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Bangalore Based Biotech Company Bags the Prestigious Rashtriya Udyog Ratan Award

December 19, 2013 - Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Bangalore based entrepreneur Mr. Suddhir Jain, founder and managing director of Bionova, was honoured with Rashtriya Udyog Ratan Award during the seminar held in New Delhi on “Individual Achievement for Economic & Social Development” for contributing towards economic development in the country. The award was given by Hon’ble Manikrao Hodlya Gavit – Minister of State for Social Justice & Empowerment. Other guests were: Hon’ble Bhai Mahaveer – Former governor of Madhya Pradesh, Hon’ble Ms. Alka Lamba – President of Go India Foundation, Hon’ble Dr. Joginder Singh – Former CBI Director and Hon’ble Haroon M.M – Member of Parliament.

Bionova Lifesciences is an application research and formulation company in India. Bionova holds a recognition of being only company of it’s kind in India which is application research & formulation company manufacturing nutritional formulations for human & animal.

One of its research formulation that made a tremendous value towards the economic growth is the product which is a replacement to a chemical called DL-Methionine (DLM). DLM is used in poultry feed as an essential amino acid component for bringing in uniformity in growth of birds. It is learnt from the industry that there are very few companies manufacturing DLM in the world and none of them are from India. Hence it is imperative to import DLM in India as there is no alternative. As Bionova pioneers in application research & formulations, the founder and managing director Mr. Suddhir Jain took a long way initiative and developed formulations which mimic the functional properties of DLM in poultry feed. The company have sold nearly 1.5 lakh Kg of this product which gave diminutive but important contribution towards saving foreign exchange of our country.

The seminar is organized every year by Economic Growth Society of India (EGSI) is a voluntary Organization Registered under the societies Act of 1860.. It supports the Government to ensure success of the Economic reforms initiated in July 1991. It firmly believes in government and business circle partnership. EGSI have a theme of coordinate the people all around India with honors to Individual Better work in their field to promote the areas like corporate, social, medical, institutions & educational. EGSI recognizes men and women from various fields for their outstanding services, achievements and contributions to society.

“To receive this esteemed award is truly an honour for our company. The whole lot of credit goes to our dedicated team who worked rigidly and contributed towards this achievement. Since its inception, our goal has always been to give innovative solutions to the society” says Mr. Sudhir Jain, The Founder & managing director, Bionova group, on receiving the accolade.

Bionova Lifesciences which is a distinctive, one-of-its’s-kind company, has a vision to become fully integrated application research oriented multinational company. In future we plan to establish a high technology manufacturing unit for nutritional supplements, where our core objective will be manufacturing of those nutraceutical ingredients which otherwise are required to import in India adds Mr. Jain

About Bionova Lifesciences

Bionova Lifesciences is a biotech division of Pragati Biocare Pvt. Ltd., a progressive biotech company with diversified interests in marketing, manufacturing, research and development in areas of nutraceuticals, biotechnology, animal nutrition and biopharmaceuticals. Bionova is GMP certified nutraceutical manufacturing unit and is accredited by ISO 9001:2008 certificate. It is well equipped with all the modern facilities of manufacturing, intended for offering quality products within & outside India.

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Hon’ble Manikrao Hodlya Gavit – Minister of State for Social Justice & Empowerment & Sudhir Jain, Founder & MD of Bionova

Source: Business Wire India


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