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Xrbia reduces Costs to make Houses Affordable

October 1, 2012 - Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

According to a recent survey, Indians have per capita space equivalent to 117 sq.ft per person in urban areas. In Mumbai, this is estimated to be as low as 45 sq.ft. All of these point to the large requirement of urban housing. It is estimated that India needs to build more than 7 Million houses per year for the next few decades. More than 75% of these are estimated to be in “affordable” segment which implies a cost of not more than 5 times the annual income of a family. Therefore, houses costing not more than Rs. 10-15 lakhs are the major part of the need.

However, surveys show that the housing units under construction by most private developers are beyond this price band. Though, Xrbia Developers are motivated to prove that even in the present market scenario affordable homes is an achievable reality.

Researching, testing and practicing new construction techniques like, System Aluminum Formwork/Shuttering Systems which are prefabricated & engineered for shuttering panels with a metal frame & thin contact metal surface. These series of panels are joined together edge-to-edge & spaced in parallel with a second series of panels. As per the Structural Engineer’s design, steel reinforcement is placed inside these forms & wet concrete is poured in this space to make beams, columns, slabs, walls, floors, ceilings and other elements of a building. This technology also reduces the construction time of a building thus achieving faster project possession & an earlier rate of return.

Adding further, Mr.Dinabandhu Patra the Chief Technology Officer for XRBIA Developers quotes “When Xrbia was initiated it was very clear about the motto ‘The house for every Indian’. Creating affordable housing with the best of amenities in India is very challenging but with adequate market study, cutting edge innovation and unique technology we have achieved it and set a benchmark with Xrbia Hinjewadi with apartments priced at Rs.9 Lacs”.

The developer has studied and implemented an array of cost cutting methods like using innovative architecture to build an open home within 300 sq.ft., using low rise constructions which will help in reducing 20-30% of construction cost, strandisation of design helps achieve economies of scale and various self-sustenance modules for the project which ensures the price of the construction does not increase till the occupancy phase.

Developing an integrated approach to address all the supply side constraints ensures to make houses affordable for most urban dwellers, guarantees that houses are built more than 30% cheaper than market benchmarks. Xrbia promises to achive great success even in its upcoming projects and its mission to launch 100 projects by 2030.

Source: Business Wire India


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