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Fitho Launches New Online Meal Tracker System

November 26, 2012 - New Delhi, Delhi, India

Studies have shown that people who tracked their daily food intake may double their weight loss efforts. An analysis of weight loss results of people on the Fitho Weight Loss Diet Plan, available for Rs 799/-, has confirmed the same and even better.

A study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics confirmed that people who tracked their daily food intake may double their weight loss efforts. Prachi Agarwal, CEO, Fitho Wellness said, “At Fitho we have always encouraged our clients to track their daily meal options and fitness routine. Tracking your actions makes you more accountable preventing you to deviate from your goal. Fitho’s meal tracker helps each member get an idea of how well they are managing to adhere to the routine which is directly related to weight loss: The more you stick to your diet the more weight you will lose.”

Fitho recently launched a new meal tracker system to help their clients improve their weight loss, supported by international studies. Over a 3 month period, it was seen that people who use the meal tracker system lost 110% more weight than those who did not track their meals. In terms of weight, this resulted in over 10 kg weight loss for those who tracked their meals, as opposed to 5 kg of weight loss for those who didn’t, over the same 3 month period. An average weight loss of 3-3.5 kg per month is a healthy rate of weight loss.

Further, Prachi says, “7 out of ten people in cities are clinically obese. Just by eating a healthy, well balanced diet every day can help reduce your chances of developing life threatening lifestyle diseases like heart attack etc. Based on the simple logic of accountability the Fitho meal tracker encourages people to live healthier, and lose weight successfully.”

About Fitho Wellness Services -

Fitho Wellness Services is a wellness company, launched in 2010, by Dhruv Gupta and Prachi Agarwal that provide online weight loss diet plans to people, at an affordable cost, from Rs 499/- to Rs 799/- per month. Fitho’s team consists of nutritionists, technology, operations & marketing. Currently Fitho Wellness reaches out to customers across 45 cities & towns in India, and works with a number of companies, like Vodafone, NDTV, Reebok & more.

Source: Business Wire India


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