom' in a globular cluster. ANI

Prince Harry's presence in Iraq will be a guarded secret
Prince Harry, third in line to the British throne, will be sent to Iraq as late as possible and his presence would be kept a guarded secret. The move to send him late is being contemplated so as to give his comrades enough time to assess the dangers posed by fanatical rebels who are planning to kill him. ANI

US pushes for stricter visa controls on Pak-Britons, UK to resist move
Following revelations over the past few weeks that a large number Pakistani-Britons are linked with international terrorist organisations, including al Qaeda, America is contemplating to impose travel restrictions on nearly eight lakh British citizens of Pakistani origin. ANI

A.Q.Khan nuke network still involved in proliferation: Report
The International Institute of Strategic Studies, influential think tank, has claimed that the cladestine nuclear proliferation network run by Pakistan's disgraced top scientist A. Q. Khan, is still very much in business. ANI

Ground ice on Mars found to be patchy and variable
For the first time, water ice has been found to lie at variable depths over small-scale patches on the Red Planet. ANI

City of Toronto, Canada, Joins Bentley's Municipal License Subscription Program
Business Wire India

City of Lakeland, Florida, Joins Bentley's Municipal License Subscription Program
Business Wire India

Bentley Releases Comprehensive Engineering Design Solution to Advance GIS for Electric Utilities
Business Wire India

Alloptic Receives Patents for ''Point-to-Multipoint Passive Optical Network That Utilizes Variable-Length Packets''
Business Wire India

KKR Private Equity Investors Makes $167.4 Million Negotiated Equity Investment in Orient Corporation
Business Wire India

Willis Capital Markets Acts as Co-Lead Manager of $100 Million Earthquake Risk Linked Securitization
Business Wire India

First Data Makes Strategic Investment in ViVOtech
Business Wire India

Cavium Networks, Inc. Announces Pricing of Initial Public Offering
Business Wire India

Joint Statement from the Ethiopia Intellectual Property Office (EIPO) and Starbucks Coffee Company Regarding Agreement in Principle
Business Wire India

Ovations, a UnitedHealth Group Company, Announces Global Partnership to Stem the Growth of Chronic Disease
Business Wire India

Data Presented at the American Academy of Neurology's Annual Meeting Provide Update on Utilization and Safety of TYSABRI(R) in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis
Business Wire India

Electric Car Manufacturer Shandong Jindalu Plants 1,000 Trees With ZAP in China
Business Wire India

Other Press Releases of May 3, 2007

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