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Blue Coat Launches New Advanced Threat Protection Solution in India that Uniquely Fortifies Businesses Against Unknown Malware

December 3, 2013 - Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Blue Coat Systems, Inc., the global market leader in business assurance technology, today introduced the Blue Coat Content Analysis System with malware analysis to automate advanced threat protection at the Internet gateway. The Content Analysis System blocks known threats, as well as detects and analyzes both zero-day and advanced malware, sharing new threat intelligence to continually fortify the network. This allows organizations to bridge the gap between the day-to-day security operations team and the advanced security team that is focused on incident containment and resolution.

“Businesses need a systematic approach, to protect their networks from advanced targeted attacks and zero-day malware, aligning security teams on the right strategy, process and action to block the threats they can, detect the ones they can’t and respond to the ones that are already on the network,” said Ambarish Deshpande, Managing Director at Blue Coat Systems. “A recent Economist Intelligence Unit survey reported, 74% of Indian companies believe empowering employees to be Tech Autonomous will make their business more efficient, while 69% believed it had a direct positive impact on revenue growth. This makes our Advanced Threat Protection Solution, which uniquely allows businesses to offer Tech Autonomy to employees, highly relevant to the Indian market.”

Today, enterprises are forced to use ad hoc malware analysis or sandboxing solutions that operate in a silo and cannot share the threat intelligence required to bridge the gap between blocking known threats and detecting and analyzing unknown threats or advanced malware. This gap is made worse because existing technologies fail to help security operations teams maneuver through the stages of the advanced threat lifecycle.

The Blue Coat Content Analysis System addresses this gap by combining whitelisting and malware scanning for known threats with dynamic malware analysis of unknown threats at the gateway. The new system also helps align security operations teams by sharing new threat intelligence locally across the security environment and worldwide through the Blue Coat Global Intelligence Network of 15,000 customers and 75 million users.

Together, these technologies deliver the following benefits for businesses:

-- Best-of-Breed Sandboxing: Powered by Norman Shark, a Blue Coat Business Assurance Technology partner, the Blue Coat malware analysis technology – available as an appliance today and on-box and via the cloud in the future – combines customizable virtual environments with sandbox emulation for the most comprehensive detection of unknown or advanced malware, including malware that employs evasive detection techniques

-- Malware Analysis Orchestration: The Blue Coat Content Analysis System acts as a broker for multiple sandboxing or malware analysis instances, simultaneously sending unknown or suspicious files to both the Blue Coat sandbox as well as third-party sandboxes. By seamlessly integrating into existing security infrastructures, the Content Analysis System allows enterprises to optimize their existing investments in sandbox technologies while building out an advanced malware defense in-depth

-- Threat Intelligence Feedback Loop: New intelligence from the analysis of advanced or unknown malware is shared with Blue Coat ProxySG appliances to automate blocking of newly identified threats at the gateway for a more scalable defense


The Blue Coat Content Analysis System will be available globally and in India in December with application whitelisting and support for anti-malware signature databases from Kaspersky, Sophos and Panda. The malware analysis technology will be available as an appliance at the same time and on-box and via the cloud in the future.

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