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June 26, 2012 - Pune, Maharashtra, India

The common perception among stock investors is that, one has to take high risk in order to get high returns. And with the markets in turbulence and an accompanying uncertain economic climate in the country, investors prefer staying away from the stock market. But while doing so, they tend to miss opportunities to invest in safe stocks which could potentially give them great returns.

Here, the overwhelming question among investors is: how can we find such safe stocks?

Unfortunately, most investors might miss seeing the obvious. Several Blue-chip stocks in the S&P CNX Nifty are not only low risk but also are fundamentally strong and are capable of generating great results even in this economic turbulence. The proof story by MoneyWorks4me shows how a handful of Nifty 50 stocks have offered great investing opportunities since October 2011 like Tata Motors, ICICI bank, HDFC Bank etc.

Most Nifty 50 stocks are considered safe due to their sound business model, as they are held largely by institutional investors who ensure that the management runs the company efficiently; and hence lead to good returns for the shareholders.

But is there a sure-shot way of finding the Best Blue-chips out of Nifty 50, which give great returns?

To answer this,, which is India’s first ‘stocks only’ portal has launched the Nifty 50 Superstars. It is a unique offering which helps investors find fundamentally best stocks out of Nifty 50 that are priced below their intrinsic worth.

Nifty 50 Superstars busts the myth of ‘high risk, high returns’ by helping you get high returns from such low-risk stocks .It tracks the Nifty 50 Stocks and gives you the Right Investment Decision, instantly, all in one place. Nifty 50 Superstars tells you if a Nifty stock is the:

-- Right Stock: Whether a stock is fundamentally strong through colour-codes based on its 10 year financials and the Long Term Future Prospects (Green=Great, Orange=Good, Red=Risky).

-- Right Price: Whether the stock is attractively priced, by providing its MRP, which is the intrinsic value of a stock.

-- Right Time: Whether it is the right time to invest, through Buy/Sell signals which are generated by combining fundamentals and technicals.

Nifty 50 Superstars is an innovation aimed primarily at investors who wish to invest in risk-free stocks and yet get great returns. It ensures that they will never miss a Good Investment Opportunity again!

“Whether you are a conservative or an aggressive investor, you must have blue-chip stocks as a sizeable portion of your portfolio as they offer a certainty of making good returns. Keeping this in mind, we developed the Nifty 50 Superstars to help investors get Great Returns from Safe Stocks. Making good money from stock investing should be a certainty and Nifty 50 Superstars is yet another effort we make in reaching that goal!” says Raymond Moses, the co-founder of MoneyWorks4me.

Stock investing can create wealth for you provided you invest in the Right Stocks at the Right Price. And as the proof story by MoneyWorks4me shows, if you grab the opportunities at the Right Time you can make higher returns at the same level of risk.

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