May 1, 2007
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May 1, 2007

Top News

144 Section in Hyderabad ahead of Ayodhya verdict

Manmohan Singh to campaign in Bihar today

FBI failed to act on Headley's wife's terror link expose 3 yrs before Mumbai attacks

Craven's horror flicks 'were inspired by real stories'

RBI will intervene if inflows turn lumpy: Subbarao

Enforcement Directorate issues 'Look Out Circular' against Lalit Modi

Now, laser technology that destroys tumours using heat

Waist size, not BMI can foretell cardiovascular risk in children

International News for May 1, 2007

Nepal's ethnic leader in Delhi to garner support for Madhesi agitation
Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (MJF) President Upendra Yadav is holding meetings with Indian leaders in New Delhi to garner support for his community's demands. (ANI)

CIA, mafia plotted JFK's assassination, says new book
The Central Intelligence Agency and the mafia plotted to assassinate President John F. Kennedy, says a new book. (ANI)

Single bomber responsible for Charsadda attack: Sherpao
Pakistan Interior Minister Aftab Ahmad Sherpao said on Tuesday that there was only one suicide attacker that carried out the Charsadda suicide attack on him. (ANI)

Islamabad plaza fire extinguished
A blaze that erupted at the Islamabad plaza on Tuesday has been brought under control and a commando operation is underway to rescue trapped people from the building. (ANI)

The Rosslyn chapel's mysterious musical score cracked
Dan Brown was correct when he insinuated in his book 'The Da Vinci Code' that the elaborate carvings on the walls of the Rosslyn chapel in Scotland hold a secret. (ANI)

Stimulating slow waves in brain may harbour insomnia cure
A scientist has increased hopes for insomnia treatment after having found how to artificially stimulate brain waves that characterize the deepest stage of sleep. (ANI)

Dhaka, Chittagong railway terminals rocked by three bomb blasts
Three bombs exploded simultaneously at separate railway terminals in Dhaka on Tuesday, but there were no casualties. (ANI)

Today's 50-year-olds leading life styles of 25-year-old counterparts
A recent study has found that people over 50 years of age are increasingly leading the life style of 25 year olds. (ANI)

Now, a surgery sans scars and anaesthesia
Researchers have developed a method whereby patients can not only avoid after surgery scars, but also general anaesthesia. (ANI)

Comparison of two plankton species' genomes yields surprising results for scientists
An international team of researchers have for the first time studied the genetic makeup of two species of phytoplankton - tiny plants that play a key role in global photosynthesis and carbon cycling. (ANI)

Exposing infants to indoor molds strengthens their immune systems
Environmental health scientists at the University of Cincinnati (UC) have confirmed what scientists have till now suspected - that early-life exposure to certain indoor fungal components (molecules) can help build stronger immune systems, and may protect against future allergies. (ANI)

Why spoken Russian can help perceive colours better than English
A recent research has found that spoken language may influence your perception of colours. (ANI)

Tenet showed A. Q. Khan's nuke blueprints to Musharraf
Former Central Intelligence Agency chief George Tenet is reported to have convinced Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf that Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan was heading an international ring of nuclear smugglers. (ANI)

1 in 3 HIV positive gay men have unprotected sex
A new study has found that one in three HIV positive gay men have unprotected sex. (ANI)

Economists liken cost of happy family life to £85,000 annual pay hike!
Economists in the UK have taken a go at measuring the value of something that is in fact priceless for most people - a happy family life, and a great set of friends. (ANI)

Aboriginals' health lagging 100 years behind rest of Oz population
Health wise, native Australian Aboriginals are lagging 100 years behind the rest of the population Down Under, according to a new report by researchers from the University of New South Wales in Sydney. (ANI)

Chronic migraine puts teens at higher risk of suicide
A new study has found that teenagers suffering from chronic daily headache, especially migraine, are at greater risk of suicide than those who don't have migraine. (ANI)

Lhasa playing a perfect rooftop holiday-resort
Lhasa, which is often described as the city of sunlight on the roof of the world, is ready for an influx of tourists during the seven-day holiday beginning today. (ANI)

World's tallest pagoda inaugurated in China's Jiangsu province
The new Tianning Pagoda, believed to be the tallest pagoda in the world, was inaugurated yesterday in Changzhou city in east China's Jiangsu province, where leading Buddhist monks from China and overseas reportedly gathered. (ANI)

Male drivers are ruder, meaner and more likely to crash than women!
No matter what men might say about a woman behind the wheel, the simple truth is that members of the fairer sex are better drivers. (ANI)

Ex-CIA officials accuse Tent of hypocrisy for questioning Bush's Iraq war decision
Former intelligence officials in the US have condemned former CIA chief George Tent's assertion in his book "At The Centre Of The Storm", that US President George Bush went to Iraq war without a proper debate within the country. (ANI)

Pak won't review border-fencing decision: FO
Pakistan Foreign Office has said that the country had no intention of reviewing its decision to fence parts of its border with Afghanistan to curb illegal movements. (ANI)

250,000-dollars bounty for NASA's spacesuit glove designing contest
NASA has announced a 250,000 dollars 'Astronaut Glove Challenge' to be held on May 2-3 in an effort to encourage innovation in designing more flexible spacesuit gloves. (ANI)

Back channel contacts meant for transition to democracy: PPP
The Pakistan People's Party (PPP) has said that ongoing back channel contacts with the Musharraf regime are aimed at ensuring a transition to democracy from a military-dominant administration. (ANI)

Now, a "hidden fat" test to determine heart disease risk
Boffins in South Korea have developed a test that can show if "hidden" fat in people of normal weight is putting them at an increased risk of heart disease. (ANI)

NWFP women legislators planning a Bill to prevent women models in ads
Female representatives of the Islamic-dominant Jamaat-i-Islami have said that they will soon introduce a bill in the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) Assembly banning the use of women models for advertisements. (ANI)

Ex-CIA chief confirms Armitage bullied Pakistan post 9/11
Former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) chief George Tenet has claimed that former U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage bullied Pakistan into joining the global campaign against terrorists, but adds that Armitage did not "threaten to bomb Pakistan back to the stone age". (ANI)

Indo-Pak communication to become cheaper with first fibre link starting Thursday
Communication between India and Pakistan would become easier and cheaper from Thursday, when the first direct fibre optic link between the two countries will start functioning. (ANI)

Brit nationals trained jointly in Pak terror camps before 7/7
British-born Pakistanis trained together in terror camps in Northern Pakistan prior to carrying out terror attacks like 7/7or running terror cells in Britain, claims a Daily Mail report. (ANI)

NASA denies snubbing Russia's offer to jointly explore Moon
NASA has denied having received any proposal from Russia to conduct joint Moon activities, despite media reports to the contrary. (ANI)

3 to 5 cups of coffee a day may be good for health
Addicted to coffee? Well, though doctors warn that too much of the drink can harm your system, a new review has found that 3 to 5 cups a day may be good for health. (ANI)

Escalation in sectarian attacks in Iraq contributed the most in 20,498 terror-deaths worldwide: US report
A US government report has said that the number of people killed by terrorists last year worldwide soared by more than 40 percent to 20,498. The report cited the devastating sectarian attacks on civilians in Iraq, as the main reason behind the increase in such killings. (ANI)

Human language evolved through gestures
Gestures were the building blocks on which human language evolved, according to the findings by a research team of Yerkes National Primate Research Center, Emory University. (ANI)

India, US to hold crucial nuclear talks today
India and the United States will hold crucial talks on Tuesday to overcome major differences on a bilateral civil nuclear cooperation pact that will pave the way for resumption of nuclear commerce between the two countries. (ANI)

Osama look-alike arrested twice along Pak-Afghan border
US forces looking for al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden along the Pak-Afghan border areas have erroneously arrested twice an Afghan national who is known to be having a stark resemblance to the international fugitive carrying a 25 million dollar US' reward. (ANI)

Tart cherries hold a host of health benefits
Powdered tart cherries may taste great in your pies, but it seems that having them as part of your diet may be a good idea as well, for a new study has found that they can lower total cholesterol, as well as lower blood sugar among a host of other things. (ANI)

7/7 bomb-maker once dreamt of playing cricket for England
Fertilizer bomb leader Omar Khyam, the Pakistan-born British national who was arrested in relation to the 7/7 bombings which killed 52 persons in London, once dreamt of playing cricket and open for England and Sussex. But, as he grew into his teens, he was brainwashed by radical Muslims into terrorism. (ANI)

Hawaiian nut diet is healthy for your heart
According to a study by researchers at Penn State University, incorporating macadamia nuts, that are widely grown in Hawaii, into a heart healthy diet can reduce cardiovascular disease risks. (ANI)

Two suspected Tamil Tigers arrested in Australia
Police in Victoria have arrested two suspected members of Sri Lanka's separatist Tamil Tiger rebel group, charging them with funneling money to a terrorist organisation. (ANI)

Fish oil may help treat chronic kidney disease
A new study will test the health benefits of fish oil as a treatment option for inflammation in people with chronic kidney disease undergoing dialysis. (ANI)

Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and type 2 diabetes closely related at molecular level
A new study has found that Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, type 2 diabetes, the human version of mad cow disease, and other degenerative diseases are closely related at the molecular level. (ANI)

20,498 terror deaths worldwide in 2006: US State Department Report
The number of people killed by terrorists worldwide last year soared by over 40 percent to 20,498, due mainly to devastating sectarian attacks on civilians in Iraq, according to a U.S. State Deoartment report that was released on Monday. (ANI)

Prince Harry will go to Iraq war, confirms British Army chief
British Chief of the General Staff, Gen. Sir Richard Dannatt last evening confirmed that Prince Harry will be posted in Iraq within days, despite the killing of sixth British soldier by a Shia sniper gang on Sunday. (ANI)

Arctic Ice melting much quicker than computer models projections
Arctic sea ice is melting at a significantly faster rate than projected by even the most advanced computer models, a new research by scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research and the University of Colorado's National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) has revealed. (ANI)

Pistachios help reduce stress of everyday life
A recent research has confirmed that eating pistachios may trim down the body's response to the stress of everyday life. (ANI)

Scientists to create history of seismic activity in Indian Ocean region
A joint team of US, Indonesian, Japanese and German researchers are collaborating on a joint study to create a history of seismic activity in the Indian Ocean region. (ANI)

Bentley Announces Release of April 2007 Annual Report
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