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Gehlot meets with Jaiswal, discusses coal allotments for Rajasthan power projects

June 5, 2012 - New Delhi

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot met Union Coal Minister Sriprakash Jaiswal on Tuesday and requested the government to allot coal linkages for power projects in his state.

Jaiswal added that there was need to provide coal to Rajasthan so that its power plants could function properly.

"The Rajasthan Government is extremely worried about power production. The chief of the province has met us a number of times and the situation is extremely worrisome. Today, we have again met to discuss the same issue. So, we have suggested that the coal blocks that we have given them, and the surplus coal that is there, will be allotted to them can use that in the plant. Later on, if they need more, we can discuss that," he said.

Jaiswal stated that the demands of Rajasthan indicated that it was pursuing the path of development.

"It is not that they have not got anything at all. We gave it a year ago, but I said that they are moving very fast and we are unable to keep that pace. They have focused all their energies on power and in a way that is right. If we do not focus in the right direction, then the state will not develop. Do not shift the focus from one thing to another. How can we suddenly speak about imported coal?" he said.

Earlier, Gehlot had demanded that the state should get more coal for its power plants.

He added that though the ministry had to work under certain limitations, Jaiswal assured him that all possible assistance would be provided to them.

"We spoke to him, he said that he will help us, but they also have certain limitations. The last time we were told that there was some area, but we were not allotted coal blocks for two years. So, that was a setback. Now, we hope that as per the assurance, our plan will be implemented accordingly," he said.

Gehlot explained that the state government attached a lot of importance to the power sector and added that they had set as a target for the next Five Year Plan.

"It is a good thing, if we are moving fast. But, it all depends on how our previous power plants are functioning and as I had said that there was a setback of two years, which is not a small thing. New tenders have been floated. We are making a new beginning and we will ensure that in the next five year plan we are able to achieve our goals," he said.

Gehlot had appealed to the central government to provide them with adequate coal so that there would be uninterrupted power supply in the state.


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