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Kiran Bedi's comments spark controversy

August 12, 2012 - New Delhi

Team Anna member Kiran Bedi landed herself into a new controversy when she said that 'small rapes' in the country gain more TV coverage than the corruption of 15 ministers. Kiran Bedi appeared on the dais with yoga guru Baba Ramdev at Ramlila maidan today.

Speaking to media on the occasion, Bedi said "I have read the files relating to 15 ministers who have charges of corruption against them, but the media never discussed any charges against even one of the alleged ministers. Look at the extent of discussions you have when a police officer or a government official commits a small rape or assault, but none of the media people discussed the corruption charges against any one of the 15 ministers,"

Several took to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to express their outrage over Kiran Bedi's comments. Kiran Bedi, later tried to clarify her comments saying that she meant 'small officers' when she not 'small rapes'. In a Twitter tweet, Bedi said "I said small officer for a case of rape in comparison with big ones who commit national stealth..."

Addressing the crowd at Ramlila maidan, Bedi said "We also need a law to control black money. If there is Lokpal, then black money in India will come down. Lokpal and Blackmer are the two sides of the same coin. We need a vote bank of honest persons,"

Kiran Bedi is a Team Anna member and has staged the hunger fast with other Team Anna members earlier at Jantar Mantar.

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