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Three young Northeast painters hold maiden exhibition in New Delhi

March 16, 2012 - New Delhi

Three budding young painters from the Northeast recently held their maiden painting exhibition at the Nagaland House here, titled "Random Lives and Northeast India."

For Cynthia Kolakhe, Jithuw Pfozhe and Zhoniu Pfozhe, who hailed from Manipur and Nagaland respectively, it was their first major exhibition where they showcased the daily life of the people of the northeast.

"The main reason behind organizing this exhibition is to promote painting as another career opportunity. It is especially for youth back home who do not believe painting as a good career. We wanted to show that painting is a good career," said Zhoniu Pfozhe.

"Paintings are very beautiful. It depicts Naga culture in a modern and tradition way. So, I like it very much," said Senti, a visitor.

All three painters have completed their education from Delhi University and have been painting for some time now.

While Jithuw and Cynthia have some formal training in the fine arts, Zhoniu is a self-taught official.

The common feature in their paintings has been that they have all drawn their inspiration from the beauty of the northeast. And through their paintings, they try to raise awareness about the rich and unique culture of the northeast.

"Most of our paintings for the upcoming exhibitions are inspired and are depictions of the daily life and the culture of the North East India in an abstract medium and also paintings of random lives through personal experiences and inspirations from dreams, random thoughts and childhood memories so we have chosen "Random lives and northeast India" as a theme," said Jithuw.

"I focus my paintings on Naga culture. I want to show the rich culture and diversity of northeast especially in Nagaland, so that people from outside will come to know more about Naga culture," said Cynthia.

Painting is a passion for these artists and all that they want is a platform from where they can showcase their skills and talent to the world. By Themthingchon Y R


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