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CWG scam: Delhi court grants bail to two Kalmadi subordinates

January 21, 2012 - New Delhi

A Delhi court today granted bail to Commonwealth Games Organising Committee chairman Suresh Kalmadi's subordinates, Lalit Bhanot and M.Jayachandran.

Advocates of Bhanot and Jayachandran disclosed this information to the mediapersons on Saturday.

Bhanot, the former General Secretary in the Commonwealth Games Organising Committee was granted bail on a personal bond and two sureties of rupees five lakhs each.

He was also placed under the conditions of a bail order prohibiting him to leave the country without special permission.

"The judge has just pronounced the order granting bail to Mr. Lalit Bhanot on two sureties of rupees five lakhs. The bail was granted citing the orders from the High Court and the Supreme Court," said, Bhanot's defence counsel, Bharat Sharma.

M Jayachandran, who was the head of the Finance Committee in the organising committee, was also granted bail by the court, on a personal bond but with reduced surety amount, as requested by him of rupees two lakhs.

"The bail plea of M. Jayachandran, head of the Finance Department of the Commonwealth Games Organising Committee was also attached with the bail plea of Lalit Bhanot and he was also granted bail on two sureties of the rupees two lakhs. He had requested to reduce the surety amount and the court accepted that request and granted him bail," said Jayachandran's advocate, Partha Goswami.

The bail has come as a big relief for both Kalmadi and his aides after cooling heels in Tihar Jail for more than nine months.

Kalmadi has been charged with favouring a Swiss firm to provide 1.4 billion rupees worth of timing equipment to the Games. His appointment as the chairman of Commonwealth organizing committee had also put the prime minister under scrutiny.


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