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Team Anna to call off hunger strike on Friday

August 2, 2012 - New Delhi

Team Anna has announced plans to end their indefinite fast on Friday evening. The announcement on a day when eminent personalities including jurist VR Krishna Iyer, former Army Chief Gen. VK Singh appealed Team Anna to call off the hunger strike keeping in view of the deterioration of health condition.

Veteran social activist Anna Hazare announced at the end of his speech that they will end the fast on Friday at 5pm. Hazare announced that they will look for an alternative to the current political system. He however ruled out launching his own political outfit or joining an existing political party. Hazare called on people to come up with ideas on an alternative.

A couple of hours after the announcement, Team Anna has announced plans to join politics. Addressing the gathering at Jantar Mantar, Arvind Kejriwal slammed the government saying that it is deaf and mute. He said that the government doesn't want to pass the Lokpal Bill and alleged that all the political parties in the country are corrupt. He added that 90% of the people want to see a political alternative. Anna Hazare, while addressing the gathering, said that he will not enter politics but has insisted that choosing a right candidate for the Parliament is important. Hazare said that they would travel across the country within the next two years to bring a strong political alternative to the government.

Team Anna member Prashant Bhushan has defended the decision to find a political alternative. Congress leader Ambika Soni criticized Team Anna saying that they are always inclined to join politics and are using protests to gain political mileage.

Team Anna has staged similar hunger strikes in April and August last year.

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