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'Bombs might have been planted at Bangalore', suspects investigating agency

May 2, 2014 - Bangalore

Special investigative teams that are probing the twin bomb blasts that occurred on Thursday morning at the Chennai Railway station on the Bangalore-Guwahati Express suspect that the bombs could have been planted at Bangalore.

Sources said that the investigating agency had rushed a team of it to Bangalore to take up leads. The bombs might have been fitted with a timer devise at Bangalore. The agency is studying the footages to see if the suspects actually travelled in the train. The ill-fated train left Bangalore on April 30 at 23:35 hrs arrived on May 1 at 07:10 hrs and was delayed by nearly an hour. Ten minutes after its arrival, two low intensity bombs were exploded in the course Swathi, a TCS employee was killed and leaving 14 injured.

National Security Guard team lead by Lt.Col.Balakrishna arrived here on Thursday night as part of their investigation in the issue.

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