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Inauguration of the Forbes Vyncke Boiler Pavilion at the Forbes Marshall Chakan campus on 12 December 2013

December 13, 2013 - Pune, Maharashtra, India

The Forbes Vyncke boiler pavilion in Forbes Marshall’s new manufacturing campus at Chakan was inaugurated on 12 December 2013. Forbes Marshall had signed an MOU with the Government of Maharashtra on 11 October 2011, for their new Chakan campus on 50 acres of land and was granted Mega Project Status. The campus is located in MIDC Chakan, Phase II near Savardari village.

The new manufacturing facility is for a state of the art factory to manufacture among other things, emission and pollution monitoring equipment, high efficiency oil and gas biomass and waste fuel boilers with Vyncke, as well as the new solar technology project for combined heat and power solar co-generation systems.

Forbes Marshall’s new manufacturing workspace coming up at Chakan meets their long term expansion plans. This will be a campus with many factories and will take care of their needs for many years. Forbes Marshall’s two manufacturing locations at Kasarwadi and MIDC Pimpri are completely saturated. The lack of space was limiting many work areas.

The Chakan campus is a mirror of what the Forbes Marshall group stands for. It reflects high technological and global standards. It has been conceived to be a “great place to work” that engenders pride and commitment. Internationally renowned Christopher Charles Benninger Architects (CCBA), which is known more for designing institutional campuses, has been engaged to design a new model of workspaces. The work areas are conceived as much more than mere factory areas. The industrial park is a space where a large family of creative people can work together creating wonderful things.

In the first phase of construction, the boiler pavilion, the vendor park and the utilities building have been completed. Manufacturing of the entire range of boilers has moved here as also several other products. All new businesses that come up will start at the Chakan campus. Forbes Marshall has a leadership position in Oil and Gas fired boilers in India. These state-of-the-art range of boilers have set the industry standard in oil and gas fired steam generation and is the most preferred boiler across diverse sectors such as chemicals, steel, dairies, food and beverages. This new campus will take care of growth in this segment.

Forbes Vyncke has changed Indian Industry’s perception of how bio-mass waste is very efficiently converted into green energy. The availability of agricultural by-products is a big source of energy and a cheap source of biomass Availability of ample bio-fuels and a shift away from fossil fuels drive this demand. There is good potential for bio-mass boilers from Forbes Vyncke in India, the world’s largest producer of biomass. Forbes Vyncke offers the best global energy technology and the lowest cost of ownership. It caters to a broad spectrum of industrial energy users, pharmaceuticals, breweries and distilleries, food processing and agro industries, tyres and rubber, chemicals and textiles.

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Lighting the lamp (L to R - Jehangir Ardeshir, Johan Van Den Driessche, Dirk Vyncke with Jean Vyncke, Mateesh Rai and Darius Forbes)

Source: Business Wire India


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