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Mumbai Police recover foetus from garbage dump

June 8, 2012 - Mumbai

Mumbai Police have recovered a foetus from a garbage dump.

According to media reports, the sex of the foetus is yet to be identified. Efforts are also on to find the person responsible for dumping the foetus in the garbage.

A case has been registered and investigations have been started to find the person who committed this act.

"Around 10 to 10:30 a.m., there was a foetus lying here. Everyone gathered here and it is likely that the police must have come here and picked it. It must be around two and a half to three months old. We do not know who killed it, the foetus was lying in a heap of garbage," said Mohan, a local.

Omkar Chavan, a police inspector, said, "We found a foetus, close to the Municipal Corporation School in this area. We have got it here; the investigations are on. The doctor has not said anything if the foetus is a male or a female."

In India, sons are viewed as assets who will take care of the family, continue the family name and perform the last rites of parents while the daughters are viewed as a liability for whom substantial dowries have to be paid.

Women's rights activists say that it is a major challenge to break down these age-old beliefs to protect the girl child.


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