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Advani's remarks cause uproar in Lok Sabha

August 8, 2012 - New Delhi

Senior BJP leader LK Advani used a controversial word during the debate in the Lok Sabha which created an uproar. Advani earlier initiated a discussion on the Assam violence and said that lakhs of people were displaced due to the violence. Over 70 people were killed since last month in the violence. He blamed the violence on illegal immigrants. "The root cause is the illegal immigration from Bangladesh. The illegal immigration from Bangladesh is posing a security threat to the entire nation. The central government is responsible for the illegal immigration in the state. It is the responsibility of the central government to stop this foreign immigration," Advani added.

Referring to the UPA government, Advani said "The UPA-II is illegitimate. It has never happened in the history of India ... crores of rupees were never spent to get votes". This caused an uproar from the treasury benches including UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi who doesn't normally agitate to remarks made by opposition members.

Leader of the House in Lok Sabha Sushil Kumar Shinde intervened and said, "Advani is a senior leader. We all respect him. But today he has said the entire election was illegitimate. This is an insult for all of us. I think he should withdraw his words,"

The uproar caused Advani to withdrew the objectionable word - illegitimate. He said that he was referring to the 2008 confidence vote and not the 2009 general elections. "My comments were on the confidence vote and not on election. ... Those who were whistle-blowers were sent to jail," Advani said.

Speaking to reporters later, Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi said "He's a senior. he knows what he's saying". Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal said that Advani got his facts wrong and said that no confidence motion was moved in 2008. The uproar forced Lok Sabha to adjourn till 2 pm. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told reporters that the comments made by Advani was unfortunate and disgraceful.

Leader of the Opposition Sushma Swaraj defended Advani saying that he did not raise any unrelated issue but was pointing to the failure of the government on economic and social fronts.

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