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Zakia Jafri disappointed by SIT's clean chit to Modi

April 10, 2012 - Ahmedabad

Zakia, widow of Eshan Jafri, who was killed in the Gulburg society riots, on Tuesday expressed her disappointment by the SIT's clean chit to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi in connection with the 2002 communal riots case.

"10 years have passed, I am very ill; suffering from diabetes and my health is deteriorating by the day. Yet, I have been fighting for the past 10 years and even after so much pain and efforts I get to hear such decisions, it only saddens me. Where is the justice?" she said

Zakia said that the harmony fasts and tour by Modi across the state was an effort to garner some reconciliation.

"Has he (Narendra Modi) forgotten? A central lawmaker was butchered and then burnt alive, he was no ordinary man, he was a central lawmaker and he was slaughtered. His was beheaded, his arms and legs were chopped off and all this was done in the middle of the road," said Zakia.

"Knowing all this, can he sleep at night? He must be waiting for his own death," she added.

Zakia further said that her family was unable to recover Ehsan Jafri's body and could only bury his ashes.

"I am an eye witness to the whole massacre. This is not a fabrication. My husband was a central lawmaker, he used to gather crowds when he walked on the street but when he died, we couldn't even find his body because it had been burnt," said Zakia.

"A boy searching for his corpse could only find his ring and clothes with his ashes still inside. We could only bury a handful of his ashes," she added.

A court today confirmed a committee set up by the Supreme Court has not found any evidence against Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi or 57 others in a case based on the 2002 communal riots filed against them by Zakia Jafri.

Zakia's husband, former Congress MP Ehsan Jafri, was set on fire at Gulberg Society in 2002 while he was trying to protect his neighbours from a mob. Zakia had alleged that Modi was among 62 people who colluded to ensure that assistance did not reach those being attacked.


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