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Shiv Nadar School Introduces the Value of Leadership and Entrepreneurship through AHA Curriculum

January 16, 2012 - Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Shiv Nadar school is inspired by Mr. Shiv Nadar’s deep passion and commitment towards providing quality education to students with a focus on overall student development with cutting-edge technological tools to enhance the learning experience. The vision is to evolve a school system which will emphasise leadership development of its children through a greater involvement of students in various facets of school life and beyond.

A strong value driven culture is imbibed among the staff and students and manifested in their beliefs and actions. The school programme aims at giving opportunities to children to discover their unique aptitudes and skills in junior and middle school and hone these abilities in high schools. The program is designed in such a manner that children will be exposed to various career choices through a structured career development programme. The curriculum will include effective emotional and social learning programmes to help children develop character, ethical values and life skills to augment their academic learning and create lifelong learners. Imbibing leadership qualities will be a consequence of the programme the school runs.

The freedom given to the child enables the child to discover his/her area of interest and talents. The value of entrepreneurship is introduced through a variety of hands-on activities that encourage creative expression. It gives them a sense of ownership, accomplishment and the satisfaction of making a contribution. It leads to self discovery and personal mastery. The quality of teachers differentiates the school from others. Activities such as selection, training, certification, professional and personal growth will receive continued attention.

AHA! time from 2:00pm - 3:40pm gives the child, the freedom to pursue areas of interest from amongst music, dance, theatre, art, technology and sport. Over the years this helps her excel in her chosen area through rigorous, joyous and creative engagement with peers who share the same interests.

The AHA! Curriculum enables investigation, preparation, stimulation, development, co-ordination, experience, sublimation, therapy, expression, communication, recapitulation, celebration and relaxation in the child.

It leads to exploration of:

-- Personal potential & skills through imagination, speech, observation, movement and feeling
-- Human relationships through conflicts (personal & social), problems & conditions, attitudes, fears and prejudices
-- Literature (past & present) through myth, legends, plays, newspapers, biographies, novel, poetry and new writing
-- Other aspects of society through art, music, film, T.V, radio, science, civics, religion, history, geography, health & well-being

Thus, the Shiv Nadar Schools aims at training children to become ethical, respectful, creative, innovative, happy, well adjusted citizens of society.

To know more, visit or call 1800- 102- 1767

Source: Business Wire India


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