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Augment your Kitchen Prowess with Panasonics Breakfast Collection

December 5, 2013 - New Delhi, Delhi, India

There is a reason why people call the “breakfast the most important meal of the day”. Like a car, you can’t run on an empty tank, you need fuel. Your kitchen is the heart of your home. With sophisticated and functional Panasonic kitchen appliances, you don’t just feed your family and friends but you improve their quality of life. Panasonic’s Breakfast Collection, a range of small kitchen appliances including a Toaster, Coffee Maker and Juicer. Featuring bold and ambitious design aesthetics, the Panasonic Breakfast Collection offers new form and functionality to kitchen appliances.

The Panasonic NT-GP1 Toaster is designed in a way adding a touch of elegance to the kitchen. The toaster displays five browning levels, reheat and defrost indicators directly onto its front in LED while convenient controls allow for easy selection of menu items. As Panasonic knows that not all bread slices are the same, the Panasonic Toaster is equipped with ultra-wide bread slots to fit even thicker styles of bread or bagels and offers a built-in warming rack, ideal for keeping buns and croissants warm prior to eating. Price: 1,895 INR

The Panasonic NC-GF1 Coffee Maker fuses well-engineered design with modern functionality. Featuring a strong cubic shape and again, boasting a high-quality stainless steel and glass finish the Panasonic Coffee Maker complements any kitchen style. For single users or families who enjoy different strengths of coffee, the Aroma Selector allows for the easy adjustment of water flow into the pot, making coffee stronger or milder. This function allows multiple users to purchase the same coffee grinds but get a different pot taste based on their needs. A 10-cup capacity double walled stainless steel carafe will help keep coffee warm and fresh. The Panasonic Coffee Maker also features an easy-to-see water level gauge on the exterior, transparent blue LED to indicate power and a convenient paperless filter. Price: 1,595 INR

Finally, the Panasonic MJ-68M Juicer with its centrifugal mechanism offers users a quick and easy way to prepare juice. With a 600ml container capacity, the Panasonic Juicer is designed with high-quality stainless steel spinner for durability. Family-friendly features include a cool-touch exterior, built-in circuit breaker and safety lock clamp. Price: 3,795 INR

To view the photograph, please click on the link given below:

Panasonic NT-GP1 Toaster

Panasonic NC-GF1 Coffee Maker

Panasonic MJ-68M Juicer

Source: Business Wire India


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