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Greenlime Continues To Lead The Hygiene Revolution

January 25, 2012 - Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Pudumjee Hygiene Products Limited is a subsidiary of the Pudumjee group - India’s pioneers in specialty paper making. They have used this competence to develop and market a wide range of holistic products to suit different hygiene needs under its brand – Greenlime. Greenlime covers a variety of new age hygiene solutions and cater to different sectors. What gives Greenlime the edge over other products in its league is that they are100% safe and chlorine free and made with FDA compliant raw materials. They are also ISO certified and eco friendly.

Greenlime aims at making people aware of hygiene and hygiene related issues and provides suitable solutions for the same. Tissues manufactured by Greenlime are chlorine free and made by eco friendly methods which make them totally safe even for babies. Different tissues play a different role and hence Greenlime facial tissues and napkins do not shred on skin, the kitchen towels have high wet strength designed to absorb high spills and messes in kitchen. Greenlime toilet rolls are extremely soft and disintegrate quickly in water to prevent clogged drains and save on maintenance costs. We have a tissue for every reason. Anti – bacterial and menthol wet wipes keep you away from infections and hand sanitizers – pocket size pack kills 99.9% germs on hands preventing the fear of infections on the go. Sanitizers had become a rage during the deadly swine flu epidemic but lost its hold somewhere down the line. Greenlime wanted people to know that prevention is better than cure. The use of hand sanitizers at home and workplaces can considerably avoid the spread of infection and improve employee output.

In the pursuit of high performance and customer care, Pudumjee Hygiene has adopted a comprehensive approach to hygiene, laying strong emphasis on ‘complete hygiene systems’ rather than isolated ‘off the shelf’ products. Greenlime hygiene solutions are scientifically designed to meet scientific needs and challenges of institutional washrooms and workplaces. Greenlime products proudly occupy the shelves of the most prestigious stores in India like Big Bazaar, Spencers and Saravana’s to name a few and also have an online shopping site for consumer convenience – They have also established branch offices in all major towns and cities across India.

The Greenlime team is backed by a powerful and committed team of professionals who deliver what they promise. Greenlime is now synonymous with hygiene solutions all over the country with its solutions seen at airports and malls, offices and hospitals and has changed the outlook towards hygiene with their constant innovations and techniques. Pudumjee Hygiene Limited fulfills all government rules on categories to ensure only safe products reach the consumer. Greenlime’s converters have the ISO 22000: 2005 certification. This makes their kitchen rolls extremely safe to handle with food. Experts with years of experience behind them and professionals with a comprehensive understanding of the market, continue to delight their consumers with international- quality hygiene solutions. For Greenlime, this is just the beginning, as they stand committed on their mission to a hygienic and “Clean India”.

Source: Business Wire India


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