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Bollywood star Rakhi Sawant launches Rashtriya Aam Party

March 30, 2014 - Mumbai

  • Bollywood star Rakhi Sawant said she wants to contest to Lok Sabha to wake up Members of Parliament from their sleep to look into issues of common man.
  • On March 28, 2014 Rakhi Sawant has launched a new political party called Rashtriya Aam Party (RAP) on Saturday.
  • The symbol of her party is green chilli, as it resembles her persona.
  • She announced her intention to contest to Lok Sabha, the Lower House of Indian Parliament from Mumbai North-West constituency.
  • Though she is happy with her career in Bollywood, Rakhi Sawant said that she is ready to contest in elections to solve problems of people.
  • As of now, she is the only member of the party and Rakhi said that she is the vice-president of the party.
  • Though the name of the party resembles Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Rakhi Sawant said that there is no connection between the two parties. The manifesto of the party will be announced in few days, she said on Friday.
  • Rakhi had been offered a BJP ticket to contest from Srirampur in West Bengal, but the Bollywood star denied it as she didn't know the local language.
  • Rakhi's opponent in the Mumbai north-west constituency is Samajwadi party candidate Kamaal R Khan, who is a television personality. Rakhi criticized Kamaal saying that he lacks knowledge of the problems of the people as he lived in Dubai.
  • Reacting to the criticism, Kamaal shot back saying Rakhi has now plunged into politics as she is out of work in the film industry.

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